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  1. Sorry for the late reply, @Tournite // Jake . The internal discussion took a bit longer than anticipated. We think creating a video is a great idea and we all want to attract new players to Diversity. People have different opinions about what would be great/necessary for an official trailer. Therefore, there are some things you should be aware about. The baseline is, that you are free to make any trailer you like, if you show it to us before publishing. Then, staff may want to have things changed and that may or may not be a problem for you. It is just something you should be aware about be
  2. New Orleans (tremé) for jazz and culture, Nicaragua for culture and cigars, Isley fore culture and single malt. Havana (again), Moskow and Tokyo for culture, food and their rich history. South Africa for culture and nature. India and Sri Lanka for culture, history, religion, food and music. Iceland for the beautiful nature and culture. The list goes on. Ah and get me somewhere on an island with a beauiful view on the sea and i will be happy.
  3. lets keep going. we just take mechs first word: "I". my word is: "would" so the sentence now reads: "I have some very splendid box which contains peanuts and FIREWORKS which I would"
  4. Hello and welcome to Diversity! If you have any questions, let us know. We are happy to help.
  5. Thank you for the offer, Jake. I like the idea. We will make sure to discuss it.
  6. um ... we don't have to like each others suggestions, but let's stay civil please.
  7. For the summer event 2018, they included every other color except for brown. I was looking forward to use it. And now i cannot. Is there anyway to add brown to the supplies?

    1. Jazzkovsky


      hey sparkle! since the challenge is a go already, i don't think any changes can be made now. that's just my guess, however.  @SnowBaller94 designed the challenge and did most of the work, so it's her decision. btw thanks for this awesome event, snow! ❤️

    2. SnowBaller94


      Hey Sparkle, 

      As Jazz said, we will not be adding anything else into the supplies as the competition has started. You still have plenty of time to figure things out, so happy building!


  8. sorry for the late reply, i found this thread but now. i would like to add that i'm against removing kits, because it would heavily favor the players that reached certain levels early enough to profit from the respective kits. I realize that some high level players don't even use their kits anymore, but i still think it would be highly unfair.
  9. Something to make you smirk. Lulu's Pooch Lulu's pooch droops Lulu: Scoot, pooch, scoot! Lulu's pooch soon scoots. Lulu brooms room. Lulu scoops food. Lulu spoons roots. Lulu croons: Pooch, pooch. Lulu broods. Lulu's pooch drools. Lulu:Poor fool pooch. Lulu grooms pooch. Lulu's pooch poops. Lulu: Oops. Ernst Jandl Translated by Elizabeth MacKiernan I found this here.
  10. Welcome to Diversity, Wolfi! :wave:

  11. Welcome to Diversity, Mirage! Thank you for choosing our server for your first MC multiplayer experience. If you have any questions or need help, let me know.
  12. Welcome to the forum, Alex! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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