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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Diversity admin, Alright, so my ign is _Corvair_. And I would like to be unbanned because I have fun on this server. I want to play on this server with my friend, but i was banned because I said some racist things. I am not 100% sure on what i said,(my memory is not the best) so if you could show me what I said that would be pretty great. I am sorry for what I did. Yes, you can choose to not unban me, but I think you should unban me because this server has helped meet some of my best friends. And right I wanna try to get them to play on the server if I can, but i'm not sure.
  2. My name is Wizardd I was baned yesterday by 412 cuz i was rude to wither. I know j should not said what i said to him. I'm sorry for what i said and if i can get unbaned that would be nice. Hope u replay soon!
  3. I used to play on this server 1 year ago and I got banned by bucky I really love your server and should not done what I did I really want to come back its my favorite MC server I have tried many ways to come back I went on discord and asked my friend to get on the server and ask but they all said to do ban appeal so I am here now and really hope to join I have changed since then and love to play on the server.
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