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Found 2 results

  1. Turbotailz

    SMP Kit Guide

    THIS LIST IS OUTDATED. PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED KITS THREAD HERE: - SMP Kit Guide - There are several kits available to players on the SMP server. The more time you put into playing, the more valuable kits you will unlock. Each kit is unlocked at a certain level. All kits have been listed below with every item you will receive from them. For more information about levels, check out the Levels Guide. Starter Unlocked at: Level 1 Cooldown: One use only Contents: 1x Golden Shovel 1x Chest 64x Torch 64x Baked Potato Starter Pro Unlocked at: Level 2 Cooldown: One use only Contents: 1x Golden Shovel 4x Chest 128x Torch 128x Baked Potato 1x Saddle 1x Name Tag Farmer Unlocked at: Level 3 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 1x Iron Hoe 1x Water Bucket 32x Seeds 16x Potato 16x Carrots 8x Pumpkin Seeds 8x Melon Seeds 2x Lead Farmer Pro Unlocked at: Level 8 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 1x Diamond Hoe - Unbreaking III 2x Water Bucket 64x Seeds 32x Potato 32x Carrots 16x Pumpkin Seeds 16x Melon Seeds 8x Hay Bale 4x Lead Miner Unlocked at: Level 4 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 3x Stone Pickaxe 1x Diamond Pickaxe 64x Torch 1x Water Bucket 4x Oak Log Miner Pro Unlocked at: Level 11 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 3x Iron Pickaxe 1x Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III - Efficiency V 128x Torch 1x Water Bucket 8x Oak Log Builder Unlocked at: Level 5 Cooldown: 2 days Contents: 64x Stone 32x Quartz Block 32x Brick 32x Glass Block 32x Clay Block Builder Pro Unlocked at: Level 12 Cooldown: 1 week Contents: 256x Stone 128x Quartz Block 128x Brick 128x Glass Block 128x Clay Block 64x Hardened Clay 32x Obsidian 32x Cracked Stone Brick 32x Mossy Stone Brick 32x Chiseled Stone Brick Fighter Unlocked at: Level 6 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Diamond Sword 1x Bow 64x Arrow Fighter Pro Unlocked at: Level 13 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 1x Diamond Sword - Unbreaking III - Sharpness 5 1x Bow - Unbreaking III - Power V - Infinity 1x Arrow Defender Unlocked at: Level 7 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Iron Helmet 1x Iron Chestplate 1x Iron Leggings 1x Iron Boots 1x Iron Horse Armor Defender Pro Unlocked at: Level 14 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 1x Diamond Helmet 1x Diamond Chestplate 1x Diamond Leggings 1x Diamond Boots 1x Diamond Horse Armor Enchanter Unlocked at: Level 9 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Anvil 16x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 8x Book Enchanter Pro Unlocked at: Level 15 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 2x Anvil 16x Bookshelf 1x Enchant Table 32x Book 1x Unbreaking III 1x Efficiency V 1x Fortune III 1x Silk Touch 1x Protection IV 1x Looting III Brewer Unlocked at: Level 10 Cooldown: 4 days Contents: 1x Brewing Stand 1x Cauldron 16x Glass Bottle 16x Nether Wart 16x Glowstone 16x Redstone 16x Fermented Spider Eye 16x Gunpowder Brewer Pro Unlocked at: Level 16 Cooldown: 2 weeks Contents: 4x Brewing Stand 4x Cauldron 64x Glass Bottle 64x Nether Wart 64x Glowstone 64x Redstone 64x Fermented Spider Eye 64x Gunpowder 8x Magma Cream 8x Sugar 8x Glistering Melon 8x Ghast Tear 8x Blaze Powder 8x Golden Carrot 8x Pufferfish 8x Brown Mushroom 8x Rabbit’s Foot
  2. Turbotailz

    SMP Level Guide

    - SMP Level Guide - There are currently a total of 30 levels to progress through on the SMP server. All levels are gained by accumulated time played across several servers (SMP, Creative & Sky). To check your progress, simply type /ar check in game. Below is a list of each level and what perks you gain from each of them. For more info about the kits, please check the Kits Guide. Level 1 Time: 0 Hours Homes: 1 Kit: Starter Can build 450 blocks from Warp Hub. Level 2 Time: 6 Hours Homes: 2 Kit: Starter Pro Can build 400 blocks from Warp Hub. Level 3 Time: 12 Hours Homes: 3 Kit: Farmer Can build 350 blocks from Warp Hub. Farms: Zore's Farm Zombie Farm 2 Level 4 Time: 24 Hours (1 day) Homes: 4 Kit: Miner Can build 300 blocks from Warp Hub. Access to the Vanilla server. Level 5 Time: 48 Hours (2 Days) Homes: 5 Kit: Builder Can build 250 blocks from Warp Hub. Farms: Metal Farm Villager Temple Enderman Farm 2 Witch Farm Sugarcane_MM Level 6 Time: 96 Hours (4 Days) Homes: 6 Kit: Fighter Can build 200 blocks from Warp Hub. /hat command Level 7 Time: 144 Hours (6 Days) Homes: 7 Kit: Defender Can build 150 blocks from Warp Hub. Access to the Creative server. Level 8 Time: 192 Hours (8 Days) Homes: 8 Kit: Farmer Pro Can build 100 blocks from Warp Hub. Level 9 Time: 288 Hours (12 Days) Homes: 9 Kit: Enchanter Can build in Warp Hub (outside of claims). Level 10 Time: 384 Hours (16 Days) Homes: 10 Kit: Brewer Level 11 Time: 480 Hours (20 Days) Homes: 11 Kit: Miner Pro Level 12 Time: 576 Hours (24 Days) Homes: 12 Kit: Builder Pro Level 13 Time: 672 Hours (28 Days) Homes: 13 Kit: Fighter Pro Level 14 Time: 768 Hours (32 Days) Homes: 14 Kit: Defender Pro Level 15 Time: 864 Hours (36 Days) Homes: 15 Kit: Enchanter Pro Level 16 Time: 960 Hours (40 Days) Homes: 16 Kit: Brewer Pro Level 17 Time: 1056 Hours (44 Days) Homes: 17 Level 18 Time: 1152 Hours (48 Days) Homes: 18 Level 19 Time: 1248 Hours (52 Days) Homes: 19 Level 20 Time: 1344 Hours (56 Days) Homes: 20 Level 21 Time: 1536 Hours (64 Days) Homes: 21 Level 22 Time: 1728 Hours (72 Days) Homes: 22 Level 23 Time: 1920 Hours (80 Days) Homes: 23 Level 24 Time: 2112 Hours (88 Days) Homes: 24 Level 25 Time: 2304 Hours (96 Days) Homes: 25 Level 26 Time: 2496 Hours (104 Days) Homes: 26 Level 27 Time: 2688 Hours (112 Days) Homes: 27 Level 28 Time: 2880 Hours (120 Days) Homes: 28 Level 29 Time: 3072 Hours (128 Days) Homes: 29 Level 30 Time: 3264 Hours (136 Days) Homes: Unlimited
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