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  1. My name is Jazzkovsky but you can call me Jazz!

    Happy to hear it. A lot of those songs are interpretations of jazz standards, so I'm not surprised that you heard some of them before.
  2. My name is Jazzkovsky but you can call me Jazz!

    Alright, I made a playlist for you all and called it "Jazz for Diversity". It includes both titles with and without lyrics while aiming to maintain a balance. Creating this playlist cost me more time than I would have anticipated, but I definitely had fun. Those are all songs that define jazz for me in one way or another. I hope you like them and would appreciate some feedback. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB_S8yEzuuOkuhBjJ_Qrf8QdJaf2CuR0z&disable_polymer=true edit: I forgot to answer Zore's question. The playlist I created may be a good start, because it covers a broad range of artists and styles including swing, bebop, bossa nova, gypsy jazz, latin jazz and vocalese. Your second question is not as easy to answer. I think the first step would be to find out what kind of jazz you prefer and start there. The more fun you have with it the faster you'll get an understanding for it.
  3. My name is Jazzkovsky but you can call me Jazz!

    Do you generally prefer music with lyrics, or without?
  4. Is there a limit for farm use?

    Fair enough. Thank you for the detailed answer.
  5. Is there a limit for farm use?

    Hi everyone, Recently I was wondering if there is a limit for using the public grinder farms, specifically the enderman farm (nice work, by the way). I've started using it for enchanting books and would like to avoid breaking some rule. Cheers, Jazz
  6. My name is Jazzkovsky but you can call me Jazz!

    @AdventureNarwhal: I delivered (hope the narwhals pardon my semantics and allow me to live), now you make a poem about jazz.
  7. My name is Jazzkovsky but you can call me Jazz!

    @DANime203: Nope, I'm Austrian but "Jazzkovsky" kind of plays with Tschaikowski's name, and he was Russian. And yes .... I reluctantly agree to a hug. @jepanddep: Hi! Thank you for the welcome. Allow me to answer your questions. 1. I like almost all styles including freejazz, but among my favourites are dixieland, bebop and vocal jazz in general. 2. Although I enjoy modern jazz, I guess I really have a heart for classics too. Thelonius Monk: Blue Monk, Charlie Parker: Confirmation, Miles Davis: All Blues, Kurt Elling: Nature Boy 3. Yes and my instrument is my voice (though I play the guitar too). @AdventureNarwhal: I was specifically searching for an "international" server, with people from all over the world. Also, I like the concept of Diversity Smp. And yes I can. Narwhal pouts: "Leave me in peace. You kill my kind, you killed my niece. Now don't you dare and use my name for poetry. Just die in shame!"
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm one of those older guys (30+) and I love ... wait for it ... you'll never guess what ... Jazz! Music is a big part of my life and I have a weak spot for poetry too. It might be noteworthy that I'm not a native english speaker, so if I'm ignoring your insults, chances are that I just didn't understand them. I have been playing MC since the early versions, but from time to time I'm taking a brake. That being said, you may treat this thread as an AMA. I'll answer *cough* everything.