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  1. name: Martta ign: theMarttaship pronouns: they/them gender: nonbinary sexuality: asexual languages: English, Finnish, Dutch, French, some Russian and German hello! i'm Martta (yes, with two Ts), i've been playing on Diversity SMP and Vanilla for a while now and i decided to finally introduce myself. i'm currently in university where i study French and linguistics. when i'm not playing Minecraft, i read a ton (especially science fiction but also contemporary, fantasy and other stuff). i love cooking and i like to think i'm pretty good at it. also, i'm passionate about languages; in addition to the ones i already speak, i definitely want to learn Mandarin and maybe Vietnamese and Romanian... i've been playing Minecraft since 2012. when i'm on the server, i'm usually mining. i don't talk much, but i like the Diversity community and i'm happy to help with whatever you're working on!
  2. hi there, nice to meet y'all! you can call me tezza or tez, i'm nineteen, and a nonbinary lesbian from australia! (they/them pronouns, please ) i've been playing minecraft on-and-off since about 2012-2013, but i only really started playing frequently a couple months back. i guess i can thank falling down the rabbit hole of a few good youtube channels for that, lmao. when i play i'd say i'm more of a builder than anything else, but i've been getting into redstone a bit lately, even if my skills with it are more than a bit atrocious. i've never really been on a larger community server like this (have been on very small ones with a handful of friends in the past though), but hey, it's always good to try something new, and it's a great way to meet like-minded people, i suppose. i have to say i'm a little shy and awkward so you'll have to excuse me if i keep to myself a little on the server at first. hopefully i can get over that quickly and make some friends! a little about me: - i'm really into animation, and i'm hoping to work as a storyboard artist one day! - following on from that, i do a lot of digital art - i have a cat called chloe and she's my entire world - i fuckign love my girlfriend thanks for reading, i'm excited to play with you all!
  3. ACan


    Hello everyone! My name is Ayden. My Minecraft name is ACan. I am 16 years young. I am playing this server to meet new friends. I identify as a feminine male. I am gay. Socials: Discord: https://discord.gg/w8uYvNj Twitter: @ACanOffical Facebook: Algorithms Canada Steam: AlgorithmsCanada Twitch: ACanGamingTV YouTube: ACan
  4. Hello! I'm M. I've been playing here for a while now.
  5. Hiya! My name is Lavender, my pronouns are she/hers. I'm not too good at introductions. I play music, I guess. Feel free to ask me anything!
  6. Hello, my name is Mirage. I've been playing MC for quite a while now but haven't joined a public server until now. Diversity sounded like a great place to start. I've been playing for about 5 years. I have a confession to make though - I've never been to The End. I've never seen the Ender Dragon. Yep. I get so caught up in exploring and building, etc. that I never bothered to do it. I don't know - The End - It sounds so final... Sacrilegious almost. Minecraft never ends! I'm a developer/designer and I have been slooooowwwlllyy creating my own first MC mod. I'm excited to have people in the world for a change! Any questions?
  7. Hello! I'm Alex and if it isn't obvious enough, I'm very gay. I'm 13 currently and I live in Maine. I enjoy music and my favorite artist right now is Alec Benjamin (his songs are really good, go check them out!). I also enjoy gaming and a few games I really like are Minecraft (obviously), Sims 3 & 4, Don't Starve Together, Slime Rancher, and many more! Also I love reading. The book I'm currently reading is the 4th book in the Red Queen series and its a wonderful series that you should check out if you love fantasy books! Other series I love are The Land of Stories and Foxcraft. Some other things I enjoy are drawing, Netflix, staying up late, and uhhh that's all I can think of right now. Though some days I'll play for 10 hours and some days I'll barely play for 1 hour I'm not leaving any time soon unless I have to. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to just start chatting to me on Discord or in game, I'll happily be your friend! Also I try not to be annoying, so sorry if I am. I don't mean to, really. Feel free to ask me anything you want!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm Camaryn and I've just joined this server today. I'm a 21 y/o college student aiming for a major in social work. I've had Minecraft since 2012 but never actually played on a server until now mainly because of shyness. So hopefully this goes well. In terms of hobbies, I read a truckload and play a lot of video games. Stuff like The Elder Scrolls, the Geneforge Saga, and Starbound. Building and decorating in games are my cup o' tea too. Outside of that, I enjoy cooking and hiking, and someday hope to combine the two to create the ultimate culinary delight. That's all I can think to say at the moment, so feel free to ask away.
