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  1. I'd like to know as well? I like the repetition but is there any other reason?
  2. Teresa is your mother in law, right?
  3. Hey everyone! Some of you know this, but I've been working on a castle lately on the server. I'm building a town nearby, but I'm still learning how to make pretty builds- do any of you have any advice on furnishing, dividing up buildings into rooms, and so on? I'd love to make the buildings I've made prettier, but I always feel like I'm going to stress out too much about it and make them look awful. I'm trying to have the buildings in the town made of more than one sort of block, and to have a variety of textures and colors and such, but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!
  4. I want to visit Europe, in general, really- though I would really love to see the Alps in Switzerland. My family is from there, so it'd be really exciting to see the places my ancestors lived. That aside, I really want to visit Japan! I want to see so much there that I'll probably have to take more than one trip lol
  5. I think another haunted house would be really fun! You already had a bounce house in mind, but I would add that- those are always fun to me. Maybe some sort of game would be cool? Like maybe a shooting gallery or something? Hit the target enough times to win a prize!
  6. Hello fellow Floridian! I hope you've been enjoying the server, it's a really great place! If you ever need help with stuff just give me a shout, I'm happy to contribute what I can!
  7. Yes of course! I drew this last night for my boyfriend's birthday, and I'm pretty proud of it! my deviantart is over here if you'd like to see other stuff I've done! https://mizutsunecafe.deviantart.com/ I tend to play mostly console games... I've played a lot of Monster Hunter and Zelda (most of the games lol). I also really like Fire Emblem! And yes, I like Narwhals I have a plushie of one that I won at Dave and Buster's a while back actually!
  8. Hello! I'm not so great at introductions but I thought it would be good to come say hello properly. I'm mizutsuneCafe (real name Liz) and I'm a 21 year old bi lady. I enjoy general geekery including video games, anime, and other such things. I do draw rather often and I'd be happy to share some of my artwork if you all are interested! Usually on Minecraft I'm doing something weird- like digging up all the sand on the islands near my house like I am now. Either that or actually mining- that's really relaxing to me for some reason. I've been on the server for a couple days and I'm having a lot of fun! Ask me anything you'd like, I'm open to questions!
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