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Found 2 results

  1. I've been discussing with a few people on ways we can improve and expand the playerbase on Diversity, and I have some thoughts. A lot of people are against having "loot crates" in Minecraft as it will take away from the free nature of the game, so I've devised a different solution. Instead of giving individual players in game advantages for voting, we make it collective. We should reward the whole of the players with collective perks for the month if they make the voting goal, in the same way that everybody wants to make the $300 donation goal at the end of the month. We could also add an
  2. I was looking into building a dungeon for players to fight mobs and survive traps that would offer a fun challenge and reward for completing it. I have figured ways of preventing players from abusing the rewards other than disabling /back and /sethome to the warp zone. I took time playing with cmd block to figure out how to make mob spawns and resetting chest rewards as well as infinite arrow traps. The zone could have a system for protecting player inventory and maybe xp as they will die and should have prop as you warp saying store all items you don't wish to lose at home before e
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