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm one of those older guys (30+) and I love ... wait for it ... you'll never guess what ... Jazz! Music is a big part of my life and I have a weak spot for poetry too. It might be noteworthy that I'm not a native english speaker, so if I'm ignoring your insults, chances are that I just didn't understand them. I have been playing MC since the early versions, but from time to time I'm taking a brake. That being said, you may treat this thread as an AMA. I'll answer *cough* everything.
  10. Hey there I'm abijuice, also known as Abi. Diversity is my first SMP and I enjoy gardening, farming, and building in game. If you need help with flowers, trees, vines, seeds, etc. I'll do my best to get what you need!
  11. Hello, everyone! My name is Ryan, also known as my in-game name, xSir. I posted an introduction on the old forum, but since we have a new one, I thought that I should make one here, so... I joined this server almost 2 years ago while looking for a solution to my boredom, and I have never found a server quite like diversity ever since. I am 16 years old, and am an incoming Junior in high school. Some things I enjoy doing when i'm not sinking hours into SMP include basketball, swimming, and programming (i'm such a noob though ). When in school, I enjoy competing in academic decathlon and serving as the treasurer of my school's Best Buddies club. I usually play on Diversity in the summers when I have excess free time on my hands, and I love making awesome memories on here. If you see i'm on the server, don't hesitate to say hi. I won't bite.
  12. Um, Idk what to write here but, my name, obviously by the title is Josh. I'm very nervous around new people so please mind that I can get nervous. I'm 14, a mutant freak that's still growing so ask me anything you like to know about me and ill answer it! -ItsJossh
  13. Hey! My IGN is ItsNotGordon, but despite that, my real name is Gordon. (Wow what a surprise.) I'm a 16 year old XY chromosomed human being. Right now, as of typing this, I'm being very extra. I'm usually easily triggered, cringe at everything, and will shut people up really quickly. However, I'm determined to change my attitude by playing on this server. As a side note, I cuss a lot, so I'll try to restrict myself, but no promises. Here's a really long backstory. This is the history of me gaming. I started gaming when I was 5. My first computer game was Maplestory, a MMORPG. This was 2005, and it had just released from beta. 2005 and 2006 were considered the prime time of Maplestory. I kept grinding on that for 5 more years until I found a new game: Roblox. Roblox kept me alive. It introduced many game modes; the most important one to me was Sandbox. The next game I played was Minecraft. I first saw it on a phone in 7th grade. Of course my friend let me try it and I feel in love. I downloaded a free pirated version and played that for about 2 years. I switched between Roblox and Minecraft during 7th grade and 8th grade. Then, at the end of 8th grade, I bought a premium/legitimate Minecraft account. During this time, my cousin gifted me CSGO. For a while, I drifted from server to server until I found a small but tight-knitted community that ran a SMP server. After half of year of playing on that server, I started to drift away from Minecraft and more into CSGO. I was good at it. Not only that, but I was great at it. What helped me was my cocky attitude. If I was playing against anyone, I would win. Whenever I lost, it wasn't because my team was bad, it was always because I couldn't carry hard enough. Ever since 9th grade and up, it's been CSGO and maybe Minecraft over the summer. Now, as a junior, things are becoming stressful. The best way for me to relieve that stress is by nostalgia, which is why I decided to play Minecraft again. Anyways, onto more things in real life. I am a Junior at high school. My classes are AP Language and Composition, AP Physics 1, Ceramics, AP Chinese, Precalc Honors (This class is harder than AP Calc AB because of the teacher, but there isn't AP Precalc), and Acadec/Tennis. Acadec was my first semester class and Tennis is my second. As for my hobbies, I really love tennis. The fast-paced game, the built-up tension, adrenaline pumping your legs, the way you hit the ball and become one as you swing. Next thing you know, the opponent is flat on their ass and you've won the game. There are no other feelings like it (unless it's another sport ). CSGO is a big one. I recently joined a team, so tournaments will be fun. Hiking is great. The scenery is beautiful, and air feels pure, and it's just hours of talking with your friends until they get tired of your shit. For music, I had many phases. The biggest ones were EDM (primarily trap, house and any sub genres under them), and, currently, K-Pop. Actually I don't listen to all K-Pop groups; I listen to one group only. As for my Minecraft credentials and stuff, I've been playing since 2012. Before I went to CSGO, I was an aspiring redstone user. Not going to lie, but I was pretty good too. However, it all went away when I stopped playing. The biggest skill I have is trivia and priority, which when use together is incredibily helpful for survival. UHC and SMP are my favorite because they are easy. Anyways, that's it for now. If you guys have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them!
