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  1. Hello! I'm Magnata (also known as UZZY85). I've been playing here for a while now, I'd say about a year maybe, but I never did one of these (better late than never, right?). I'm currently 18 and Iive in Portugal. I love playing video games (my favorites: Rust, cs:go, Stardew Valley, GTA 5, Rocket League (although I suck at it) and well, Minecraft) and reading. I enjoy running early in the morning because it helps me with my anxiety and I also really like going to the gym (although I've been slacking lately). I've took several breaks from Minecraft but always end up coming back. Diversity has been the server I always play on and the community is amazing. Anyway, hope that wasn't too boring. Feel free to ask me anything
  2. IGN: UZZY85 (my old ign was zMagnataPvP) Discord: zMagnata#9231 Regarding gift preferences I'm okay with anything but something with some thought to it is always nicer Happy Holidays!
  3. That’s a really nice build. May I ask what shaders you use?
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