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Found 2 results

  1. Impling

    New Textures

    Gotta say i love the new textures! Hope they keep it this way.
  2. 1/4/2016 - April Fools Day The server decided to change everyone to level 1 - predictably, not everyone got the joke After 10 hrs on the server today, I caught a few people who really didn't quite get it! ENJOY!!!! 1. Pi decided to end it before it really began 2. TwoDog and I having fun keeping it quiet 3. This guy really didn't realise it's April Fools 4. I'm still not sure if they quite understand the fact it's April Fools... 5 & 6. Someone decided to ruin our fun and spoil the joke Hope you had a fun April Fools day! Don't forget to laugh at the fails but remember don't be mean/rude! LEAVE YOUR OWN IF YOU HAVE ANYMORE!!!!
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