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Found 20 results

  1. I'm One Year closer to dying! (yay?)
  2. pewch

    pewch's birthday !

    its my birthday so uu know what up
  3. TwoDog

    TwoDog's Birthday!

    Two's Birthday!
  4. Merga

    Birthday Cake Race

    Prizes from Round #1, #2, and #3 are at the Prize Hall (Event Museum Warp) Last year, the Diversity Bakery was destroyed by creepers and we asked you to help us bake cakes for Diversity’s birthday. Everyone was so helpful that we just didn’t rebuild but now it’s our birthday again and we need more cakes! So, we’re running the Cake Race again. Here’s how it will go: Two teams of five players (10 total) will race to bake as many cakes as they can and get them to the table. Whichever team has the most cakes on their table at the end of 20 minutes or who fills their table first in that amount of time, wins! Day and Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Round #1 - 7:00pm UTC - Hosted by Loubeedoo and SteelyEyed Round #2 - 10:00pm UTC - Hosted by Merga click links to see your local time Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! Team assignment: Teams will be fully randomized before the start of the race unless... If you, as players, are able to put together two teams of 5 to play against one another, we will allow pre-made teams. This must be a unanimous decision. We strongly recommend that you use Discord to coordinate with your teams, even if you're only able to listen in. Keep in mind that if you choose not to communicate with your team or to go off and do your own thing (like building a new house or seeing how far down you can dig...), you are letting your team down and putting them at a disadvantage. Each team will be given: - Uniforms - Tools - Weapons (PvP is off, these are for the mobs that will spawn - no one said this would be a cake walk) - Marked chests with equipment (if you take from the other team’s chest you WILL be disqualified) - A space in the kitchen for your team to use and store things Shared resources: - The field - Cakes need wheat, you don’t have any of that for yourself - You will be getting hungry, so along with making cakes you’ll want to make sure your team is well fed - The chickens (and their eggs) - Bessie (the cow) Prizes: - All participants will be given their player head, a special edition birthday head, some cake, and team-coloured blocks - The winning team will also receive payment for their hard work, in emeralds, and fireworks so that they can celebrate Prizes will be placed at the Prize Hall at the Event Museum in SMP by the weekend. I will announce it here when they are ready. Please read the full set of rules and information before joining the event. If you have any questions, ask them here! When you land at the event location everyone will be locked in a relatively small space, sorry about the tight quarters! There is a box of cookies in there for if/when you get hungry while waiting for the race to begin. You may not have these in your inventory during the race. Please be patient with SteelyEyed and Loubeedoo or me as we get started. Most of the questions you may have can be answered here, spamming chat with your questions will only delay the start of the event. Before leaving the landing area, hit the sign to clear your inventory. One-by-one you will come forward to be assigned your team and get your uniform. As soon as everyone is in uniform the fence between the set-up area and race space will open and the race officially begins! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Due to the frantic nature of running events, if an organizer asks you to do something or reminds you of a rule, please do what’s asked of you rather than arguing. There is a time-out space for disqualified players and we’d hate to see you removed from the event over something silly.
  5. until
    The day upon which YamesonToast was born, many years ago.
  6. Luci and Tuff were born on the same day, but not the same year.
  7. Hqappy Birthday to my best friend St1les!! <33
  8. I am Turning Eleven!
  9. Self-explanatory, really. I'll probably do nothing that day.
  10. I am 12 yayyyyy
  11. until
    Welp, October 25th is my birthday. That's pretty neat.
  12. until
    I am going to be 15
  13. My birthday!!!
  14. until
  15. PartyPob

    Pob's Birthday! :)

    Guesssssss Whatttttt! It's Pob's Birthday!
  16. One year closer to death, YAY!
  17. HELP!! The bakery we hired to cater our birthday party was shut down by creepers and now we have dozens of cakes to make, no time, and nearly no ingredients. We’re looking for teams of accomplished bakers to give us a hand as we RACE to fill our tables with cakes. Join us this weekend at 4:00pm UTC to join in this exciting event! - Mutleymuffin's fireworks display ends at 3:15pm UTC Players will be randomly assigned a team and be provided with a uniform and some limited supplies. From there, it’s up to each team to make the most cakes with the resources provided. Teams may only use their own resources – that means they can only use their kitchen and the items found in the chests marked with their team colours. Any player who takes from another team’s chests will be immediately disqualified. Discord channels will be set up for each team so you can coordinate with one another.
  18. For DiversitySMP’s birthday we are flinging open our doors and inviting you to come and explore. 16 players have signed up to allow the community to visit their homes and farms and now you can. Warps to each home are set up at the Event Museum. Notes for during the event: 1. Any player who is caught griefing or stealing during this event will be permanently banned from DiversitySMP. There will be no appeals. We are opening our homes and trusting you and if that trust is abused you clearly are not interested in being part of the community. 2. Please respect player’s spaces and go home when you are done. If you are looking for a new place to build use the Wilds warp and do not set out from someone else’s home. *New - April 27* Any builds found will be permanently deleted. No backups of the build or chests will be made and no further warning will be given. 3. Staff understands that due to the nature of this event there will inevitably be issues that arise. We ask that you submit any problems through the forums by group message to Merga and Bucky so that they can investigate and determine the best course of action to resolve the situation. We ask for your patience as this event is being managed by only the Events Team and not every staff member.
  19. Redst0ned

    Red's Birthday!

