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Found 10 results

  1. Christmas Events The events start December 12, 5:00 PM EST and end December 27. Parkour Me and Snow have teamed up once again to create a parkour! There are six different sections in this stage. Just like last parkour, to prove that you completed a section, you'll have to name a piece of paper your full IGN and throw it into a hopper. You can claim your prizes for participating after the event ends on smp. Prizes: 2 sections: Cookie Head 4 sections: Present Head 6 sections: Snowman Head just don't fall Build Battle The theme for t
  2. We are having another exciting build competition. You are welcome to join as a team or solo. We want to see your favorite Fairy Tale or Story played out in Minecraft. This event will continue until September 6th 2019. The events server is currently running 1.14.4 so you'll need to adjust your game as needed. This will also give you a chance to show off what you can do with all the new blocks released in 1.14. please message a member of staff if you would like a plot.
  3. HexCubed

    Unnamed country

    Hi for the last few months i have been trying to setup plans to start a multiple city area. Currently i have began construction on my primary city and have realized that it is very tedious to construct hundreds of copied houses. I am interested in seeing if people would like to become mayor of a city inside of the nearby area . If you would like to contribute and become a mayor please contact me. (all materials will be supplied excluding absurd requests example. 128 DB) requirements: build as you please (don't go overkill I am supplying materials) Make sure cities consist
  4. HexCubed


    This summer has been a little boring on Diversity, so I have decided to kick it up a notch with weekly Build battles every Saturday (whole day eastern standard time). some of you may know i did this previously 4 times and I have decided that now I am on the server more i will be hosting them again. THIS WEEKS THEME: Futuristic Helpers would be greatly appreciated Prizes will be as follows 1st 32 DiamondBlocks 2nd 16 DiamondBlocks 3rd 8 DiamondBlocks Admissio
  5. Building alone is great and all, but I was thinking it would be nice to invite some other people on and build something awesome together. After all, the most fun that I and probably most of you have had on this server has been doing stuff with other people. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to see what you guys like to build. I don’t want to be the leader of this project, but I do have a location in mind. For quite a few hours, me and some others have worked to terraform a very large island. I really love building on islands and I think it will be easier to plan a layout for the design o
  6. Ladies, Gentlemen and all the people who play on diversity every weekend I (Pyrotechnik) will be hosting a event either build battle or a mini game weekend! every other weekend I will host a build competition to participate you will have to join at least 3 days before the event. There is no admission and anyone can join the theme will be picked at the end of the previous event and will be posted in various locations. ( including my shop #904) Builds will be judged based on which build fits the theme has the best appearance REWARDS (If the votes add up to be a tie the rewar
  7. Ki Build showcase Hello, I have decided to put on a build showcase at KI (Knights Island) This will be a place where people can build cool things that other players will be able to see/experience. All plots are 20x 17 Rules All builds MUST be well lit Builds MUST look good THIS IS NOT A TOWN, so do not build all your personal stuff here, All other server rules apply here, as well as KI rules. Please /mail knightman or just give me a shout on the server if you want a plot to build on pics below.
  8. You may be thinking “hey, it’s a little early for Halloween, Canadian Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet!” and you’re right, it is early for Halloween but we wanted to give you all the time you need to plan. This year, the Diversity community is going trick-or-treating and it’s up to you whether visitors to your home get a trick, a treat, or something good to eat. So how is this going to work? Build a Halloween themed display at your base or somewhere in the wilds. Whatever you want to build; big or small, spooky or sweet. Remember to claim your space. Decide on
  9. Am I A Good Builder? Wait.. Whys @Dan203 Here?
  10. SteelyEyed


    Why is self assembly furniture always a bitch to assemble but satisfying once completed? Do we love it and hate it in equal measure? While assembling two drawer units yesterday I put the sides on upside down on the second unit so the drawers didn't fit and shredded the knockdown connectors in the process of fixing that. I thought to myself this is like a build with lots of glass without silk touch... Any other Minecraft analogies to slip into casual conversation?
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