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  1. the pier bridge is finished, but the front part of the bridge needs a roof done on it as well, but once the work is done, i will upload the second gallery of the pierbridge progress, and the same theme as this one
  2. the new pier bridge is coming along nicely, will be done maybe this august, or starting of september if offline for a long time off progression
  3. here is the new pier bridge im working on atm, some people don't even care :(, comment down below if you think it's an impressive design :)


    1. AdventureNarwhal


      I like it. Are you going to connect some posts to it from the bottom of the water to make it realistic?

    2. notsodispatched


      apparently it's going to be like a bent over bridge, so it's probably not gonna have posts as it's kinda like a simple sturdy bendy bridge like the one in london, i might build a post architecture on the bridgesides to make it really grand and splendid, thanks for the reply :). It might be done by sept btw but maybe hopefully this month by the end probably.

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