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Found 25 results

  1. Hello ask me anything!
  2. Hola folks! I did a fair few introduction/AMA posts, but I reckon it may be time for another one, since many of you either don't know me at all or have barely seen me back in the day. To start this off, you can check out my previous AMA. There's also my Introduction from many years ago, so forgive me for the contents. Obligatory 'copy n paste' from that Intro. "I have been avoiding this thread for several weeks or even months just because I do not know what to write, lmao. Like Cherry once said "I'd probably write something dopey like aye, iz cheri I like animus and vodka yayaya". So get fucking rdy, k?" Anyhow, as I said, I suppose a little update is overdue: As you probably could have guessed, I am no longer 16. In fact am soon to be 21 and I do not want to think that time is flying at this rate, so I will end this sentence here. No longer am I spending my days in Denmark, I have now moved on to live in the big city of London. It is a wonderful place to be and I can't recommend it enough, at least for a trip. As for the 'must see' places, I definitely suggest a trip to Canary Wharf, Greenwich and Greenwich University grounds in particular, as well as all of your central London touristy spots. I still have no clue about redstone. I would like to think that I got a little better at building. With all of that said I actively follow a fair few Minecraft Youtubers, ranging from technical guys, such as ilmango, to more relaxed fun gameplay like many of the Hermitcraft participants. I like Etho, Doc and Beef in particular. I also enjoy following Xisuma and a few others occasionally. I really miss a lot of the old players that eventually stopped playing on the server and I really hope to see them come back one day. I have met players from all over the world, that became my friends thanks to Diversity and that's what I really appreciate about this server. I suppose, I owe a a big thank you to Zoredache and Turbotailz for making this possible. It has been a blast and I hope I will make more friends in the coming years. Other games: I still play Counter Strike, I have been playing that game since I was barely 10 years old, so pretty much half of my life invested. It is an obscene amount of hours but I still love it. My computer is much more powerful, than it was back in the day and I can pretty much play any game I want. Funnily enough I still play only two games, despite having a big Steam library. Lately, I have been exploring other stuff, such as Assasins Creed on PS4, or Wolfenstein. I follow a lot of walkthrough Youtubers, so I somehow prefer to watch them complete a game, rather than playing myself. I guess it is a habit from back in the day. I've now abandoned most sports in favour of gym, nothing crazy but I stay consistent in order to stay fit - simple. When I have the opportunity I like to play tennis and/or table tennis. As for life outside of games, I work within the Football industry. Mostly freelance media activity. More often than not I do stuff for UEFA, which allows me to travel around Europe free of charge and I love it. Football has really been an integral part of my life as far as I can remember and I hope to grow as a professional in this field, wherever the journey takes me. There's plenty more to talk about and I could go on forever, but this will turn into a fucking essay if I keep going Feel free to ask questions, laugh at my old intro, post your stories with me or do whatever you would like to do, down in the comment section. Much love, say hi next time you're online -Kilk
  3. Hiya! My name is Lavender, my pronouns are she/hers. I'm not too good at introductions. I play music, I guess. Feel free to ask me anything!
  4. Hello! I'm Alex and if it isn't obvious enough, I'm very gay. I'm 13 currently and I live in Maine. I enjoy music and my favorite artist right now is Alec Benjamin (his songs are really good, go check them out!). I also enjoy gaming and a few games I really like are Minecraft (obviously), Sims 3 & 4, Don't Starve Together, Slime Rancher, and many more! Also I love reading. The book I'm currently reading is the 4th book in the Red Queen series and its a wonderful series that you should check out if you love fantasy books! Other series I love are The Land of Stories and Foxcraft. Some other things I enjoy are drawing, Netflix, staying up late, and uhhh that's all I can think of right now. Though some days I'll play for 10 hours and some days I'll barely play for 1 hour I'm not leaving any time soon unless I have to. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to just start chatting to me on Discord or in game, I'll happily be your friend! Also I try not to be annoying, so sorry if I am. I don't mean to, really. Feel free to ask me anything you want!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm Camaryn and I've just joined this server today. I'm a 21 y/o college student aiming for a major in social work. I've had Minecraft since 2012 but never actually played on a server until now mainly because of shyness. So hopefully this goes well. In terms of hobbies, I read a truckload and play a lot of video games. Stuff like The Elder Scrolls, the Geneforge Saga, and Starbound. Building and decorating in games are my cup o' tea too. Outside of that, I enjoy cooking and hiking, and someday hope to combine the two to create the ultimate culinary delight. That's all I can think to say at the moment, so feel free to ask away.
