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  1. I think ASkyBlock would be good, as it rewards you for doing challenges, so you can do things easier by the stuff you got in from the challenges.
  2. i should be their reward, clearly. but yeah mob spawners would be awesome.
  3. its a bear glop :o (btw is your server still active?)

    1. Bearglop


      its one word

      (bearglop) :D 

  4. Im listening to Green Day as we speak!
  5. What is your guys/gals favorite band/artist? It can be ANYBODY, It could be todays music, 80s, and even back to Beethoven, PICK ANY! (You can pick more then one, of course) My favorite is Green Day/Gorillaz/Linkin Park/Irish Rovers/Queens
  6. Im so savage, I wont even follow Turbo, Yea...THE OWNER! *Dramatic explosions behind me*

  7. ADJUSTING MY LAST COMMENT I'd teach how to be Irish, For Ex: Teaching people history of Ireland like how the Irish took St. Paddy from the U.K, Yea St. Paddy isn't Irish, Also...Its Paddy, Not Patty, Also something like....How to drink beer. And teach others the different kind of beer all across the world that countries drink! Like for example: Canada drinks Ice, Russia drinks Vodka, And so on, Also I'd teach people how to catch a leprechaun...Man, This got really stereotypical for Irish people....But, Basically in the end. I'd tea- Oh wow, In diversity a zombies killing me, Well anyway,
  8. You can be Dom for day! I can be you for one day! But to be like me you need this: Purple hair, Irish accent, Listen to a lot of rock and play on your computer all day
  9. @DanTheGr8 I remember when I shot you 100+ blocks away...Ahh good times
  10. Am I really that lonely guys? Nobody said happy B-Day to me on Nov 20th! And It was on the "Upcoming Events" thing! Im so sad D:, But...LaserD (LaserDiamond) knew and gave me a free hat on TF2 :D...But srsly...Im sad.
  11. Regin is wrong! I sexually identify as a loaf of bread! Besides that, Bread is amazing! You make samiches on bread with so many different ingredients! You can have Peanut butter and Jelly! Or balogna! Or Salome, You can even put bread in a toaster to make it toast! Who knew! And when you do that! Put butter and Jam on it! Youve made something amazing, This is a good thing to do if your home alone and your parents arent there to make you something. All in All, Regin is wrong, Bread is good, Dom is a loaf of bread...Potatoes are good.
  12. Can you guys stop complaining about american politics? Stop telling me "Oh Dom! Can I move with you to Ireland? Trump won!" Fucking stop, Its annoying guys, Your all mature enough to know thats the world, Guess what...About more than half of people on Diversity arent American (I think) But its so annoying when you say that because I dont even live in the U.S! I dont know Trump that much! I already made a rant in Discord, But seriously, Your fucking mature enough to realize this is life...Mind you, This is coming from a PRE-TEEN!

  13. Not to mention, But I did get every BGames kit before everyone else
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