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Found 17 results

  1. HexCubed


    This summer has been a little boring on Diversity, so I have decided to kick it up a notch with weekly Build battles every Saturday (whole day eastern standard time). some of you may know i did this previously 4 times and I have decided that now I am on the server more i will be hosting them again. THIS WEEKS THEME: Futuristic Helpers would be greatly appreciated Prizes will be as follows 1st 32 DiamondBlocks 2nd 16 DiamondBlocks 3rd 8 DiamondBlocks Admission to participate will be 2 DiamondBlocks Materials will not be supplied please understand, plots are 20x20 and only 20 will be available IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE CONTACT { HexCubed_ } participants so far: slots remaining 19 Duckeh
  2. After a very long delay, we have our winners! The race was so close in most of the categories that we have more than one 2nd place winner and therefore, no 3rd is being awarded. Congratulations to every one!! Most Traditional Build 1st DumbAsh 2nd Agustas 3rd abijuice Most Creative Build 1st murphythedog 2nd Agustas, BlueFraction, jupiterrrrr, MHF_Sxxtt Most Inventive Use of Materials 1st _Camper 2nd murphythedog 3rd jupiterrrrrr Player's Pick 1st jupiterrrrr 2nd _Camper, DumbAsh, murphythedog Judge's Pick 1st murphythedog 2nd Agustas, AuroraPingu, jupiterrrrr Congratulations again! All prizes are now in the top hallway of the Prize Hall ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What better way to spend a hot Summer's day than at the beach, with your toes in the sand and the waves lapping at the shore? Inside! Away from the burning sun, biting flies, and sand in your shorts, playing computer games with your friends! For this challenge, you'll be building with sand. Sand castles, sand houses, sand sculptures, sand creatures, sand whatevers - if you can build it with the materials provided, we will judge it. When First build day: Friday, June 30, 2017 at roughly 7:00pm EST Final build day: Sunday, July 16, 2017 You may join in at any time through the competition, up to and including Sunday, July 9. Where /server event - location to be 'unlocked' on Friday evening (Merga's time) Rules You may build whatever you like (so long as it falls within the server's rules) with the materials provided in the chests You may not build in teams No additional resources will be provided (other than shovels/picks which are freely available) Please use the sign to put your name on your build Judging 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in the following categories: - Most traditional builds - Most creative builds - Most inventive uses of materials - Judge's picks - Player's picks (done by poll) As always, participation prizes will be given to everyone who enters a completed build. Winners will be announced around Sunday, July 23 - possibly longer for the "Player's Pick" awards. FAQ Q: How do I join? A: Choose a plot and ask a mod to give you trust in it. If mods are busy with other contestants, please be patient. Q: What do I do if my pick or shovel breaks? Or if I need more chests or water? A: There are signs at the center that say "shovel," "pick," "chest," or "water" on them. Hit those. Q: Is it OK if I use this thing from the last competition I competed in? A: No. Please use the INVENTORY CLEAR sign on the red arch at the center. Q: Can I use the chests in my build? A: No, the chests are for storage not building blocks for this challenge. Q: Can I have a plot for my alt? A: No, 1 plot per person. Q: Can you rest my plot? A: Nope, you have 2 weeks - more than enough time to tear down mistakes. Please ask all questions about this event here and not on the server. This post will be updated with all answers.
  3. Merga

    Birthday Cake Race

    Prizes from Round #1, #2, and #3 are at the Prize Hall (Event Museum Warp) Last year, the Diversity Bakery was destroyed by creepers and we asked you to help us bake cakes for Diversity’s birthday. Everyone was so helpful that we just didn’t rebuild but now it’s our birthday again and we need more cakes! So, we’re running the Cake Race again. Here’s how it will go: Two teams of five players (10 total) will race to bake as many cakes as they can and get them to the table. Whichever team has the most cakes on their table at the end of 20 minutes or who fills their table first in that amount of time, wins! Day and Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Round #1 - 7:00pm UTC - Hosted by Loubeedoo and SteelyEyed Round #2 - 10:00pm UTC - Hosted by Merga click links to see your local time Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! Team assignment: Teams will be fully randomized before the start of the race unless... If you, as players, are able to put together two teams of 5 to play against one another, we will allow pre-made teams. This must be a unanimous decision. We strongly recommend that you use Discord to coordinate with your teams, even if you're only able to listen in. Keep in mind that if you choose not to communicate with your team or to go off and do your own thing (like building a new house or seeing how far down you can dig...), you are letting your team down and putting them at a disadvantage. Each team will be given: - Uniforms - Tools - Weapons (PvP is off, these are for the mobs that will spawn - no one said this would be a cake walk) - Marked chests with equipment (if you take from the other team’s chest you WILL be disqualified) - A space in the kitchen for your team to use and store things Shared resources: - The field - Cakes need wheat, you don’t have any of that for yourself - You will be getting hungry, so along with making cakes you’ll want to make sure your team is well fed - The chickens (and their eggs) - Bessie (the cow) Prizes: - All participants will be given their player head, a special edition birthday head, some cake, and team-coloured blocks - The winning team will also receive payment for their hard work, in emeralds, and fireworks so that they can celebrate Prizes will be placed at the Prize Hall at the Event Museum in SMP by the weekend. I will announce it here when they are ready. Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! When you land at the event location everyone will be locked in a relatively small space, sorry about the tight quarters! There is a box of cookies in there for if/when you get hungry while waiting for the race to begin. You may not have these in your inventory during the race. Please be patient with SteelyEyed and Loubeedoo or me as we get started. Most of the questions you may have can be answered here, spamming chat with your questions will only delay the start of the event. Before leaving the landing area, hit the sign to clear your inventory. One-by-one you will come forward to be assigned your team and get your uniform. As soon as everyone is in uniform the fence between the set-up area and race space will open and the race officially begins! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Due to the frantic nature of running events, if an organizer asks you to do something or reminds you of a rule, please do what’s asked of you rather than arguing. There is a time-out space for disqualified players and we’d hate to see you removed from the event over something silly.
  4. Mutley

