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  1. Heres a little update since i've been gone for a bit.

    I'm working on getting my life together/organized at the moment. I might log on to the server once I've finished some irl stuff.

    anyway thats whats up with me

  2. abijuice

    Can't Reconnect to Server

    This morning I was playing and had to go afk to take care of my dogs and fix myself lunch. When I came back I saw I had been timed out for being afk to long, completely understandable. I've been trying for 30 mins to reconnect now and it's giving me the same message as when I went afk. Last time I had problems connect to the server (a few days ago) others were as well. Here are my screenshots of whats happening. I would appreciate any advice on what to do, or any info on why this is happening. Edit: I was able to get on the hub earlier while on 1.12, logged off to eat and now i can't get back on.
  3. abijuice

    Hey I'm abijuice :D

    Yep! And I can collect as much as you need. If you let me know how many stacks, I'll work on that later today! Edit: Will 6 and 1/2 stacks be good?
  4. abijuice

    Hey I'm abijuice :D

    I would! Nope not Beetlejuice related, It's my name on all my social media and it's because I like apple juice. At the time I had found a really good local brand and was drinking it all the time, so I just went with abijuice (abi-juice) cause i thought it was cute. I make videos! I draw, animate (a little), cosplay, sew, play other games, and enjoy gardening irl as well. I also like to watch videos, shows, read comics, and listen to podcasts. I'm sure theres more I'm forgetting but thats a good place to start!
  5. abijuice

    Hey I'm abijuice :D

    Hey there I'm abijuice, also known as Abi. Diversity is my first SMP and I enjoy gardening, farming, and building in game. If you need help with flowers, trees, vines, seeds, etc. I'll do my best to get what you need!