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Found 3 results

  1. April Monthly Update! EASTER EGG HUNT?! That's right! We will be holding another Easter egg hunt on DiversitySMP. Unlike last year's egg hunt, we have a brand new grand location for everyone to hunt for these eggs. The other staff and I have been working hard on and off for a couple of months to prepare for this big event. We will be running a few hunts over a certain time period so everyone will get their fair chance of gathering the most eggs. At the end of the event, participants will be able to exchange their eggs for a prize(s) depending on the amount of eggs each one has picked up. Keep your eyes open because we will be posting an official event announcement where you can learn about the event and what it all includes. (So please don't egg us on. ) Community Build Project It seems like it's been forever since we told you guys about this event. We promise it WILL happen, but after the Easter event. There are still a few things to work out at the event grounds, and hopefully by next month we will be able to start. Please hang in there and wait just a tad bit longer. Schematica Mod? We've been a bit lenient about this in the past, but after discussion among the staff, no mods that help/build for you are allowed on DiversitySMP. For those of you who don't know what this mod is, there are different features to it that help players build, such as holograms that show where to place blocks to build. It sort of acts as a blueprint. There is also a feature that places blocks for the player. This is why we cannot allow this mod. It prevents you from going AFK even when you aren't actually placing blocks. Therefor it's anti-AFKing. New Admin?! Next time you see @Impling make sure to congratulate him for becoming Admin. He started (and finished) work on April 1st. Not much to say this much, but it's something. Thanks for reading, and get eggcited for our big Easter event!! -Bucky and Staff
  2. I was wondering if we could increase the amount of events that are held. For example, if there can be a specific event for Christmas that would allow everyone to be together and enjoy playing small mini-games to make it fun for the whole community. It may be difficult to host such an event and if not possible it is okay. Just a suggestion I thought I would put out there.
  3. I'm on this server from march 2016 and I gotta say there are a lot of events and things happening! Soo I'm here to give you guys(galls) some ideas for new EVENTS! a)My first idea is to make a castle that we should find it and its build in nowhere! Castle is full of traps,mobs and really hard parkour that is deadly! We gotta come to the throne room where is the boss(Dragon or Wither)! When we kill him there will be gifts for the best: killers, the fastest who came in throne room, who killed the boss( Who gave the last hit) and others! b) My second idea is to make a new PvP arena cause that one on Isle suck!(My fps drops from 120 to 20 cuz of the entity, its too small, and I don't like the design at all!) I would make an arena and It would be really big! Players should find a teammates and make a team of 3 and have a regular 3v3 battles and make it like football! First groups, than quarterfinals, semifinals and FINALS! I don't know will I make the arena it self, cuz Dark made his "hole" that we can use for PvP!!! I hope at least one of my ideas will become an event! _TemplarHunter_ <3
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