    RMP Park Event Day!

    (I would put this in events but it won't let me) -=- RMP Park's Event Day -=- Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce a fun filled events day at RMP Park. There will be fun, there will be laughs, and most importantly for some of you, there will be PRIZES! RMP Park is a theme park with rides that are playable and interactive. There are 8 different attractions including; A Maze Functional Basketball 8 Hole Mini Golf A Boat Racing Battle And more! Some of these events are timed and the fastest time will receive a mystery prize! I hope to see you there, THIS SUNDAY (19th Feb) - 12 to 6 GMT, For a GREAT day out!!!
  5. This year, the Diversity Xmas Fireworks display will be happening on the 24th December at 4PM GMT After the fantastic success of the 2nd Birthday fireworks, RMP Events has decided to host the Xmas Fireworks! There will be big bangs! Loud bangs! Fancy bangs! and most of all lots and lots of fun! Remember 24th Dec - 4PM GMT Be there! p.s. I did paste this in the calendar, but i'm fairly sure nobody saw it, and I need loads people to turn up to make it worthwhile
  6. until
    This year, the Diversity Xmas Fireworks display will be happening on the 24th December at 4PM After the fantastic success of the 2nd Birthday fireworks, RMP Events has decided to host the Xmas Fireworks! There will be big bangs! Loud bangs! Fancy bangs! and most of all lots and lots of fun! Remember 24th Dec - 4PM Be there!
  7. Hello guys! Christmas Spirit is beginning to rise. What better way to spread it by having a little lottery. With Big rewards. First off let me explain how this works... Step process: 1. Go to my plot. (Plot 1109) 2. Go to the area requested (back of the shop) and throw a diamond block in the hopper with your name. 3. Wait. I will record a video on the choosing (spinning a wheel) and whoever's name it lands on gets the Prize! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards (What you came for) : First Place: (First spin in the video who wins) 1x Set of God Armor.(This armor is diamond armor. This includes mending on it.) 5 Gold Blocks (because you won GOLD!) 50% of the Diamond Blocks that are in the pot (example: if there were 50 Diamond Blocks. You would get 25) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Place: (Second Spin Winner) 1 Diamond Block 3 Dragon Heads 1 God Sword. (Diamond) 5 Iron Blocks (You won SILVER!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Third Place: (Third Spin Winner) 1x Set of Iron God Armor 1 Dragon head 5 Redstone blocks (You got third place ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that if there are not enough people or contenders to drop in a diamond block the lottery will be called off and you will receive your Diamond Block back. May the odds be ever in your favor! This little event will begin from 12/10/2016 - 12/23/16 (6:58 MT) If you have any other questions post them below!
  8. Survival Games 4th December Congratulations to TPS_ParpiaJr for winning 2nd = Redst0ned A few pictures of the event; - Red's tall ass platform - He's coming for you! - Closer, closer, he is getting closer! - Action shot! - Well Done TPS_ParpiaJr! Catch you guys in the next one!
  9. You may be thinking “hey, it’s a little early for Halloween, Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet!” and you’re right, it is early for Halloween but we wanted to give you all the time you need to plan. This year, the Diversity community is going trick-or-treating and it’s up to you whether visitors to your home get a trick, a treat, or something good to eat. So how is this going to work? Build a Halloween themed display at your base or somewhere in the wilds. Whatever you want to build; big or small, spooky or sweet. Remember to claim your space. Decide on what you’d like to give out for Halloween and collect or craft 10 identical pieces/stacks of that item and put them into a chest near your display. This can be the Minecraft equivalent of either a full-sized chocolate bar, a toothbrush, or anything in between, it's up to you! Just remember, whatever you give the staff 10 of, each player will get 1 of when they visit your display. Feel free to name or enchant your gifts, just remember to give each item the exact same name and enchants. Fill out the form here with your player name and the coordinates where you would like players to land when they come trick or treating. Put the chest with the 10 items at these coordinates. This is where your “Trick or Treat” sign that dispenses items will be. If you’d like that sign to be somewhere else in the build, please provide those coordinates in the "comments" box. Staff will take it from here, setting up signs and warps in time for Halloween! Your form must be received by October 19 to allow time for staff to set up before the event begins Trick-or-Treating will take place from October 24-October 31. Please ask all questions about this event in this thread as Merga's PC is broken and she will not be on the server to provide answers.