    It's my birthday!!
  20. Monthly Update: April 2016 Oresome Edition Greetings from the staff team! This month we have a few exciting things to update you all on - including changes to everyone's favourite Ores world! Here's this month's list of updates: Addition of Ores Nether & End worlds AutoRank across servers Sky world to be transferred to its own server Teleporting with horses Vanilla server rules Ban appeals now viewable by everyone Forum reputation system expectations Diversity's 2nd birthday is around the corner! Addition of Ores Nether & End worlds Something I'm sure all you quartz addicts will love. We now have Nether and End worlds attached to the Ores world. The Ores Nether world is customized, just like the Ores Overworld, so you can bet you'll find plenty of quartz ore there! There is also random patches of nether wart among the soul sand which I'm sure some of you will find helpful. Another custom addition are the random blocks of obsidian pillars sitting around everywhere, I don't really expect these to be a main source of obsidian but I think they're a neat addition to the Nether environment. Please note that while there are Nether fortresses everywhere, you will not find the usual mobs that patrol the area. If I do ever figure out how to spawn them in, you can trust they'll be harder than ever Just be glad I haven't made the pigmen constantly aggro, wouldn't that just suck? The Ores End world is not custom (I don't think it's possible to customize the End), in fact, it is very much the same as a vanilla End world, with Endermen everywhere and even a dragon! Though, you'll have to be quick to defeat the dragon as the world resets every week. Keep in mind that the Endermen spawning here will not affect our Enderman farms as they are located in separate worlds. Both of the new Ores worlds will be reset along with the regular Ores world at the end of every week. I have set up an automated script to help the admins with doing this, so keep an eye out for those reset messages! AutoRank across servers We know how much you guys love to gain time towards your ranks, so we have started enabling AutoRank on servers other than SMP. We plan to have at least the SMP, Creative & Sky servers all running AutoRank. Currently only the Creative server has AutoRank enabled (Sky is not on its own server yet, more about that later). As for Vanilla, we're not too sure whether the Vanilla server should have it or not. Please make sure you vote on our poll and have your say about AutoRank on Vanilla because in the end, it's you guys that get to decide! Sky world to be transferred to its own server In an effort to reduce strain on the SMP server, the Sky world will be transferred to its own server some time this month. Currently we have an issue where player inventories sometimes (rarely) get wiped when moving between the SMP & Sky worlds, so removing Sky from the SMP server is our solution to that problem. The Sky server will be just like normal, except you won't be able to simply use the /is command from any SMP world, you'll have to do /server skyblock first. AutoRank time and chat should be cross-server as well. Teleporting with horses I am happy to announce that teleporting with horses is now possible! You can teleport with a horse by using the /home or /warp commands. Staff are also able to teleport a horse to any location by request. Please note there are a few bugs with horse teleports. If you would like a horse to be teleported, you must understand the following: There is no guarantee your horse will teleport with you Your horse may be lost in space and time (ie. disappear) Staff do not take any responsibility for whatever happens to your horse if it is lost Staff will not replace a lost horse It is recommended to add gear and a name to a horse AFTER it had been teleported If you do have any issues, please let them be known but just keep in mind the above Vanilla server rules While our Vanilla server doesn't currently have a set of rules, things have gotten a little out of hand with players stealing and griefing other players. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR! We will be working on creating a set of rules for the Vanilla server and appointing moderators to keep things in line. In the meantime, if we do catch anyone who is up to no good, they will be banned - no questions asked. Please respect each other when playing on Diversity, regardless of which server you are on. Ban appeals now viewable by everyone After some staff discussion about ban appeals, we have decided to let everyone view them. We'd prefer to be transparent in the way that we deal with players who have been banned. So you are welcome to view the Ban Appeals forum and read through each thread as desired. However, notice the red text at the top of the forum? That's a warning to anyone who thinks they can butt in to any thread without permission. We do not want anyone other than the appealer and staff to comment on any ban appeal. If anyone does comment on a thread that they shouldn't be a part of, we will look into disciplinary action (possibly a temporary forum ban). Forum reputation system expectations A lot of you have been actively using the forum's reputation system to "like" other people's content. This is great! It really helps distinguish the best content from the others... Except, there are concerns that people are abusing this system in order to gain more likes than others. PLEASE DO NOT SOLICIT LIKES BY ASKING OTHER PEOPLE TO LIKE YOUR CONTENT! It is not an honest representation of the reputation system and if we out someone is doing this, it may even affect their staff applications in the future. Note that we have the option to completely turn off the reputation system if it gets too out of hand. So use it the way it is supposed to be used and do not ruin this feature for everyone else. Diversity's 2nd birthday is around the corner! To finish this update up on a more positive note, Diversity will be turning 2 on May 10th! We have a few events planned for the birthday week, so keep an eye out for any event announcements that may be coming out soon One thing I'd like to mention - I really want to get an epic birthday selfie with all of you in it, hopefully we can get about 50 people all in on the one shot. I think it would be a really awesome birthday present I'll let you all know when & where this will take place. That's all folks! from Turbo & the Diversity staff team
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