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm one of those older guys (30+) and I love ... wait for it ... you'll never guess what ... Jazz! Music is a big part of my life and I have a weak spot for poetry too. It might be noteworthy that I'm not a native english speaker, so if I'm ignoring your insults, chances are that I just didn't understand them. I have been playing MC since the early versions, but from time to time I'm taking a brake. That being said, you may treat this thread as an AMA. I'll answer *cough* everything.
  7. Hey all, My name is Keegan Frankevic, but those of you that know me, probably know me as MarcSpector. I am 21 years old, and live in Cincinnati, OH. I live right next to the University of Cincinnati, with my 6 roommates. I have played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer at some point in my life, though my athletic days are far gone at this point. I still have a large interest in football and baseball, as well as some interest in hockey, and basketball. If anyone cares, I am a huge Ohio State football fan, as well as a Cleveland Indians/Browns/Cavs fan. As far as video games go, I enjoy a plethora of games. I probably play CounterStrike: Global Offensive and Overwatch the most. If you are interested in what games I play/ what games I have, my steam profile is http://steamcommunity.com/id/keegafrank. Thats all I really have for this, so if anyone has questions for me, ask away!
  8. Hi, I'm Thomas, or St1les! Ask me questions and I might answer. :))
  9. Hey! My IGN is ItsNotGordon, but despite that, my real name is Gordon. (Wow what a surprise.) I'm a 16 year old XY chromosomed human being. Right now, as of typing this, I'm being very extra. I'm usually easily triggered, cringe at everything, and will shut people up really quickly. However, I'm determined to change my attitude by playing on this server. As a side note, I cuss a lot, so I'll try to restrict myself, but no promises. Here's a really long backstory. This is the history of me gaming. I started gaming when I was 5. My first computer game was Maplestory, a MMORPG. This was 2005, and it had just released from beta. 2005 and 2006 were considered the prime time of Maplestory. I kept grinding on that for 5 more years until I found a new game: Roblox. Roblox kept me alive. It introduced many game modes; the most important one to me was Sandbox. The next game I played was Minecraft. I first saw it on a phone in 7th grade. Of course my friend let me try it and I feel in love. I downloaded a free pirated version and played that for about 2 years. I switched between Roblox and Minecraft during 7th grade and 8th grade. Then, at the end of 8th grade, I bought a premium/legitimate Minecraft account. During this time, my cousin gifted me CSGO. For a while, I drifted from server to server until I found a small but tight-knitted community that ran a SMP server. After half of year of playing on that server, I started to drift away from Minecraft and more into CSGO. I was good at it. Not only that, but I was great at it. What helped me was my cocky attitude. If I was playing against anyone, I would win. Whenever I lost, it wasn't because my team was bad, it was always because I couldn't carry hard enough. Ever since 9th grade and up, it's been CSGO and maybe Minecraft over the summer. Now, as a junior, things are becoming stressful. The best way for me to relieve that stress is by nostalgia, which is why I decided to play Minecraft again. Anyways, onto more things in real life. I am a Junior at high school. My classes are AP Language and Composition, AP Physics 1, Ceramics, AP Chinese, Precalc Honors (This class is harder than AP Calc AB because of the teacher, but there isn't AP Precalc), and Acadec/Tennis. Acadec was my first semester class and Tennis is my second. As for my hobbies, I really love tennis. The fast-paced game, the built-up tension, adrenaline pumping your legs, the way you hit the ball and become one as you swing. Next thing you know, the opponent is flat on their ass and you've won the game. There are no other feelings like it (unless it's another sport ). CSGO is a big one. I recently joined a team, so tournaments will be fun. Hiking is great. The scenery is beautiful, and air feels pure, and it's just hours of talking with your friends until they get tired of your shit. For music, I had many phases. The biggest ones were EDM (primarily trap, house and any sub genres under them), and, currently, K-Pop. Actually I don't listen to all K-Pop groups; I listen to one group only. As for my Minecraft credentials and stuff, I've been playing since 2012. Before I went to CSGO, I was an aspiring redstone user. Not going to lie, but I was pretty good too. However, it all went away when I stopped playing. The biggest skill I have is trivia and priority, which when use together is incredibily helpful for survival. UHC and SMP are my favorite because they are easy. Anyways, that's it for now. If you guys have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them!
