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Found 3 results

  1. Alex

    Music Thread

    This is a thread to post music you enjoy listening and want to share with others! You can also post your own lyrics here and such. Anything music related can be shared here! Enjoy!
  2. Loubee1000

    Ice Breaker

    Hey Everyone, Im sure i know a lot of you or have seen your names when on smp...im on a lot. But i thought this is the best way to break the ice and maybe get to know a bit more about you... If its not too personal, can you all post a link/name of a song(s) that sums you up as a person. A glimpse into your lives? There will probably be many to suit all different aspects of your personality but try and pick one or two which are on point. I will definitely have a listen To start things off....one of mine: Jess Glynne- Take Me Home. depressing i know but personal probably highlights the hardest times in my life...(not after any sympathy i promise, but cant ask you to bare your souls if i don't lead the way ) Anyway feel free to ask any questions/comment, love from me xxxx p.s if you want me to i can msg you to say what i feel your song choice tells me about you, and vice versa. (private message if personal) xxxLoubeedoobeedoooxxx
  3. Gonna take a moment of your time to talk about something that happened in Canada this weekend and maybe introduce you to one of our national treasures: The Tragically Hip. For decades, the Hip have been the soundtrack to Canada. Their music is unapologetically about Canada and Canadian (and that one song about New Orleans). Earlier this year the lead singer/songwriter/poet Gord Downie announced that he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and that the Hip would be doing one last Canada-wide tour to say goodbye. Tickets sold out everywhere. On Saturday night they played their last show in Kingston, Ontario, where they got their start. Our national broadcaster, CBC, interrupted their 24/7 Olympics broadcast to play the entire concert from start to finish with no ads. Numbers suggest that 1/3rd of Canada (nearly 12 million people) tuned in to watch. I cannot express the amount of simultaneous joy and sorrow in that show. We said goodbye to a legend and his career and he said goodbye to us. As a country, we sang and we cried and I've been on a Hip kick like I haven't been on since college. This was the final song of their third encore, their final song played on stage, ever, and easily the most popular/well known song: My personal favourite song:
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