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  1. You know everything I guess (even though you can't know everything).
  2. Okay, I know what punctuation is it's just I don't know how to do it.
  3. Changed so you can ACTUALLY understand it because people can't understand things anymore honestly you should have understood it because if it meant "I respect my decision to disrespect staff" it would contradict the whole appeal
  4. Also disrespecting staff was a year ago and all the stuff I have recently done on forum was not wrong you just read my appeal and the comments the wrong way
  5. How haven't I changed dude I just explained all the things on those posts and I was just messing around with LordLucifer so please stop assuming I "haven't changed."
  6. I don't respect my decision to disrespect staff I respect staff banned me for it and on the thing where I said he could run oops hit eneter, a server better than you could I was using sarcasm
  7. My I.G.N. is Terminator_T80 Banned by I don't know Banned for Disrespecting staff. Why should I be unbanned Because I disrespected staff and I respect that I was banned by staff for disrespect {*puns*}. Also I realize it wasn't good to do that as it might have hurt their feelings and I want to play on DiversitySMP so please unban me. Also I did those posts on the other ban appeals as jokes and the one where I was saying he could run a server better than you could was a joke and I put a laughing face emoji right beside it so that implemented it was sarcasm. Thank you for your time!
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