  14. Hi! I'm Rocketbulldog. I've been playing mc for a few years single player but this will be my first time in SMP. I hope to see you all around! Feel free to ama.
  15. Hey all! My name is Tournite! Or you can call me Jake Let me just say, I LOVE this server! I joined a couple days ago, and I am currently on level two. Already I am strong with resources and a growing base. Not only do I love the gameplay of Diversity, but I love the community. The people and staff are so welcoming by greeting me every time I come on. I LOVE DIVERSITY. I feel so welcome and it is amazing to see all of you every time I get on. I love seeing the same people on and new ones joining this amazing and addicting experience. Now here are some facts about me! (Feel free to ask me questions below so you can know more about me! I love new people) I am sixteen years old I am usually on from 4-10 PM EST (But during holiday breaks i.e. Christmas or Thanksgiving I am on anytime during the day) If you see Tournite on the server, make sure to say hello! I'm friendly and will help with anything you need. I will help with anything you need. Just message me! I have two YouTube Channels, one with about 1,000 subs and the other with 200. (I might post some Diversity stuff on their soon.) I can't wait to meet all of you! So make sure to say hi to me and comment below any questions! I'm online a lot so make sure to say "Hi Tournite!"
  16. SHORT NOTE: So I made one b4 like 3 months ago but that one was really old and was just copied from the Old Forums one with just some edits. So I made this new one also because I want a better update of mine so enjoy it! AND WHY IS THIS "SHORT" NOTE SO FREAKING LONG! So hi there! I'm Dan203, or I can be called by like 19 different nicknames such as my main one, Dan (literally by everyone), dannypoo (by a lot of people), Daniel (by my considered twin jazz), danny (by lix and lot of others), Kilka's Twin (by Regan), and 2ndplace4dan (by a lot of friends in UHC). So basically I'm just a friendly 13 year old in the SMP, well not really like that. I'm a friendly and shy person in real life that likes school (Yes, I like school) and I do a lot of things when it comes to gaming! Anyways, here's my introduction: So yeah, I joined Diversity SMP like around before New Years 2016 and had basically became my favorite server to play in most of my times. I'm sometimes an average person appearing in the discord so I might talk, but not much due to busy things. I'm also Asian-American but I look like American which is still something. I also an anime fan, I've been watching it since I was 9. I like music (praise nightcore /0/) so it makes me listen to a lot of music so I can get relief from stress and hard times, and of course a couple of you people know about The Dan Song that was created by LixarPlays (LixarGaming) and was just a fun time to watch and do. I'm also a Youtuber but I don't do much now in recordings. I also owned a town called Summerset that went kind of successful but I decided to abandon it and create a new more AMAZING kind called Daniversity City. My favorite number is 2 so that probably explains a lot of my memes on 2nd place. So if you probably know me in Diversity SMP, I sometimes hate/like seeing me get 2nd place a lot because in UHCs I play in, I get 2nd place TOO MANY TIMES that I managed to get a title for myself on a server called "Most 2nd Places." I seem to also play PvP a lot cuz I like doing those kinds of things and mainly Skywars because its fun along with UHC (which also helps me improve my caving experience). I was also the person that created the Diversity SMP Quiz that seemed to take a lot of work doing because I did not really know what questions I should make. I like memes a lot so you might randomly see me talk shitty stuffings full of awesomeness so enjoy me whenever you see me online. I'm also a texture pack maker but I really don't do that much now when it comes to making packs. I also can start a crazy chat because of many things (you seriously don't wanna know how that happens) and ends up becoming completely stupid and awesome. I'm also known for also probably calling 1/4 of people on the server a nickname with poo because I got it from Lix and I decide to call everyone that (with like 11 disagreeing on that idea). I also managed to change a lot of words to more silly kinds (Ex: stuff > stuffings and caps > cappys)You can find me also on the forums spamming "omg" and "first" that will probably become the most annoying person here BUT it at leasts can try give me the most posts on this forums (dont even think about it Mut) hehe. And that's it for this entire Intro. Anyways if you just decided to just skip the introduction and other stuff, here's a quick description to know about me: A typical friendly, shy, awesome, talkative person on the Diversity SMP that is always having fun and says amazing funny stuffings. Thanks for reading this! And here is my quote that I just love and randomly say all the time: "I like turtles..."
