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  1. "Did not like" isn't exactly how I would go about describing my feelings about my prior ban. Although I was slightly upset that I could not play, I found the ban to be appropriate given my prior actions. I think you may have confused my urgency and determination to get unbanned sooner than my ban's expiration with disliking being banned.
  2. Does it have to fit the format as in the 1. 2. 3. order as listed in the post containing the format, or is it okay as long as the appeal meets all the required criteria covered in the ban appeal format.
  3. I was indeed hacking, although not using typical hacks such as flying, kill aura, etc; I was still hacking which is strictly forbidden. My original intent when I installed a hacked client was only to use basic game enhancing feature such as: "Saturation Display," "MiniPlayer," and "AutoTool;" which seemed harmless at the time. Then, whilst in the mix of making my giant hotel/apartment complex I started to enable features that sped up the building process such as "Reach," a hack that extends the reach of the player by one block, and "Spider," which allows the player to climb up walls like there was a ladder there,( which I swear I told 412 I was using when I had his skin and I thought he discovered my wrong-doings but yet he never said anything to me about it.) Then I later enabled another hack by the name of "ScaffoldWalk," which places the block in hand below the player, to speed up the process of building my floor. I should be unbanned because I have come to realize that in order to obtain the Diversity SMP experience at it's greatest level, you must play without any extra editions to the game other than those provided via plugins on the server that all others, not only you, have access to and can enjoy to the fullest extent. In conclusion, I understand the consequences of my actions, and wish to take them back with the upmost regret for any harm I may have done. Sincerely, King_blah101 (a.k.a. that toxic 12-year-old who doesn't know when to stop)
  4. I did not use the ban appeal format because I was not appealing the ban, I was apologizing. I deserve the ban.
  5. I was banned for "sending disgusting chat messages about things that people were very clearly uncomfortable about." I am sorry to both the staff and anyone I offended/made uncomfortable. Although many other players were talking about mildly explicit topics in chat at the time that I made those inappropriate comments, I took it way to far and was pushing boundaries of other players trying to have fun and enjoy the friendly, and family-like community that has been created by both the staff and players on the Diversity Minecraft Server. I completely understand why I was temporarily banned. I am not mad, I understand that the mods/admins are just doing their job, and I appreciate that. Once again, I apologize to all whom I offended.
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