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Found 2 results

  1. Merga

    Birthday Cake Race

    Prizes from Round #1, #2, and #3 are at the Prize Hall (Event Museum Warp) Last year, the Diversity Bakery was destroyed by creepers and we asked you to help us bake cakes for Diversity’s birthday. Everyone was so helpful that we just didn’t rebuild but now it’s our birthday again and we need more cakes! So, we’re running the Cake Race again. Here’s how it will go: Two teams of five players (10 total) will race to bake as many cakes as they can and get them to the table. Whichever team has the most cakes on their table at the end of 20 minutes or who fills their table first in that amount of time, wins! Day and Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Round #1 - 7:00pm UTC - Hosted by Loubeedoo and SteelyEyed Round #2 - 10:00pm UTC - Hosted by Merga click links to see your local time Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! Team assignment: Teams will be fully randomized before the start of the race unless... If you, as players, are able to put together two teams of 5 to play against one another, we will allow pre-made teams. This must be a unanimous decision. We strongly recommend that you use Discord to coordinate with your teams, even if you're only able to listen in. Keep in mind that if you choose not to communicate with your team or to go off and do your own thing (like building a new house or seeing how far down you can dig...), you are letting your team down and putting them at a disadvantage. Each team will be given: - Uniforms - Tools - Weapons (PvP is off, these are for the mobs that will spawn - no one said this would be a cake walk) - Marked chests with equipment (if you take from the other team’s chest you WILL be disqualified) - A space in the kitchen for your team to use and store things Shared resources: - The field - Cakes need wheat, you don’t have any of that for yourself - You will be getting hungry, so along with making cakes you’ll want to make sure your team is well fed - The chickens (and their eggs) - Bessie (the cow) Prizes: - All participants will be given their player head, a special edition birthday head, some cake, and team-coloured blocks - The winning team will also receive payment for their hard work, in emeralds, and fireworks so that they can celebrate Prizes will be placed at the Prize Hall at the Event Museum in SMP by the weekend. I will announce it here when they are ready. Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! When you land at the event location everyone will be locked in a relatively small space, sorry about the tight quarters! There is a box of cookies in there for if/when you get hungry while waiting for the race to begin. You may not have these in your inventory during the race. Please be patient with SteelyEyed and Loubeedoo or me as we get started. Most of the questions you may have can be answered here, spamming chat with your questions will only delay the start of the event. Before leaving the landing area, hit the sign to clear your inventory. One-by-one you will come forward to be assigned your team and get your uniform. As soon as everyone is in uniform the fence between the set-up area and race space will open and the race officially begins! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Due to the frantic nature of running events, if an organizer asks you to do something or reminds you of a rule, please do what’s asked of you rather than arguing. There is a time-out space for disqualified players and we’d hate to see you removed from the event over something silly.
  2. HELP!! The bakery we hired to cater our birthday party was shut down by creepers and now we have dozens of cakes to make, no time, and nearly no ingredients. We’re looking for teams of accomplished bakers to give us a hand as we RACE to fill our tables with cakes. Join us this weekend at 4:00pm UTC to join in this exciting event! - Mutleymuffin's fireworks display ends at 3:15pm UTC Players will be randomly assigned a team and be provided with a uniform and some limited supplies. From there, it’s up to each team to make the most cakes with the resources provided. Teams may only use their own resources – that means they can only use their kitchen and the items found in the chests marked with their team colours. Any player who takes from another team’s chests will be immediately disqualified. Discord channels will be set up for each team so you can coordinate with one another.
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