  17. Hey guys, Shadow Surge here, I decided it was past time I introduce myself. So..... Hi. I'm Shadow. I enjoy the survival aspect of Minecraft and team builds. I don't even mind going mining for hours for ores or simply to clean out an area for a build. So far, it has been a pleasure to be on Diversity SMP and I am sure it will remain so. p.s. It is perhaps worth noting that while my MC username is Shadow_Surge2015, anywhere else you run into me, it's more likely to be The Cactus Kid. p.p.s. AMA
  18. Hi! I'm relatively new to the Diversity SMP servers, but I felt the need to introduce myself anyway. My name is Rhythm Skelly, or Rhy (pronounced like rye bread), but please feel free to call me whatever, as long as it isn't offensive and such. I really enjoy hanging out with people, and love to make friends (whether that's online or just in person). I have a non-literal love for Watermelon (it's just so good!) and am really into anything fun or interesting. I am known to be a really friendly guy, but please, try not to make me angry, because I will explode. My hobbies include watching Anime, playing games, doing parkour (in real life), and listening to music sometimes. I first joined Diversity about a week ago, and I joined because I was looking for a place to hang out with friends without having to make my own server or realm. This happened to pop up when I was searching around, so I decided to give it a try. It turns out, I made a great choice. This server has really friendly staff and just players in general, and I'm glad I decided to join. Anyway, sorry if this seemed a little short. If anyone would like to know anything else about me, please feel free to ask away down below. I hope I can get to know and become friends with all of you on here! Thanks!
  19. Hello! I am ASW/Audi. My real name is Krystian, but don't call me by my real name please. I'm not going to reveal my age to the public, although my birthday is 5th May. I am an only son with no pets ether. I used to be a Youtuber (I quit) and I'm thinking of maybe doing it again. I still stream on Twitch (my username is TrueHatMaster if you want to check it out) and I've been playing Minecraft for just under 2 years. I don't just play Minecraft though. I play an awful amount of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Agar.io and Warlight. Away from gaming, I love to do nerdy stuff and play sports (mostly tennis). If you are reading this: What sports do you play?
  20. Hey, my name is Luke, I joined diversity about June-July 2015 It's been amazing! #BestServer I enjoy playing badminton, I go to scouts and camping is great. I like in the UK! Yes! this means I drink tea and spell colour correctly (don't take this personally) I'm mostly into Redstone farms, and command blocks. Command blocks are undoubtedly the best block in the game, and they are relatively easy to understand! Here's a command I made for 1.9 Chuck into a command block, power it and watch the magic! http://pastebin.com/ZpNEw8DL If you're reading this, please let me know A) your favourite block in the game B) If you like tea or not C) Your favourate thing about minecraft. For me: A) Command block B) YES! C) The fact that it is limited only by your imagination
  21. In game name is the same as my Forum name, Real-Life Name(you can probable guess) I have been on diversity Since June 2015 and I am (currently Level 8), and I have to say, it has been an amazing experience meeting all of you, Diversity has the greatest community out of any Minecraft server I have EVER played on, I thank all of you that have made this server great! I am a 13yo Caucasian male(I think I'm about 60% Irish and about 20% Scottish) and about 10% British and about 10% other stuff)that lives in the southern US, I like to spend time reading, biking around the property, swimming, hiking, reading, making music (not that any of it is good), and playing on Diversity, Rocket League, Skyrim, Fallout, Various Nintendo Games, I also have started to learn to code. I have a large Family with many siblings, and I love to spend time with them, weather its playing games or just sitting in the same room. Pets: I prefer Dogs I have Four of them, But I have no cats because they are the devil. Favorite Drink: Most Types of Tea Favorite Game: I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Picture of me making a Weird face
  22. Hi! I am JC an here are some facts about meh lyfe. My name is Jaycee but you can call me JC. I am 12 years old and live in the United States of America. I have only been playing minecraft since November 2015 but I have watched youtubers play it since October 2014. I have never visited another country and probably won't ever. I am a homeschooled girl from the south and no, I don't say "Howdy". (But I do say "y'all" ) Anyways, I love listening to music. I like many different genres of music (except country eww). My favorite youtubers are heyimbee, StrauberryJam, Ish13c, PrivateFearless, and Kiingtong. (Subscribe to them they are very funny and absolutely fabulous). Oh btw, my favorite color is blue purple. Welp... That's my life in a paragraph. Bye!