  10. Happy Friday, ghasts and ghouls! Today we are launching another one of our Halloween themed events. This event is a just-for-fun pumpkin carving. If you were here last year... It's the same event! Hosted over on our Events server, each player gets a pumpkin and a chest full of tools and after that, what you do with your pumpkin is up to you: Make it spooky or goofy or tear down your pumpkin to build a house. There are no prizes for this event, it's simply a small and festive thing for you to do. I can't wait to see what you all come up with! When will the event begin? Around 5pm EST, Friday, October 21 I can't break any of the pumpkins! Please notify a staff member that you would like a pumpkin and then be patient. We will assign you one ASAP. I'm starving! Check the chests in the middle of the path for some goodies It's Wednesday, can I still join? As this will not be judged, you can join any time between October 21 and October 31. If you have any questions, please leave them on this forum post and I will do my best to answer them promptly.
  11. Hey there! I'm CheckMiner, you may have seen me on, I had this game show idea. So basically, its a game show! Mail me on the SMP under CheckMiner. I'll need builders and some people to help me plan. Thanks! BYYYYEEE! P.S. Im awesome
  12. Event details As a celebration for Diversity's Birthday Red and I have created the OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY FIREWORK DISPLAY!!!! Containing a hell of a lot of fireworks (I haven't counted) it will be a fun event for all to watch! BUT BE WARNED, this is a ONE OFF EVENT - There will only be ONE Display at 4PM UTC!!! REMEMBER 4PM UTC http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Diversity+Fireworks&iso=20160515T16&p1=136&am=15 BE THERE!!! Organized & built by mutleymuffin
  13. HELP!! The bakery we hired to cater our birthday party was shut down by creepers and now we have dozens of cakes to make, no time, and nearly no ingredients. We’re looking for teams of accomplished bakers to give us a hand as we RACE to fill our tables with cakes. Join us this weekend at 4:00pm UTC to join in this exciting event! - Mutleymuffin's fireworks display ends at 3:15pm UTC Players will be randomly assigned a team and be provided with a uniform and some limited supplies. From there, it’s up to each team to make the most cakes with the resources provided. Teams may only use their own resources – that means they can only use their kitchen and the items found in the chests marked with their team colours. Any player who takes from another team’s chests will be immediately disqualified. Discord channels will be set up for each team so you can coordinate with one another.
  14. For DiversitySMP’s birthday we are flinging open our doors and inviting you to come and explore. 16 players have signed up to allow the community to visit their homes and farms and now you can. Warps to each home are set up at the Event Museum. Notes for during the event: 1. Any player who is caught griefing or stealing during this event will be permanently banned from DiversitySMP. There will be no appeals. We are opening our homes and trusting you and if that trust is abused you clearly are not interested in being part of the community. 2. Please respect player’s spaces and go home when you are done. If you are looking for a new place to build use the Wilds warp and do not set out from someone else’s home. *New - April 27* Any builds found will be permanently deleted. No backups of the build or chests will be made and no further warning will be given. 3. Staff understands that due to the nature of this event there will inevitably be issues that arise. We ask that you submit any problems through the forums by group message to Merga and Bucky so that they can investigate and determine the best course of action to resolve the situation. We ask for your patience as this event is being managed by only the Events Team and not every staff member.
  15. until
    For more information and sign-ups
  16. TwoDog

    Two's Events!

