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  1. I said stop messaging me now rip shit I don’t care about ur server anymore now leave me alone and btw forums is affiliated with the server
  2. Please stop replying I’m done with this and you can re read all your previous replies for your evidence
  3. I’m out of here have fun driving away all the players who were looking for a peaceful place with nice mature staff
  4. See everyone this douchebag is not a fit staff member for a peaceful server like this and completely no regard for being rude to others yet feels like he can yell at others for it at this point I don’t want to play on a server with such a lowlife as a staff who is supposed to support and help players when they need it I’ll be happy to unsubscribe from this thread do not message me unless something will be done about this general disrespect and rudeness
  5. you dont have the right to ban me for something i never did on this server
  6. i record yt videos for a little extra cash here and then plus you have 100% evidence that im a legit player on this server this screenshot is 1 old and 2 on a completely different server i personally think its very rude to assume i did anything to your server you can ask zore hes been watching me for awhile all the items in my chests are from mining the ores world legitly
  7. you can obviously see that just by the way he responds being uneccesarily rude he 1 is not fit to decide on my appeal or have any room to talk about others being rude. as you see he has initiated the argument not me
  8. ah yes ive been recording videos of the ban me challenge basically seeing how long itll take to get banned from various servers uploads coming friday my channel is ButtCheex214 :3
  9. your earlier reply is plenty enough to proove you dont have the correct mind set to be on a peaceful server like this. we can call in other administrators to decide.
  10. like right now and i have complete proof to support you are not fit to be a staff member on a server that is driven to give players a respectful and peaceful experience
  11. 1) What's your current in-game name? ButtCheex214 2) What do you think you were banned for? my ban reason is "starting unneccesary arguments" 3) Why should you be unbanned? MechnaicalWolf and Azaba witnessed turbo being extremely rude and only telling me to stop when he repeatedly kept going when i did stop and all i was doing was defending myself. i know that i should have waited for a staff to do something but no one was defending me here and it was unfair. ive worked very hard to get to the level i am and build my nice house and everything it would be ashame to have to throw that all away because no one would say anything to turbo for being rude to me. i hope you understand where im coming from and how it felt to be getting disrespected harshly by another player and have staff not do anything about it. thanks for reading this appeal and have a good day/night!
  12. thanks i actually noticed right after i submitted the appeal! tysm appriciate it have a good day
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