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Found 3 results

  1. HexCubed

    Unnamed country

    Hi for the last few months i have been trying to setup plans to start a multiple city area. Currently i have began construction on my primary city and have realized that it is very tedious to construct hundreds of copied houses. I am interested in seeing if people would like to become mayor of a city inside of the nearby area . If you would like to contribute and become a mayor please contact me. (all materials will be supplied excluding absurd requests example. 128 DB) requirements: build as you please (don't go overkill I am supplying materials) Make sure cities consist of at least 10 houses I hope by clustering cities together the servers' issue of quickly decaying cities will be reduced. I hope if you intend to build a city you contact me and build it within the borders of the Country. upon at least 5 cities being in the borders i will hold a vote to name the country. HexCubed_
  2. PartyPob

    Gold Port

    Gold Port! A new City! Thanks so much @BigZ @Toxic_Gem_ @Dogewaffle @GamerDuck123 @creeperslayer057 and Billy the Villager (You'd understand if you helped) I have decided to recruit members to help out the city to meet my personal dateline of the release (1/25/17) and to get this done I will need lots of help!! I will make a application to be able to join! You can also "Pre" Buy a house/plot. You can Direct MSG me if I am on the server to do that! Here is the app! If you don't apply the the application format I will not accept your application! Use this format 1. IGN 2. Have you been banned? 3. Why do you want to help? 4. What are you good at (Redstone, Building) 5. Why should I pick you? 6. Any Additional info ALSO Please Make This Application a PM to me! I don't want other players to judge Good Luck to all people! See all of you guys on the server! Pob... Out!
  3. PartyPob

    My New City

    Hey guys, Pob here. Lately I have been working very hard on the server to start my construction of my city! I think maybe in the beginning of next year it will be ready (I'll probably have enough claim blocks by then to claim it all) So why am I talking about it? Well I was here to recruit people that want to help dig out and flatten the hill and to fill in part of the ocean for a larger space! If you seem interested I am usually on around now. 9:30 in the morning (For me) and usually get on later. You can also MSG me if you want to help . Good Talking -Pob
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