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Found 4 results

  1. EXPOSED - Diversity Town Scandal! Staff AceIsEves and 412 may not be as innocent as they seem! Helper AceIsEves and other players have been terrorising INNOCENT player Mutleymuffin by pretending that he has a town and telling everyone to /mail him! Mod, 412 is ALSO involved is this scandal and is rumoured to be the source of this fake story. Mutleymuffin, does NOT have a town, but it now being bugged by players asking if they can join his 'town'. In an interview with Mutleymuffin, he said he now felt 'insecure and not sure who to trust'. Another player, who asked to remain anonymous,
  2. Hello everyone! In our upcoming edition of Diversity News, we want to include people from the community! Everyone has different jobs and different ways of life, and we want to learn a little bit about you and your job! School is returning and the kids are getting out of the house! As fun as it sounds for you, you realize your own summer break is over. Here, you can tell us a little about yourself and your job, and we'll message you ASAP to learn more so that you can be in our next edition of our Newspaper! Click the poll below, and fill out what we need to know http
  3. Woo! It’s that time of the year again. Time to pig out with your friends and family while talking about what you’re thankful for! That’s right everyone, it's Thanksgiving! Although some people don’t celebrate it due to locations, it’s a huuuuge deal here in America! Why’s that? We’ll explain. Some of you don’t know what Thanksgiving is or why it’s so important. However, here in the United States, we learn allll about it in our first years of schooling! Back in 1621, Plymouth colonists and some Indians shared a huge fall feast! It was 3 days long and was a celebration of the first biggest
  4. We'd like to thank all of you for your patience as we've undergone the process of downsizing the Shop District. There were a couple of reasons why we did this: the current warp had become so big that it was becoming very difficult to navigate and find what you were looking for the number of shops and entities was causing a lot of client side lag for some players Our solution to fixing this problem is two-fold. First, we simply had to reduce the overall size of the Shop District. That process is still ongoing as we move shops from the outer edges of the warp closer to th
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