  10. Hi! Just feel like starting an AMA and hoping I get asked a few questions! To answer a few simple questions, I'm 13, I like loads of stuff, and I'm rather random. I absolutely love puns, even though I did help a user with his anti pun base. (I helped him for the sake of helping, I am still on the side of puns! Maybe I should have put a sign with a pun on it in there...) And yes, I put "another hyper-esque topic" as a tag. Dan, you may sue me for 5 diamond blocks on SMP.
  11. Hi! I'm Rocketbulldog. I've been playing mc for a few years single player but this will be my first time in SMP. I hope to see you all around! Feel free to ama.
  12. Boring Introduction meant to make you like me more : When I was a wee little 12 year old I wanted to get back into Minecraft, I loved multiplayer and loved SMP's. I searched for about 30 minutes and found Diversity SMP. Since that date, July 11, 2016, I have fallen in love with the server and more so the community. Eventually I evolved to use a magical tool called 'the forums'. Thats why for the benefits of my reputation I decided to jump on the AMA (ask me anything) trend where you ask me questions. Ask anything you wish and I'll reply eventually. Also hi Dan, I know you're going to see this
  13. Hey all! My name is Tournite! Or you can call me Jake Let me just say, I LOVE this server! I joined a couple days ago, and I am currently on level two. Already I am strong with resources and a growing base. Not only do I love the gameplay of Diversity, but I love the community. The people and staff are so welcoming by greeting me every time I come on. I LOVE DIVERSITY. I feel so welcome and it is amazing to see all of you every time I get on. I love seeing the same people on and new ones joining this amazing and addicting experience. Now here are some facts about me! (Feel free to ask me questions below so you can know more about me! I love new people) I am sixteen years old I am usually on from 4-10 PM EST (But during holiday breaks i.e. Christmas or Thanksgiving I am on anytime during the day) If you see Tournite on the server, make sure to say hello! I'm friendly and will help with anything you need. I will help with anything you need. Just message me! I have two YouTube Channels, one with about 1,000 subs and the other with 200. (I might post some Diversity stuff on their soon.) I can't wait to meet all of you! So make sure to say hi to me and comment below any questions! I'm online a lot so make sure to say "Hi Tournite!"
  14. I totally missed this train but better late than never am I right! So ask away! I'm open to all questions Ps. Fav food is popsicles Pps. Don't test me, yes they do count as food.
  15. Jumping on the Ask Me Anything bandwagon, I'm going to let you lot ask me any question you like
  16. Well, I guess I shouldn't be the only one! Fire away!
  17. Hello. Is this an AMA? Don't really know... Anyway, enjoy you day!
  18. Hey guys, Shadow Surge here, I decided it was past time I introduce myself. So..... Hi. I'm Shadow. I enjoy the survival aspect of Minecraft and team builds. I don't even mind going mining for hours for ores or simply to clean out an area for a build. So far, it has been a pleasure to be on Diversity SMP and I am sure it will remain so. p.s. It is perhaps worth noting that while my MC username is Shadow_Surge2015, anywhere else you run into me, it's more likely to be The Cactus Kid. p.p.s. AMA
  19. Feel free to ask me anything you want. I will try to post as much and quick as possible.
  20. Hi i'm Ryois ask me anything. Watch my Let's Play Series on my YouTube channel. Click Here Bye, -Ryois
  21. Panther110- Quick Facts Joined the server 1 and a half week ago Love to build and Xplore My B Day was Yesterday and I have a town w/ 9 People Letting people join -------------------------------------- Ask Me Anything
  22. This and any replies to this will be my only posts. If any other posts are found, it probably means I was cloned or something crazy, only exception is M/D/Y -- 9/1/9. 7/7/93-12/23/12. #B47ANCE. Alright, ask away
  23. Time for me to hop on the AMA Train. Go ahead and ask me any stuffings you want. EDIT: POST #400 PEOPLE! WOOO
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