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  1. Hello Scetch, You were banned last night after staff discovered you griefing the boat race warp with inappropriate builds. Just because other people do it doesn't mean you should too. Your ban is 3 days long. Why do you think you should be unbanned?
  2. Hey shawn, your ar time is now fixed If you run into any other issues, feel free to contact an online staff member or open a ticket using /ticket
  3. 1. Dynamap was mainly removed because of performance issues it was causing. We know players liked it, but it was causing more harm than good. It is now back up; however, you can not tp to players or show claims. 2. Communication is something we can and should improve on. Whether that be done with more discord channels, or in some other way, hopefully we can improve in the near future. This is basically why I have started this thread. We need ideas from the players of what they want to see and what they want to be rewarded with. At the end of the day, you guys (the players) are the ones getting these rewards, so we want to make you happy. We know we need more rewards, but without a money economy, while staying within EULA, we have no more ideas. I have not personally been around from the beginning or really anywhere near the beginning, so I cannot speak about it either. I do know, however, that we had more players on a regular basis. Now, some people might say that this is because of 'Minecraft Dying.' but that is another topic. What we do know is that the regular players are changing on a daily, and most og players are finding new hobbies. This is expected to happen, and normally a server would have new players joining daily that find something they like in the server, and choose to stick around. With Diversity though, as you have said, the biggest thing we offer is the community, and most new players don't stick around to experience it. Like it has been mentioned in the past, we need a way to bring in new players and have something to offer that is different from everyone else. (Again, what this could be, I don't know. ) I like the idea of having only 5 kits. (Or at least not all 20 whatever we have right now.) One question: Would those 'kits' be a one time thing, or something that can be acquired again? Again, the common theme of this thread so far, what do we give you guys? Maybe take some of the items from the more op kits, and make them a one time give as a reward for leveling up? This way players still get items, but they don't get bombarded with crap they don't need, and the op things don't lose value. I don't really have enough knowledge to talk on this topic, but maybe more plugins could be added for supporters. (Not sure if this would break EULA) I'm not sure if we are allowed to give items as a way to thank players for donating money, but anyway, are there any other cosmetics you guys (as players) would want for buying supporter? I know we have /trails for supporter +, which are sometimes annoying, but any other suggestions? Overall, we need ideas from you guys of what you want to see. Saying something needs to be done, which I agree with, isn't going to get very far unless we all work together to make an impact for the better. Thank you for this post, Mike, and maybe soon enough, with help from all of you, we will be able to make changes.
  4. Ok so as most of you all know, kits were very overpowered previously. At this point, the only available kit is the starter kit. If you would still like kits to be a thing, please reply to this thread with some ideas. You can click here for a list of the current kit items. Feel free to completely change existing kits, or entirely add new ones. Keep in mind they should all be balanced. ~Snow
  5. Hey Donkey, please make sure you read these links first and then edit your thread accordingly.
  6. Heya! I haven't seen you online yet, but welcome!! I hope to see you in game soon. If you ever need any help just ask away in chat and we will all try to get you an answer Just a random question: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
  7. Applications are open when we feel like we need staff. So, not random, but not a designated time
  8. There will be a forum put out that you will need to answer questions on when applications are open.
  9. Schematica has been banned for the longest time, and it is remaining that way. We are not allowing it because it is cheaty and ruins the entire point of survival, as I said before. We have plugins that are not in basic Minecraft, like TreeAssist, essentials, and so on. We are not against all mods, just ones that give unfair advantages. People come to us asking about mods, and if there is no unfair advantage it gives, we allow them. At the end of the day, we make the decision. This has gone on for long enough. We are not convinced that it should be allowed. It is cheaty, and that is that.
  10. I personally think gama is fine and I use it. We allow this because, although it is not a default setting, it can be changed without the need of a mod. It can be done by going into your options folder.
  11. The hologram functionality meaning the part that outlines the blocks and shows you where to place what block? If this is what you mean, then no, it is not allowed and should not be allowed because it is cheaty and ruins the entire point of survival.
  12. The entire point of survival is to have a challenge. If we allow printer mode, you might as well just be in a creative world. We want our server to show off builds from survival, not ones that have been cheated in from creative. Yes, the entire fun of playing multiplayer is to look at other player's builds! If they were able to make it in survival, so can you. You don't need schematica to let you make awesome builds. Optifine is not banned because it is not directly giving anyone an unfair advantage. It is mainly just used as a performance enhancer. It is not speeding up the process of building or doing anything for anyone. The entire point of survival is to gather the materials yourself and build without flying! If you have all the blocks right in front of you, it might as well be like you are in a creative world just casually building away with no worries of making a mistake. We are limiting everyone because we don't want players to be thinking that some of the awesome builds on our server were made with schematica. It is not something we want on our server, and it is not going to be changed. We are being consistent. Schematica is banned because it gives an unfair advantage; it is just like xray or and other hack, including fly. Optifine is fine because it is just making your game run faster. TL;DR It is not getting unbanned, if you choose to use it, you will get banned. It gives you an unfair advantage and just ruins the entire point of survival.
  13. Welcome to the party! I hope your experience feels like home If you have any questions staff are always around to help, but in the mean time, don't let phantoms kill you!
  14. Ign: SnowBaller94 Discord: Snow2#3791 Not in need of anything tangible. I will take anything. Maybe a build? Maybe a nice book? I don't know, but please, nothing too valuable
  15. All for the community to decide what they/we think would work best
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