    Last night, I decided to hold 'Two's Event'. Or the 'Doggy Olympics' take your pic . The events consisted of multiple mini-games played around the main SMP server. Personally I had a very enjoyable night, And I hope everyone who partook did too! Below will be a quick summary of what happened throughout the night, and the overall standings of the competitors! Hide and Seek The First game we held was, Hide and Seek! We played this around /warp hub, many of the competitors managing to find amazing hiding spaces within this open area. The first lot of seekers where Mutleymuffin, Sneakyvampz, LaserElite and Nedcliffe. They managed to find everyone but DarkMonolith. Meaning Dark won the first round! In the second round, We had DarkMonolith, GeorgeXHD and Myself as the seekers. We managed to find everyone, Finding MutleyMuffin and LaserElite at the same time, Making them Conjoined winners of the second round! Boat Racing The second game we held was a few rounds of boat racing at BlueStoneHD's Course! We did it in two heats, followed by a final against the two winners. In the first heat, We had GeorgeXHD, Redstoned, Laser and BotlaneMadnessYT competing. It was a rough start for most of the competitors with Botlane managing to take an early lead. He managed to sustain this lead throughout the race and ended out coming in first place, Followed by George and then in third, LaserElite. In the second heat, we had MutleyMuffin, SneakyVampz Ostrich and Myself. It was a close race, with the lead neck and neck between me and Mutley, Mutley managed to take the win however leaving the rest of us in his wake. In second, Was me, Followed by a third from Ostrich. That brought us to the finals, The two winners would face it out head to head to take the prize as the ultimate boat racer! It was a very close race, with Botlane continuing his luck of the early start, Mutley managed to catch up in the last leg of the race however it was too late, as Botlane finished the race in a glorious first place. Spleef! Now we move on to our third game of the event, Spleef. Within a few minutes I had managed to setup a temporary arena using slime-blocks as the floor (Thanks to @mutleymuffin's suggestion) We managed to grab a few more players into this event and ended up having a few rounds. As I recall, the winners of this game, Consisted of DarkMonolith and MutleyMuffin. It was an instense game and everyone did very well Build Battle The final game held, Was a Mini Build Battle. I gave contestants a time limit of 10 minutes to build something related to a theme that I had given them. The totally not biased at all theme that I had given them was.... 'TwoDog' Many were confused at this, and had a bit of trouble thinking of what to build at the start. BUT progress made way, Soon enough all 6 competitors were on there way working hard at their masterpiece. In the end, We had some quite incredible entries. The Judges were @mutleymuffin and myself, We both made a joint desicion that the build deserving first place was @Cherryinapie's. With her marvelous dog thing. I want to give honorable mentions to @DarkMonolith for stating the very big Truth: And with the build battle over, that brought a close to Two's Events. I want to thank everyone who participated in the events for a great time, and I hope to do it again soon . All Pictures from the event will be uploaded into a member album shortly. Thanks Again for a great night, and see you all another time o/ ~TwoDog
  17. 2016 Diversity Easter Egg Hunt! Are you ready for DiversitySMP's largest holiday event ever? Get ready for our first ever server-wide Easter Egg Hunt! If you guessed that this was what we were planning, then you're all set because in order to find each egg, you'll have to work out our clues. This holiday hunt will consist of over 20 stops with unique eggs at each. At the start of the event, each contestant will be given a book with a link to our clues. These books will be dropped into a chest with your name on it at the Event Museum Prize Hall. The clues will lead you to locations with hidden eggs all over our map. Once you find the egg, click on it's sign to receive your very own Easter Egg. If you think you've found all of the eggs, put them back in your chest at the Prize Hall. When time is up for the hunt, the Event Team will tally up how many eggs each player has found and the top three winners will receive some amazing prizes. DiversitySMP's Easter Egg Hunt will begin Thursday, March 24th EST (time tbd) and end 7pm EST Monday, March 28th. All contestants will keep every egg they find and get their player skulls as well, you will NOT want to miss out on this EGGcellent opportunity! To join in, send a /mail to Merga or Bucky letting us know you'd like to be part of the hunt, we'll make certain you get your copy of the rules. Also let us know if you have any questions in the comments! We will try to answer them all. ~Merga, Bucky and the rest of the Diversity events team The Easter Egg hunt has begun! Please post any questions here so they can be added to the FAQ. This is a RACE. Once you take your book from your chest, your time starts, and it ends when you put your last egg back into the chest. Prizes: 1st: Dragon Egg 2nd: 2 Spawn Eggs, other than villagers 3rd: 2 Passive Mob Spawn Eggs, other than villagers FAQ 1. How do I join? Respond to this Forum post or /mail send Merga or /mail send Bucky3 in game 2. Where is my cluebook? Go to the Event Museum warp. Your book is in a chest with your name at the Prize Hall 3. I can't click the link? No, sorry you cannot. You'll need to copy that link into your browser to view the clues 4. Where are the clues in this document? The whole story is full of clues! Good luck. 5. How many eggs are there? More than 20 6. How do I get there? All eggs are within walking distance of a warp. You can get to each warp via either our current warp hub and/or old(QI) General reminders! Make sure your inventory is NOT full. Staff will NOT replace lost eggs. If you give your eggs away before the end of the event, you cannot get them back. Players who start searching for eggs before actually looking at the book and clues will be disqualified from winning any prizes. Players who announce in chat where an egg is AND players who tp to the player to find the egg will BOTH be disqualified and lose their chances of winning any prizes.
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