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  1. Weather cannot be player-enabled. Its a server-wide feature only. If a storm appears on your screen and only your screen, it will not affect anybody but yourself, and only visually.
  2. Hopefully that will change in the future the plan is to make ores great again and vein miner is definitely the place to start.
  3. I do agree that ores definitely needs some upgrades. I can see where you're coming from on the SMP side of things, but the plugin can be configured enough so that its not too much of a change. We still need level perks, so no matter what happens, SMP life for the higher up levels is going to get easier. Level perks are just something we've needed for a while, and I think that this would help everybody out in the long run. Gathering materials is part of the process for making something, but even building it in SMP is an achievement on its own. I can't remember the last time I got materials myself, so this would be a fun addition.
  4. If limiting blocks is something thats worth considering, they have their API public. Also, you can limit tools, so maybe you can unlock shovel at a later level.
  5. I definitely think that that is a good idea, especially since a large amount of chunks are generated by new players mining (I'd be surprised if thats not the case). I think level 8 is a good level for SMP vein miner, though I would limit lvl 8 to ores, and maybe set lvl 10-12 to stone, dirt, etc - just an idea (in addition to my suggestion above, I dont know if you can limit certain blocks to certain levels with the plugin I put above. if you can, thatd be great)
  6. Another thing to add on, currently there's no reason to go mining in ores over the regular world. When I tp to ores, my game freezes a bit to a) load the new world, and b) refresh the texturepack. This takes about 5-10 seconds and is a bit annoying. This makes me want to stay on SMP to mine. If people had more incentive to mine on ores, we could potentially save GBs of memory on the SMP world over time.
  7. For those who dont know how vein miner works... edit: I moved the video up to the top post
  8. I've tested the plugin I posted above The toggle actually works for once haha. But yeah, treeassist has caused problems in the past for sure. More pros than cons though imo
  9. Some concerns brought up today: What if I toggle it by accident? The plugin I am currently looking at, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/veinminer.12038/, has a toggle command! So no need to worry about accidentally carving a hole in your wall due to unexpected coal ore! Does it cause any stress on the server? I'm gonna say no. The chances of more than even one person vein mining at the same time are really low. Even if it does happen, the block cap can be changed. The default cap is 64 blocks, and that's less straining than World Edit. No need to worry about this guy crashing the server
  10. Ores is a regular world now, @Knightman . Water buckets, ice, pearls are now enabled again. I just think It'd be nice to have, since turbo's been looking for more level perks, and we already have the equivalent for trees.
  11. I feel like having vein miner as a levelling perk would be nice, since we already have treefeller, and we've always needed more levelling perks. Vein miner wouldnt be laggy/op since you could set it to just ores, and you can set a max block limit per vein mine. Vein miner will only work on ores. No other blocks such as stone, dirt, etc Please share your thoughts on this and maybe we can add an underground version of treefeller video in action of vein miner being toggled on and off. (both with the command, and by holding down shift) yB9Myc6UZP.mp4
  12. Usually build events are run on the event server, so everybody gets the same stuff and perms etc @Apostasial
  13. I feel like a freeform build contest would be nice for once. Every build contest in the past has had a theme... maybe except the cube competition?...
  14. I feel like if a certain group of people were allowed *only* to build a public gold farm would it be okay. That's all we need from the nether roof anyways, so once this group of people get it done, bam, we no longer need the roof. We can all be happy with a new, more efficient, less laggy gold farm, and the roof can go back to being banned (but people wont die on it, just make it kick you down or something idk)
  15. Add an anvil refill button in the end farm instead of having staff refill them. This would make it so if they run out and no staff are on, any player can click the refill button which would activate a command block that would fill those blocks with anvils. Makes players and staffs lives a tiny bit easier. plus it'd only take 10 mins to setup
  16. I know quite a few people are in favour of loot crates, and I dont think i’ve ever seen somebody say that they didnt like it so far. if you think it isnt fair because it gives us items and takes away from the survival feel, kits were more powerful than voting will be, except voting will actually draw more players in than kits ever did. Once again, you say that a lot of players are against loot crates, so maybe a poll should be made. I havnt seen a single person say no to the idea so far. As turbo said, we will have voting goals just like supporter goals, so no, not everybody needs to vote, but it will give you benefits if you do. Also, having it as an individual thing is better than a collective thing because its easy to do, and helps support the server. Getting a random item for voting is also exciting.
  17. yup. all the vote ticket data will be the same
  18. Vote crates were something we had discussed many months back, and it's a shame it was never realized. I'm making this thread as an attempt to revive the idea and gather all ideas in one easy location. On a clean slate. I'll try to update the thread as we go, and as more ideas are added. Feel free to comment on any idea you have! Here's the current list of rewards, and possibly a tier system: Per vote reward (there are 5 vote links): 100 claim blocks (100% chance) 1 Island Key (25% chance) 1 vote ticket (100%) Crate 1 (requires 4 vote tickets): Decorative heads Materials - iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds (between 4 - 64) Blocks - stone, dirt, grass, etc (256 blocks maybe) Obsidian (64, 128) Tools - picks, swords, axes, etc. most likely enchanted Enchanted books - more sought after ones, mending/infinity especially Claim blocks Shulker shells/boxes - I don't think giving out filled shulker boxes is possible/I don't really want to go that deep into customizing these Enchanted items - non-tools, useless, basically cosmetic Totem of Undying Elytra Enchanted golden apple Golden carrots Crate 2 (requires 15 vote tickets): Dragon egg Player's head - can only give out your own head Brief supporter perks - 1 day, probably Beacons/nether stars/conduits Trident Crate 3 (requires 46 vote tickets): Custom enchants (beacon effects but on armour) To Be Accepted By Turbo: Crate 1 (4 tickets): Collector Set Tier I (Tools, armour, deco items, not given all at once 8 vote tickets Unrepairable multitool Tier I (Unbr I, eff I diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Crate 2 (15 tickets): Cosmetics - (pentagram on floor, wings, swirls, etc) Collector Set Tier II (Tools, armour , deco items, not given all at once) Leather Rainbow Armour Sharp 6-7 sword with curse of vanishing Unrepairable multitool Tier II (unbr 2, eff 3 diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Crate 3 (46 tickets): Supporter for 8 days Unrepairable multitool Tier III (unbr 3, eff 5 diamond pick, shovel, axe, (equivalent for sword)) Armoured Elytra Overall NOs: Flying AR time Spawners
  19. No, this isnt impossible in vanilla (assuming you mean without mods). It's totally doable with plugins. Worth suggesting to staff, I suppose.
