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  1. Ah yes, but January is completely fuckin normal
  2. May? Marry wouldn't be the fifth kid, she's the mother. You are Teresa's daughter.
  3. Lets end the sentence here now, it's already gone into like three different layers of run-on.
  4. 16, 06, 68, 88, ? , 98 What's the '?'
  5. "I have some very splendid box which contains peanuts and FIREWORKS which I do not like this attempt of 'fun'. You should try hating everything instead. Its exciting." yes
  6. My ideas: ar time supporter for a day/hour/whatever (vv rare) be able to fly for a bit have a nick for a bit heads valuables (dias, nether stars, elytras, etc) rare items from old kits (like the infinity and beyond bow) claim blocks spawn eggs shulkers full of random objects shoutout/interview in the newspaper random common shit (tools, blocks, etc) kits Some were mentioned before, oops
  7. My friends AuroraPingu and Arcticc introduced me and I have made friends on it since. It's just a fun place to hang out and the staff are always really nice.
  8. Always. Probably. It stuck as a joke with friends, and it has grown on me, so why not.
  9. Idk how to introduce myself, so ask me anything! ~Nelson
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