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Found 3 results

  1. We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as we've undergone the process of downsizing the Shop District. There were a couple of reasons why we did this: the current warp had become so big that it was becoming very difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for the number of shops and entities was causing a lot of client side lag for some players Our solution to fixing this problem is two-fold. First, we simply had to reduce the overall size of the Shop District. That process is still ongoing as we move shops from the outer edges of the warp closer to the center, and we will be removing a few more plots from the warp once that's done. We will also be instituting some new changes to the shop warp, which I'll list further below. The second part of the solution is to open up a second new shopping area, away from the current warp. We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Quartz Island Mall. You will be able to warp to it from the Shop District, Shop Sub-hub at spawn, or Warp Hub (the sign is under the current /warp shops sign). Quartz Island Mall Gallery of mall images with more details: https://imgur.com/a/352Hs The mall features over 40 potential shops, with ample room for design and storage. It also is easier to navigate (only four directions to choose from!), and will be easier to find what you're looking for using centrally located signs to advertise shop wares. Shops can be altered by their owner, and you can design your interior and storefront to attract customers and show off your building skills. Shop spaces are 13x13 square, with an upper level and lower level that together are 24 blocks tall. You are free to put as many floors within this space as you can comfortably fit. You will not be able to build outside of your own personal shop space, however. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, Mall shops will be available to players Level 5 and up, and will cost a one time fee of 5 diamond blocks. If you currently are a shop owner at the Shop District and would prefer to move to the mall, you may do so free of charge starting TODAY! From Oct. 22-28 we will be offering first pick of locations to current shop owners who are interested in moving. Due to the smaller size of mall shops, and the fact that they are interior spaces, we will not be able to world edit an existing shop into the mall space. You will need to design and build your new shop and remove your old shop before we will give you new shopkeepers. If you would like to move to the mall, please contact a moderator so we can assist you with setting up your new mall shop. (Note: you may not have BOTH a mall shop and a shop district shop, except during this interim transition period. We will delete the shopkeepers at your old shop before giving you new ones at the mall.) There is no penalty if you choose to stay at Shop District. At this time, if you would like to move plot numbers within shop warp to an empty one that's closer to center, you can request that as well. Changes to current Shop District We know that some of you would prefer more space, and more freedom of design than the mall will allow. For these players, shops will still be available at the Shop District, but to reflect the larger space and design freedom, we will be raising the price and level requirements for a plot accordingly. Starting Sunday, Oct 29, shop plots will be available for Level 7 and up players at a price of 10 diamond blocks. There will be NO extra charge for current shop owners who prefer to stay where they are, even if they are under the level requirement. Stalls will remain available at the Shop District Shopping Center for lower level players. Quick Reference: Stalls vs Mall shops vs Shop Warp Stall Level 1+ Cost: 9 Diamonds (Does not need mod assistance to purchase) 1 Shop Sign and 1 chest No customization available Located in shopping center building at Shop District Mall Level 5+ Cost: 5 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 13x13 horizontal space, 24 block high vertical space. Shop interior and shop front fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Shop Sign at center of mall may list some items available at your shop for advertising purposes. Limit to one sign per shop, must be mod placed. Located off shore at Quartz Island, reachable via /Warp Hub and the Shop Sub hub at /Spawn Shop District Level 7+ Cost: 10 Diamond Blocks (requires mod assistance to purchase and set up shopkeepers) 17x17 horizontal space. Above ground may build to 30 block height limit. Below ground to bedrock layer. Shop interior and exterior fully customizable within the build space. Two shopkeepers of your choice. Reachable via /Warp Hub and Shop sub hub at /Spawn Some rules will remain in effect regardless of what kind of shop you have: No beacons allowed at Shop District, or in mall shops (other than the ones already provided). Players must keep their shops well stocked. Players who do not will receive emails periodically to remind them to restock their shops or face eviction. Players who are inactive for more than 30 days will be evicted. Your shop or stall will be removed to a safe space and the plot will be opened up for another player to purchase. If you return after that and would like to reopen your shop you must remain an active player for at least a week. After that we will move your shop back to the mall or shop warp (depending on where it came from) at no charge, into whatever space is available at that time. We cannot guarantee the same shop location as before. Shops may not be kept "under construction" indefinitely. You will have at least a week to design and build your shop, and ask for shopkeepers. If you do not complete your build or renovation within a week, we may evict your shop. (Though we'll do our best to remind you to finish first.) Please note: If there comes a time when we reach capacity for both the Mall and the Shop Warp, we will consider opening up either another mall, or another shop warp in a different location. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here!
  2. Walrus

