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  1. Hello Fixerly, At this time, we will be denying your warp request. Certain farms use spawners because low TPS and several players on at once made normal farms slow. This farm is not efficient enough to compete with the public farm.
  2. Appeal Denied. When your ban expires, you will be placed in jail where you will need to contact staff to return the debris before being allowed to play again. Please take this time to review our rules, which can be found here. X-raying gives you an unfair advantage and can hurt the economy. Have a good night, sir.
  3. We understand you were mining for eight hours, but that does not make you innocent. Repeating that fact is not an explanation for your actions. As you can see from the screenshots, you were caught x-raying. Your changes in direction always led you right to debris. In the third screenshot, you can see how random mining up in that location is compared to the rest of your tunnel. As I asked in my previous reply, why did you strip mine in a basalt delta? The blocks in that biome take longer to break than netherrack, so if you were mining legitimately, it would be a waste of time. For you
  4. Hello Jay, I was the mod called in to evaluate your mining paths. You were strip mining, in the sense of using your pickaxe to create tunnels instead of other methods you mentioned. This is a perfectly acceptable form of mining for debris; however, in the 115 pages of logs I searched through, your tunnels look very suspicious. In the following screenshots, the blocks of tnt represent debris that you mined. As you can see, you were "strip mining" in a regular tunnel, but then you dug down one block in this spot and found debris. You can see the rest of the tunnel is all on th
  5. Hello WHI5PY, It has been 5 months since you were perm banned. In the short time you played on the server, you: stole 22 diamonds from a player's shop on smp stole 21 diamonds on vanilla stole again on vanilla You appealed the last temp ban and it was upgraded to a permanent ban after you failed to realize what you did was wrong. Please appeal using this format. Also, all appeals are handled through the forums and you will not be allowed access to the discord unless your appeal is granted.
  6. I believe it is as follows: Rescue - Everyone Gardener - Everyone Starter - Level 1 Decoration - Level 7 Terraformer - Level 8 Enchanter - Level 15
  7. Social distanced WoolWorks has been accepted!
  8. Your warp request has been granted! You have put incredible detail into this city and it turned out amazing
  9. Thank you for being patient while we came to our decision. We have decided to give you another chance. Please make sure you read and follow our rules which can be found here. This is your final chance.
  10. Hello coolamp, We have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please refresh yourself on our rules before joining back.
  11. Of course I have to start with cookies, sooooo would the cookie monster like a cookie? Don't think you're going to get away with joining diversity almost 6 years ago. You're old now, face itttt. As for traveling, what countries would you recommend a boring American like me visit? And lastly, stay home please thanks
  12. Head to /event and take a look around the February 2020 contest. Then come here, and vote for your favorite! Remember the theme was love! The team colors are represented with a ring of concrete around each plot.
  13. February 2020 Theme: "Love" Narwhal and I have come together to bring you guys another build battle, only this time, it is teams edition! When: February 14th- 23rd Judging We have decided to change things up this time. That means you guys are going to get to vote on the winner! A poll will be put out after the competition is over so stay tuned! Prizes We want this build battle to feature more of the community, so leave your prize ideas down below! Teams As Valentine's day is right around the corner, it seems like a perfect excu
  14. Let us know what you think about phantoms by taking this poll. If you have any other comments, post them here!
  15. Another build battle is around the corner! Stay tuned for more details, but in the mean time, what do you want the theme to be?
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