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  1. Hello I have been currently banned permanently from the Diversity server, according to the reason, I have been banned for speed hacking. I wasn't banned for griefing, or killing other players, the message also stated that I can join the server once again if I delete my hacked client. I have already this and conducted this action and am notifying the administrators about it. I realized that I was in the complete wrong. I am sorry for hacking and promise to never do it again. Your server is unlike any other and is so friendly and amazing, this is why I want to join this community again. I have never harmed other player, used X-ray, griefed anybody or any structure, I mearly was just using speed hacked option to increase my speed so I wont die from skeletons shooting at me. I do admit to hacking and am sorry for it. I know I was in the wrong and repent for my actions. I read the rules and it stated that my perm, banishment punishment can be unbanned once I delete my client (which already did). With Regards Immortal_Flame77
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