    Shop Problems

    Every Month a list of all shops in the Shop Warp that violate our rules will be posted here. Violations include: Inactivity of 30+ days If you do not have items in your shop keepers If you have been online, but haven't been to your shop in 30+ days If you do not have shopkeepers (If you own the shop but have not placed a ticket to receive shopkeepers) If your shop keepers are not accessible (if you have altered your claims/build so players can not use your shopkeepers) If you own a shop, you WILL be expected to check this topic to ensure that your shop is following all the rules. You will have 14 days from the day the new list is posted to ensure that your shop is following the rules. When a new list is posted, those who own shops that continue to violate the rules will have their shops revoked. *Note, if inactivity is noticed (with 30+ days) your shop will be removed immediately. ** Note, if your name is RED it has violated the rules on the original Dec. post and now. You have 1 week to fix it, or it will be removed. 2/9/2017 Shop # Shop Owner Sells anything Y/N Inactive Shop Use Have Shopekeeper? Y/N Can’t Use Shopkeeper 1312 Mordorax N N 1311 Sevrous N N 1310 Thefriendlytoast N 1308 Coolchris N Y N 1302 Dogewaffle N 1201 Elaboratejade N N 1203 Thefletchyt N 1205 Duckcribs N N 1211 DDDY N N 1112 ShinyLeafeon N 1110 Crashkins N 1003 Yourstrulyy N N 1005 Lizflute Y 910 Mario1874 N N 807 Thebuttisitchy N 906 St1les N 902 Groz N 808 Mysteriousmc Y 712 Binoo1123 Y 707 X_lava_x N 612 Aurorapingu N 511 Thattoaster Y 502 Slenderboycrew N 402 Itscarly N 408 Synchh N 411 Starbow_Lava N 304 Darkunicornmeow N 210 Mr_playstation N NOTES FROM STAFF: "Thank you to everyone who has been adopting the poor pets from the shelter. It was lovely to see all of our cages empty for once! If you happen to see any lost cats or dogs around the server, please send Merga an in game mail with the coordinates"
  3. Getting a ShopkeeperLevel 01-04Around the outside edges of the Shops space are stalls with self-serve vendors. Find a villager who is "For Hire" and trade them 9 diamonds.Level 05+Before you call a mod to help you, make sure that you know the following:Which shopkeeper you wantYou can choose any of the following mobs to be your shopkeeper:These shopkeepers will be hidden, or mostly hidden, behind a countertopCowMooshroomOcelotPigSheepWolfThese shopkeepers require a high ceiling:EndermanIron GolemThese shopkeepers will burn in daylight, but will not die:ZombieSkeletonNo special instructions here:SnowmanVillagerWitchWhere you want it to standShopkeepers won't move very far from where you place them, and if they are pushed around will always spring back to where they were placed.Which chests you want them attached toEach Shopkeeper need a double chest near by that is "theirs." They do not need to be placed on top of the chest. Please have them very near to where you want your shopkeepers to be. The Mod helping you will need to break that chest and replace it; do not be alarmed. All items that you are selling, and all items you receive as payment, will go into this chest.Once you have all of that information, go to your shop plot and ask for a Mod to come and help you.Setting Up Your ShopkeeperWhen your Shopkeeper is first made their trades will be empty since you have not told them what to sell yet. This is your Shopkeeper Editor menu, each space in the menu is used to tell the Shopkeeper what items to sell or what to charge for those items. You get to the menu by shift(crouch)-clicking on the Shopkeeper. NOTE: With the Change Appearance button you can change your villager type or switch between Skeletons and Wither Skeletons (need high ceilings). Changes you make to your wolf or ocelot will reset.You will need to put the items you want the Shopkeeper to sell into the chest but keep one of each item you are selling in your personal inventory. Once you have done that, the items you are selling will appear in the Shopkeeper Editor. If you want to sell more than one of an item, while you are in the Shopkeeper Editor you left-click on the item in the Shopkeeper Editor. Do not click and drag. If you place too many into your Shopkeeper Editor you can right-click on the stack to remove them, one by one.Decide what you want to sell your items for. You must have at least one of each of the items you would like to receive in your inventory.In this example I am using diamonds only, but you can use any item except emeralds. The cost of each item is placed in the row under the item for sale. Left-click the items in your Inventory and then the boxes in the Shopkeeper Editor.If you also want to charge emeralds, that cost is placed in the row under the other cost.Trading with your ShopkeeperYou cannot trade with your Shopkeeper, but others can. If you set up your Shopkeeper Editor to look just the way the example does, these are some of the trades you'd be offering: Important Notes- Never delete your Shopkeeper- Always leave room in your Shopkeeper's chest for payment to be collected- If you run out of an item for sale in your chest, the Shopkeeper will no longer display it. If you add more of that item, the Shopkeeper will sell it again. This is not the case for unique items such as enchanted equipment or books. You will need to set up the trade for each new item.
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