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  1. wow that is actually a great idea! It would bring more players to this amazing server! Nice suggestion Jake!
  2. Hi, its Sparkle and I was wondering if you can make /hat a little bit better. I was thinking if we could put a hat on top of our armour so we will be protected, but will still look snazzy with our hats! I know it sounds useless but I just wanted to put an idea out there :3 k bai <3
  3. For the summer event 2018, they included every other color except for brown. I was looking forward to use it. And now i cannot. Is there anyway to add brown to the supplies?

    1. Jazzkovsky


      hey sparkle! since the challenge is a go already, i don't think any changes can be made now. that's just my guess, however.  @SnowBaller94 designed the challenge and did most of the work, so it's her decision. btw thanks for this awesome event, snow! ❤️

    2. SnowBaller94


      Hey Sparkle, 

      As Jazz said, we will not be adding anything else into the supplies as the competition has started. You still have plenty of time to figure things out, so happy building!


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