  20. Yeah man. Zore was trying to set it up a few months ago but didnt finish it. not sure why
  21. This is an opinion post. Don't use what I say as legitimate information. I'm not a staff member. Yeah, it is. A lot of time and effort is put into building, and like turbo said, making a building appear in one click ruins the point of building. Is it really even building if youre not actually building? Not quite. You see, everybody has instant access to those. No external files are required. A lot of SMP is seeing the time and effort spent into creating stuff. You can't display the amount of time spent playing on here by showing the goodies you found by exploring. It's all luck. The great thing about building is that it takes time, creativity, and it really shows off what kind of builder you are. How committed you are, and how willing you are to put the time and effort into a big build. My opinion on this is that the printer completely destroys this amazing construct. The second you add a printer, you no longer see how good a person is at building, but rather how good they are at potentially copying other people. I would be quite disappointed knowing that all the builds I look up to aren't even built by who they claim to be built by. Yeah, once again, everybody can easily do this. No external files are required. Just hop into your minecraft options file. No, you're totally right. But thats not how we work. We have plugins, we allow certain mods. If you want a completely vanilla server, I recommend looking elsewhere. The printer feature won't ever get unbanned, so if that's really what you want, I suggest looking elsewhere as Mouse said. TL;DR Minecrafters show off their creativity and commitment through building. That's the main feature of the game. The printer would make me question everything.
  22. My warp request is for a FARM / TOWN / PLACE (select one) The X and Z co-ordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are 62748.5 125 -81651.5 My build is FINISHED / IN PROGRESS (select one) I have read and understood the guideline & requirements thread: YES / NO (select one) * With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. (Well no, actually you cant have an ice farm without darkness because ice will melt. so mob spawning will have to be prevented I guess) * I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen. * If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements. * If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build. It's an ice farm. My last attempt was very easy to anti-afk, so I remade it with my stone farm design. Also instead of one cube of ice, there are 4, so it's much faster. It could be useful for easy water carrying, and making blue ice in 1.13. Here are some pics:
  23. Darkolythe discord: Darkolythe#3568 thanks
  24. I am perfectly happy with a reset. Especially since I dont know what to do now haha. New mods would be nice. Here's my list: Applied Energistics 2 (top pick) Tinker's Construct CoFH, and all of its addons. (This is thermal expansion stuff btw) (top pick) Warp books Chisel Forge Multi Part (covers, panels, etc) Buildcraft ProjectE (EMC stuff) Minimap Draconic Evolution Mekanism Big Reactors (necessity) Extra Utilities EnderIO Pam's harvestcraft MineFactory Reloaded Forestry (top pick) Extra Bees (required with Forestry) Binnie's Mod (goes with Forestry) Gendustry (pairs with forestry, super important if you are going to include forestry) TreeCapitator Optifine BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Biomes O Plenty (if you add BOP) Railcraft Industrial Craft 2 Aroma (world backup, and ores world) Death Graves WAILA Hats Open Blocks Biomes 'O Plenty Magic Crops Inventory Tweaks The betweenlands (yes, there is a 1.7.10 download at the bottom of the page, even though it says 1.12/1.10) Extra Cells 2 JABBA Reliquary Moo Fluids Iron Chests AE2 Stuff (yes thats the name of the mod) Not Enough Items / whatever the 1.7.0 equivalent is Nether Ores Schematica Lunatrius Core (TreeCapitator and Schematica require this) WAILA harvestability WAWLA WAILA plugins Open Modular Turrets (this nice for defending yourself when you are afk, or just in general from mobs that want to get at you) VeinMiner Morph Mod Thaumcraft Blood Magic Roguelike dungeons If you dont want biomes O plenty, feel free to try out something different. like... Alternate Terrain Generator (this is a really cool mod, I love it, it makes the world look amazing, but cannot be used with BOP) JurassiCraft (always wanted to try this one out) Dense Ores Druidry (looks cool) Hunger Overhaul + AppleCore (food is more of a challenge, thus makes farming more of a necessity, I like it a lot) Modular Power Suits Galacticraft Extra Planets (just ignore this one if u want to evade pain) Mo creatures Fast Leaf Decay Cosmetic Armour (i'd love this) And here's a list of stuff Im sure other people will want: Witchery Carpenters blocks Aether Twilight Forest Chisels and bits Flans And that is it. This is my carefully crafted modpack list if I were to create a mod pack. Here's a pic of Alternate Terrain Generation. (there's much more to it, but this is what I saw within 1 min of creating the world) I
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