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  1. Building contest for sure. Others could be prone to cheating a lot more, I'd say. (Plus this seems a lot more fair.)
  2. To add to what everyone else has stated against the mod Schematica--not only can it directly provide unfair advantages to other players on the server--it can also pose as a griefing issue if the mod were to be allowed. In the past on other servers, I have experienced issues surrounding players being able to bypass GriefPrevention claims and other means of protection using Schematica's Printer function. Although I do not know if this is still an issue or if it has been patched in future versions of the mod or of GriefPrevention, I still say that the mod possibly provides a sizeable threat to the server that would not be worth the risk of finding out.
  3. My Minecraft IGN: Anziety My Discord: Anziety#7978 Looking forward to it!
  4. If Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Teresa?
  5. Wow! This is a really cool idea. In our Event server we already have an area for plots, so this could definitely happen! I second this idea for sure.
  6. Anziety

    Unnamed country

    Oooo, this looks interesting. Sign me up! I'm down for making a city.
  7. Oh hello welcome back my dude
  8. u smell like beans

  9. When HatPugg leaves :(

    1. HatPugg


      yea sorry, bye o/

  10. Merry Christmas guys

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