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  1. I don’t think I will be coming back onto Diversity.

    My life’s just a huge mess and I really need to sort things but I don’t know how 😓

    Thankyou to so many people for being my friend and helping me. You are all wonderful people and I hope you go far in life.




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anziety


      What?! Why are you leaving?



    3. HatPugg


      lol and because I have issues irl, that need to be sorted before I join back into games.

    4. TPS_Platinum
  2. I hope that everyone’s having a great week so far! 😋

    And remember only 2 days till the WEEKEND!!🤗

  3. Heyyyy, I think I’m taking a break from Diversity and just minecraft and games in general.

    I will be back on soon. I just need to sort out situations irl.

    see ya later

    -HatPugg (BeccLabradoodle)

  4. You could give out more claiming land or as Ash said some decorative heads. They would be cool. (I think someone said about claiming land, oops)
  5. 2017 has been a fucked up year for many reasons, overall the WORST year of my life!

    But there has been some good stuff. 

    I hope everyone else enjoyed 2017! If not I wish you a happier 2018!

    Here's to 2018!   Happy New Year

    Image result for 2018Image result for happy new year

    bit early, yah i know :)

  6. Sorry If I've upset anyone :(

    I'm too weird i know :( 

    Im just really stupid.



    1. TPS_Platinum


      If being weird is your Norm, then everyone else is weird to you. Embrace your weirdness.

  7. Seems like something @Bec and I would do....


  8. A couple more Christmas photos.

    Including  @Bec ,  @Sxxtt and @lecubedude

    I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas, but if you don't celebrate have a happy holiday.





    1. Sxxtt


      Merry Christmas Hat! Hope you had a great one! Loving The Santa Hat On My Skin Hiding My Beautiful Yuri Hair >:U xD And the antlers are great!

      - Scott / Yuri

  9. I'm so excited even though my build sucks. But so many other peoples builds are so good! Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!
  10. Unfortunately, I have to say goodbye to my mall shop, South 10

    I am re-doing it, ready for the NEW YEAR.

    Me and Bec own/work at the shop.


    1. Bec


      Yasss! Can't wait to see how the new design turns out, build it like you're building your new born baby's room! Haha:luff:

  11. When @Bec isn't online and your lonely AF.

    2 Days to go.

    Merry Christmas.



  12. Another Christmas photo with these two, 

    @Bec     @Anziety     <3


    Only 3 days to go!

    Merry Christmas, or if you don't celebrate

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Hiya Everyone.

    If anyone is confused about my mine craft username.

    Me and Bec switched, just for a month. Just for the LOL's.

    Im sorry for any confusion, we just thought it would be a small harmless prank.

    Everything will be back to normal by the end of January.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.


    @Bec = HatPug

    Hat = BeccLabradoodle 

    1. Bec
    2. AdventureNarwhal


      It’s not an inconvenience. It’s hilarious :P 

  14. Christmas 2017 Photo!

    With @Bec



    Christmas 2017 ~2.png

    1. Bec


      Yassss!! Can't wait till Christmas dayyy, love our matching skins :luff::D:luff:

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