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  1. Heard from some people that they were just getting lots of popups to buy X or Y product. If it's not an issue the way they made it out to be Win 10 might be a down-the-line upgrade. I'm in need of a new PC for more than just "I want it" reasons but also just paid off a bedroom furniture set so I have to push some stuff off rather than using the entire rainy-day fund.
  2. Thanks Turbo <3 There's a little wiggle room in my budget but if I'm upping the RAM I'm not sure it quite covers the GPU, I'll need to get a revised quote before I make that decision. I bought Win 7 back in September because I don't like how 10 advertises to people so I've already got that wholly covered. The SSD might be an "if I decide I need it later" upgrade since it's not so difficult to switch in. As it stands I need some A/V peripherals and have to be able to account for them when I work out what I want.
  3. Hey folks, Everyone was so helpful with Luci that maybe you can put some eyes on pieces I was quoted and let me know if what I'm looking at will suit my needs. I already intend to get more RAM than they've listed here for me. I already have a case and a (not SS) HD which is why they're not listed here My goal is to have a PC that can play the games I want it to, dual monitor setup (so I can watch streams & game at the same time), and possibly stream my gaming to Twitch. Thank yooooou!
  4. The build challenge is still taking place however my weekend has just gotten busier and I may not be online as much as I'd hoped. If you would like to join in the build challenge and there is no one online to help get you set up, please either let a helper/mod/admin know and ask them to get my attention or message me here. Once I've assigned you a plot I will send you an in-game mail on SMP to let you know the location.
  5. No. You have 2 weeks to finish this. More than enough time to pull down mistakes.
  6. The Sand build challenge has begun!! Merga and SteelyEyed can give out plots. Reminder: You can build anything with the items provided. It doesn't have to be a castle or even a building.
  7. I had something a bit similar happen the other week - they got into my account, changed my name, but couldn't change password details. I sent in a ticket to Mojang to bypass the cooldown on name changes and in the auto-reply it had this link which lets you know which day of tickets they're working on. Right now they're only on June 22 so you'll probably need to sit tight for a couple of days until they've cleared the backlog up to Saturday. Good luck!
  8. Prizes? For a competition? I don't understand... (Of course there are prizes, still finalizing details. As always, player skulls will be given to all participants.)
  9. What better way to spend a hot Summer's day than at the beach, with your toes in the sand and the waves lapping at the shore? Inside! Away from the burning sun, biting flies, and sand in your shorts, playing computer games with your friends! For this challenge, you'll be building with sand. Sand castles, sand houses, sand sculptures, sand creatures, sand whatevers - if you can build it with the materials provided, we will judge it. When First build day: Friday, June 30, 2017 at roughly 7:00pm EST Final build day: Sunday, July 16, 2017 You may join in at any time through the competition, up to and including Sunday, July 9. Where /server event - location to be 'unlocked' on Friday evening (Merga's time) Rules You may build whatever you like (so long as it falls within the server's rules) with the materials provided in the chests You may not build in teams No additional resources will be provided (other than shovels/picks which are freely available) Please use the sign to put your name on your build Judging 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded in the following categories: - Most traditional builds - Most creative builds - Most inventive uses of materials - Judge's picks - Player's picks (done by poll) As always, participation prizes will be given to everyone who enters a completed build. Winners will be announced around Sunday, July 23 - possibly longer for the "Player's Pick" awards. FAQ Q: How do I join? A: Choose a plot and ask a mod to give you trust in it. If mods are busy with other contestants, please be patient. Q: What do I do if my pick or shovel breaks? Or if I need more chests or water? A: There are signs at the center that say "shovel," "pick," "chest," or "water" on them. Hit those. Q: Is it OK if I use this thing from the last competition I competed in? A: No. Please use the INVENTORY CLEAR sign on the red arch at the center. Q: Can I use the chests in my build? A: No, the chests are for storage not building blocks for this challenge. Q: Can I have a plot for my alt? A: No, 1 plot per person. Q: Can you rest my plot? A: Nope, you have 2 weeks - more than enough time to tear down mistakes. Please ask all questions about this event here and not on the server. This post will be updated with all answers.
  10. The only thoroughly modded MC I've tried has been single-player Life In The Woods: Renaissance and my computer can. not. keep. up. but I would love to actually play something with vanilla-esque mods. None of the technology or magic stuff, just extra materials to build with and more plants and animals and structures.
  11. SMP will never be reset. It will be updated to 1.12 as soon as the plugins we use for the server are compatible, but nothing currently on SMP will be lost.
  12. That was me growing up too I had to force people to play games with me. A lot of great games are online in app form or app-to-Steam. Not the same as playing with people but better than not gaming at all.
  13. I'm gonna be upfront with you: if Monopoly and CAH the pinnacle of your gaming experience you're really missing out. CAH is one of the best at what it does, but Monopoly is not. This one is so good we also bought the 'reskin' Hero Realms when it was on Kickstarter. Has a coop mode that is SO punishing.
  14. I was just given this for my birthday and will need to move it up on the to-play list. We gave Santorini a go and it is a very pretty game. How-to-play is very simple, but the strategy is complex. And did I mention it's pretty? (we built that)