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  1. I thought of doing this cause no one loves me and I'm so lonely. Lets go back to the past... Now tbh I had the shortest one yet because I only joined 2 days before 2016 so I guess meeting all my first friends and how much they change then what they were back then. Also I miss the old /warp hub.
  2. AH FUCK ITS MIDNIGHT AND IM SLEEPY AF BUT HEY WHY NOT UPLOAD ANOTHER DAMN TOPIC? From the least to our favorite, what's your favorite mob? It's either a sheep or a rabbit for me
  3. So if you were to be another person for 1 day, who would it be? (Such a weird question) For Staff: Probably Kilka or LoneWolf For Regular Players: Either Vryx or Mut
  4. So if you actually never notice, I had to post this at 12AM PST because due to the fun fact that the last person we knew that lived in Alaska was last seen almost a year ago. That leaves PST as the last Diversity Time Zone So yea, memories pass by a lot and it's not long til my 1st Anniversary and 14th Birthday. I got lots of good questions to ask so prepare yourselves. Oh and to answer this damn question, I remembered that I never knew that there was a random tp (a.k.a the wilds warp) and had to travel around 6000 blocks just to settle an area for my base. And when I knew there was,
  5. notice me senpai Okay. uh. So... It's a Dany Topic. YAY! We are just about 1 month away from Diversity's 3rd Anniversary (dang, we're old AF) and to prepare for the hype on this milestone... Lets describe Diversity in 3 words So for those 3 words to describe it... It's very obvious. Best. Server. Ever.
  6. I like school... So what would you teach? For me either Math, Art, or different languages.
  7. Now don't you just love it when you listen to your parents speak another language and don't understand it? Yea, I know the feels. Life is full of Diverse languages so I shall ask this because no one loves me, also its Monday so I owe the forum one. As a guy that understands/speaks 9 languages, my options are running out so... Malay, Afrikaans, Mandarin Chinese, and maybe Russian. Topic next week. Don't worry
  8. Now to all those normees out there who don't know what is this. Basically you try to create a sentence using the first letter of some list in an order. Got it? If no, then search it up because I'm absolutely terrible at explaining. Anyways... Here's an example I did with the Electromagnetic Spectrum. RMIVUXG: Real Men Insist Very Useful Xylophone Games.
  9. This is probably a dumb thing to talk about but I just love saying Would you Rather questions. So I thought of this! Reply the best Would you Rather question you can think of.
  10. Well. Why not \o/ My mom obviously fits that spot. No one else can pass her. Next Dany Topic: February 24
  11. So hi random people of this amazing forum. I decide this from the inspiration of UchunoNeko in her topic of Favorite Staff member in the Old Forums. So here is this, who are the people you like on Diversity and if not, WHY do you like them (hope that none of them will some sort of inappropriate one). And PLEASE respect their post. HAVE FUN TALKING
  12. Ahhh... Valentines day... The one holiday that too many people love and try run away from... So yea, what's your favorite thing about it? I don't mind getting chocolate but I'm allergic to it. At least I get a hug from somebody \o/ Next Dany Topic: Probably February 20
  13. A long day has happened for me and I was watching this anime that gave me the inspiration for this question. Enjoy I would really go back to my first days when I joined Diversity. It was a fun time meeting everyone. Seeing my Grandpa's death last year. I never made it to his funeral cuz I was 11,200 kilometers from him here in LA. I feel incredibly guilty for missing it. Seeing my mom. I last saw her 6 months ago and I only visit her on the Summer vacation. I would be glad to see her again. Next Dany Topic: February 13
  14. I want to post this early cuz you know school these days... Now lots of us have died in MC in really weird ways (unless you're that one guy who's trying not to die and has 0 deaths) which makes me wonder, what kind of interesting deaths do you have? Randomly being blown into air 3 times by creepers then a skelly forcing me to use my elytra at half a heart which then made me ran into a wall (with loosing all my stuff). Next Dany Topic: Hopefully next week
  15. So yea... I should really think of something more better but this is all I got. Anyways this topic is gonna make me a meme. I got 26 nicknames from both in real life and MC that I will allow out of 43 total. Lots of people call me these 24: Dan, Danster, Nade, Delp, DibbyDabbyDanny, DanTheManWithThePlan, Hugger Bugger Daniel, Definitely Annoying Name, Huggable Snuggable Daniel, Dannbles, Niel (pronounced "Nell"), Dappy, dmaster, Daniboobs, AniDan, SpookyScaryDan, HollyJollyDany, Dian, Danypoo, Dan-Dan, 203, DanTheGr8, Kilka's Twin, and Bassy Dany. If you are just stupid to
  16. Eh. Very interesting year on Diversity. My favorite thing about Diversity this year is the chat. Next Dany Topic: January 8
  17. Probably still part of Diversity thinking of some wacky build. Next Dany Topic: January 16, 12,017
  18. Now this is one I just have to rethink myself about for like a while so yea. Anyone similar to you in anyway like personality, voice, attitude, etc? Similar to this random dude named @Agustas in behavior And probably @AntarcticRuler or @KIlkAAAA when it comes to our voices. Next Dany Topic Release: December 23
  19. So hey! This is gonna be my 5th last Dany Topic (OF 2016) and I decide to make this one simple. And my favorite block is the Lapis Block. Next Dany Topic will be released tomorrow, HAVE FUN!
  20. Hai guys. Here goes another topic. I really have changed a lot since I first joined Diversity. Probably one is becoming more annoying and funny. Next Dany Topic release will also be tomorrow
  21. Not trying to be rude here. Just asking. Time to get serious. Now we all had a very long year (more like short for some) and many of us had to come and go. But for some, they leave a reason. What would be yours? To be honest, it's mainly 2 things. One is just getting bored of MC itself. Second is school. Next Dany Topic: Dan's First Anniversary on the server (Dec. 30) or tomorrow
  22. Same thing as my last topic, I'm just asking. EHH. To be honest I'm literally becoming the most annoying person on forums but always fall behind Mut so I guess some things I can be remembered are "Second Most Annoying" or probably "Being friends with 90% players" Final Dany Topic of 2016: Tomorrow (obviously)
  23. EHHH. Finished school and plan to play lots of sports throughout the break. So that asks me, what's your favorite sport? Fun Fact: This was a question when I did the QOTD back then. So yea, tennis anyone?
  24. It's Christmas and lots of us are enjoying a heck of a time. So what's your favorite thing about Christmas? Apart from presents, it has to be spending time with my family Next Dany Topic: December 27
  25. I was bored so I made a topic a "Dany Topic" it is @Panther's nicknames the first one that came into my mined was Banther Now you get to choose any nick that you think apply to him and post them here
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