  23. Hi its YamesonToast, or as my friends call me "Yames". Lets start off with the basics: I'm 13 years old at this posting and I'm from England. At school I feel that I'm in the top percent of the students as rarely misbehave which makes me and my friends a subject for bullying. But meh. Perspective wise I'm one of the smallest people in my year and not the most athletic, however I'm better at mental skills! The way that I found out about the great server of Diversity was through Red (IRL Friend) who showed me around and got me started. However at first I was thrown into SB with him and eventually found my way into SMP. Interestingly I bought Minecraft when it was only in its 1.2.5 update, and another friend that doesn't play on Diversity showed me it. At first I was unsure what the purpose was but upon buying I was instantly attached. That is me in short
  24. Hi! My name is Dan (Daniel if you want) and I'm a 13 year old Male with a nice and silly attitude. My birthday is on January 8 also. I'm half Asian and half American also (this gives me a nice accent everyone likes) . I became a newbie to the server around January 5. I'm not much of a talker in life because I'm shy. I'm not available a lot because of all the school stuffs and homework. I'm the owner of the town Summerset in DiversitySMP. There's a lot of things I expect and I want to also hope and let this town become an amazing Warp. The server is another home to me and opens another side to my Minecraft personality. I'm also a youtuber that has came back from a little break so I will be uploading some videos from the Vanilla server. Another thing that I might say is that I have been very silly about knowing that I get 2nd place A LOT. I like making jokes and I talk a lot. If you want to talk sometime, I am sometimes available on Discord. Anyways, that's it for this one and hope to see another exciting day for you! P.S: I like turtles......
  25. Hey guys, I'm Amandda a.k.a MunDhi - A Senior Mod of Diversity SMP I'm a 27 going on 28 year young lady who currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. I originally hail from Singapore and moved to Australia in 2003. Currently in my 2nd year of University, I'm studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Interactive & Visual Design (a lot of fun but a lot of work), which is also the reason why I'm not online a lot at this stage. When it comes to my holidays, I'm normally move active. I joined the server through a friend Sp4rkofins4nity (I think that's his ign) about 2 years ago and eventually got promoted to the Builder Rank when it was still around. This was after i built the original Skyhold in survival, I was kind of considering to be mod but because of my awesomeness, I got promoted without applying to be mod. HA! Things I like: - Dogs - Kpop (Don't judge me, i will hate you more) - Graphic & Web design - Soju My nickname was AngryAngryAsian at one point because I was constantly pissed off at people for constantly breaking the rules. Rules are rules, you wanna break them, you get AngryAngryAsian and a ban. I can be nice to people, as long you don't ask me stupid questions, I'm sure we can get along. The most recent holiday I went on was with my housemate and Turbo road tripping from Brisbane to Melbourne and it was AMAZING! We even met up with another SrMod (QueenElsa). I've never driven that much in my life but it was definitely an experience. It was a fantastic holiday and I look forward to be able to travel to other places around the world! So what is your dream??? Here's some photos of the trip with Turbo, my housemate and QueenElsa(She's the one giving the finger)
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