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Found 3 results

  1. We are having another exciting build competition. You are welcome to join as a team or solo. We want to see your favorite Fairy Tale or Story played out in Minecraft. This event will continue until September 6th 2019. The events server is currently running 1.14.4 so you'll need to adjust your game as needed. This will also give you a chance to show off what you can do with all the new blocks released in 1.14. please message a member of staff if you would like a plot.
  2. Hello guys and girls of Diversity! We have another Halloween themed event for you. Halloween Skin Contest Granted this has come a little late, but we thought it would be an appropriate contest for the time. Credit to Insp3ct0rMC for raising the idea, which adds to the lateness of this event. If you haven't gathered already, were looking for the top 3 Halloween themed skins. How to enter: - Make your Halloween themed skin and change your skin to this. - When on DiversitySMP remove any items of armour/elytra unless essential to your skin. - Take a screenshot of the front and back of your skin. - Press F5 to enter 3rd person view. - Post these screenshots below and you will then be entered into the contest. - The contest will run till Sunday 30th of October at 10pm UTC. Any entries after this point won't be counted. Contest Rules: - The skin doesn't have to be your own (Taken from online) - The skin must be Safe For Work, meaning: - No nudity skins - No sexually suggestive skins - No skins that may be deemed offensive - You can only enter once. If two are entered then both will be disqualified. - Only constructive criticism allowed (No ripping into people's work) Judging: - Staff will vote for their favourite skin Prizes: - All players who enter will receive a halloween version of their head (Please keep halloween skin on until you recieve your head). - The winner will get a rainbow nickname change of your choice. Last of all, good luck can't wait to see some of your skins. - LoneWolf and staff team Here's an example on entries \/
  3. hypersound

    Trap House!

    Hi! I'm gonna make a redstone trap house! If you put down all your items and go in, you can try to get to the end of the house and get the prize! I will post an update when it's finished
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