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  1. Thank you for being patient while we came to our decision. We have decided to give you another chance. Please make sure you read and follow our rules which can be found here. This is your final chance.
  2. Hello coolamp, We have gone ahead and unbanned you. Please refresh yourself on our rules before joining back.
  3. Of course I have to start with cookies, sooooo would the cookie monster like a cookie? Don't think you're going to get away with joining diversity almost 6 years ago. You're old now, face itttt. As for traveling, what countries would you recommend a boring American like me visit? And lastly, stay home please thanks
  4. Head to /event and take a look around the February 2020 contest. Then come here, and vote for your favorite! Remember the theme was love! The team colors are represented with a ring of concrete around each plot.
  5. February 2020 Theme: "Love" Narwhal and I have come together to bring you guys another build battle, only this time, it is teams edition! When: February 14th- 23rd Judging We have decided to change things up this time. That means you guys are going to get to vote on the winner! A poll will be put out after the competition is over so stay tuned! Prizes We want this build battle to feature more of the community, so leave your prize ideas down below! Teams As Valentine's day is right around the corner, it seems like a perfect excuse to make this a team edition! All entries must consist of a team of 2-3. Take the time to build with your friends or meet someone new! *If you need help finding someone to build with, let me know! I can help you out.* Plot To get a plot, just ask me in game or /mail me with the list of your team members and I will give it to you asap! The plot sizes are 40 x 40. Reminders All rules on smp remain for this event World edit will not be used on plots aside from resetting them, but you will have creative Make sure you follow the theme Love! You can interpret this however you wish. Have fun! (Not required, but we recommend it) Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions? Let us know down below. Hope to see you all on Friday!
  6. Let us know what you think about phantoms by taking this poll. If you have any other comments, post them here!
  7. Another build battle is around the corner! Stay tuned for more details, but in the mean time, what do you want the theme to be?
  8. New Post Office! A new post office has been constructed and can be found at /warp hub > places > 2nd row... You can visit the one from last year, but click the sign on the right to visit the new one! Secret Santa! What it is: Secret santa is a fun game where you anonymously give your selected person a gift, and someone else does the same for you. How to Participate: If you would like to participate in the Diversity secret santa, reply to this threw with your ign or /mail SnowBaller94 in game. The deadline to sign up is December 7th, and you will be given your person on December 8th via /mail and discord (If you have it). You then have until the week of Christmas to create a gift for your person! All gifts should be placed in your person's mail box before/on Christmas day! As always, if you have any questions, please ask them in this thread, message me on discord, or mail me in game so I can clear things up. That's all for this fun event! Have a happy December and stay warm everyone!
  9. The holidays are around the corner, and Diversity is ready to celebrate! Jupiterrrrr and I have decided to kick off the season with a: Fall 2019 Scavenger Hunt! Time Start: November 16th, 3 pm Central End: Whenever all the skulls are found! Information There are decorative player heads scattered around a fall scene. Each head type is worth an assigned number of points (see below.) Players will be released into the festive area, and you will have as much time as needed to gather as many heads as possible. The more heads you collect, the more prizes you will be able to afford! (There are also 2 bonus heads that, if found, allow you to double your points!) Prizes At the end of the event, you will need to rename all the heads you have collected to your IGN, and throw them in the provided hopper so we can total your points. Then, the next day, you can talk to Jupiterrrrr or me in game and let us know which heads you would like! If you do not have enough points for a prize, you will be given your player head as a participation prize. Reminders All rules for smp remain. Do not break any blocks besides player heads. If you are found breaking blocks, you will be disqualified and won't receive any prize. Report any bugs/glitches. Have fun and respect each other. Don’t try to escape the barriers. (There aren’t any heads out there I promise.) Hope to see you on November 16th!
  10. Hey Ratpackin! Welcome to the server! We are glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy your 'stay.' If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Staff and players are always glad to help. You can also check out our discord by typing /discord in game. I'm excited to see what projects you take on and how big they get! ~Snow
  11. ~Player has decided they no longer want a warp.
  12. Hello Modpwn, Please make sure you follow this format when appealing. You were banned for 7 days for stealing. You are correct that in the claims tutorial it shows griefing to unclaimed builds, but we are just showing what could happen when stuff is not claimed. It does not mean it allowed, and it has never and will never be allowed. Staff always rollback griefing/stealing because it is NOT allowed. Have you read our rules? They can be found here. These are the rules that you accepted when you joined the server. Rule number 2 states, "No griefing or stealing from anyone" "Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds" You broke this rule, and were punished accordingly. Also, the area was in fact claimed, it just has public trust to everyone, as it is a community project I have going on and you took the ores from the public storage area. It is not a public take what you want. You ask before taking anything that is not yours. The bottom line, do not take what is not yours. Whether the place is abandoned or not, you do not mess/grief/raid something. I hope you learn your lesson and make sure you take this time to (re)read our rules. This is only a tempban. Unless you can come up with a better reason, you can wait it out.
  13. Hello vantega, You are correct in that you have been banned for stealing from players on vanilla. Just because someone else does something, doesn't mean that it is allowed. (You can message me here on the forums if you would like to give details about who took what, as that is a separate situation that we will look into.) By playing on our vanilla server, you are expected to follow the same rules as on smp. The second rule is "No griefing or stealing. Do not take things that do not belong to you. Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds." This means that whether the person plays everyday, or hasn't been seen in months, you do NOT touch or take their things. Players come back after breaks and deserve to have their items how they left them. Just because there are no claims on vanilla doesn't mean other players' stuff is a free for all. We expect players on vanilla to be trustworthy. We are trusting that you will follow the rules and won't take advantage of the limited grief protection we have on vanilla. This leaves me with a few questions: 1. Do you still think it is ok to take things from players just because they haven't been online for awhile? 2. Why should you be unbanned if you broke a rule 'just because other people were doing it"? At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions, and you were the one that played on the server, accepted the rules, and then went on to break them.
  14. We are still reviewing your appeal. Please be patient as we discuss it and come to a decision.
  15. Hello Nurp! It was in fact this server that you used to play on. Bucky and Lucifer were admins, but have since stepped down. Glad to have you back, and hope to see you online
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