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    • ~Player has decided they no longer want a warp.
    • 1.) my ingame username is FTPchungus 2.) I was banned for stealing items in the vanilla server(I was new to vanilla and was not aware I was stealing, i mostly played on smp) 3.) I want to be unbanned because I was new to vanilla and didnt know i was stealing and i want to play smp with Trevor, Eli, and Eliot who are my good friends.   -sincerely, FTPchungus
    • Thank you for your submission we will review it and let you know in a few days.
    • So the paintball is for personal use? we are currently reviewing your build and will let you know shortly
    • With the recent completion of my new fortress, I've decided put its expansive halls to good use! Paintball (sorta) is a game where twelve players are released into the fortress, either alone or in teams. The objective isn't to kill your opponent, but to hit them with a spectral arrow, marking them with a white outline. If you get glowed, you're out, no ifs, ands, or buts. (Friendly fire is an exception though) Players start at the entrance with only food, a bow and a stone sword (the sword is only for killing any errant mobs that may appear in the halls, it happens occasionally). Ammunition is not included. Instead, spectral arrows, shields, and other goodies are scattered about the fortress in wooden barrels (no other containers contain any items). Better get exploring before someone else finds the instakill! The event will have two portions, free-for-all and teams. The first two rounds will be free-for-all, with the winner receiving 20db. The next three will be 6v6, red vs. blue, with the winning team each receiving 3db OR a max-enchanted multishot crossbow regardless of whether or not they were eliminated. Currently the event is slated to occur on Saturday, August 24, at 16:00EST. If you want to participate, please comment below! One person can sign up for two rounds. When commenting, include what round number you want, and, if applicable, which team. It doesn't cost anything to play! SCHEDULE (This will be updated as people sign up!) RULES 1. The sword is for mobs only! You're not trying to kill your opponent, just make them shine! Mobs occasionally sneak into the halls through the roof, and you need a way to defend yourself. 2. Bring nothing! Not even food (food will be provided) The whole point of the game is to search through barrels for the means to eliminate your opponents! 3. If you've been glowed (by an enemy) you're out! Go home! It's really obvious that you're glowing, so you can't really argue that someone actually missed (plus there's an arrow in your player model!)
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