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  1. (so it reads better, i am going to change jazz's word to hopelessly) (the sentence now reads: A long time ago, Anakin went hopelessly. . . . . . . . . . . . . .) through
  2. I would like to see multiple crates. Each crate consumes more keys the better the loot inside. For instance; Crate 1 could cost 1 key, and be filled with more common blocks and or collectibles. Crate 2 could cost 5 keys, and be filled with skulkers full of rare blocks such as; obby, iron, etc. Crate 3 could cost 10-20 keys and be filled with Very rare blocks and or a spawner, (something simple, cow, chicken, pig,) (not a villager, pigman, iron golem) and or diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, and heads. You could also put the rare collectibles in this one so they are harder to get.
  3. Lets play a sentence game. We are going to try to create a paragraph. The rules are simple. Each person Writes ONE word per message. You CANNOT reply to your own message. You can place as many comments as you want. We are not trying to do any theme, just make sure that the words so smoothly one to the next. I will start. I
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