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  1. It's coming...

    Fall 2019


  2. Im not a staff but the whole point of survival is(like Snow said) to have a challenge. If i were to say i saw a really awesome build, it would take out some of the awe when i found out it was not made block for block. It is much more inspiring and more commendable if you spent time and effort into building it block by block not just putting in a command and making it appear. Also we offer a creative server. So if you do have trouble designing while building you can build it there and then take screenshots. Then copy off of those. That is what all of us Diversity members that have bee
  3. We Love Our Admins



  4. IGN~jupiterrrrr Discord~JupitersSolarSystem#8585 Im not really looking for dias, emeralds, or anything valuble like that, i like builds, or maybe a cute signed thing?
  5. Happy Halloween



  6. It's October Diversity!

    That means it's time to get spooky!

    I got my Halloween skin on already

    If you got your skin on at me on here!

    Happy October!2018-09-27_07_50_14.png.018eabee17cc9efeddb27e62e2e59312.png


  7. Marry has 5 kids, the first is january, the second is february, the third is march, the forth is april, the fifth is what
  8. Oooooo! Hmmmm I think I would go to London! The site seeing would be awesome! Andddd Harry Potter stuff so hehehhe
  9. Welcome!!!! Whats your fav color? favorite planet,and your opinion on jupiter
  10. I did another thing

    i did not make the mansion




    Diversity 4.png

    1. AdventureNarwhal


      Did you render the build yourself or is that a background?

  11. Oh i'd love to be apart of this build project! Maybe we could do like a small scale new york
  12. Its mah Birthdayy!!!!!
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