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  1. Hello Ralfikki, Your ban appeal has been granted.
  2. Hello lukealms, Your ban appeal has been granted. Please be respectful of everyone and listen to staff, and you should be fine.
  3. Hello lukealms, Sorry about the wait, we're still discussing this. An admin will reply to this thread once we make a decision.
  4. Hello lukealms, It looks like you have quite the history with us (which, for the record, were under the usernames "Tenahh" and "Savoured"). Allow this previous ban appeal to jog your memory: Your previous infractions include: Neglecting public farms Intentionally provoking people Wasting staff's time Making insensitive jokes Abusing our forum Certainly, you can see how your behavior isn't accepted on here? While some of the staff (not many) would have been inclined to take your word that you matured, your history shows otherwise. Specifically, from your second ban appeal, you posted: After we denied your appeal, you then posted these two comments: As you can hopefully see, it is very difficult for you to claim that you've matured when you...obviously haven't, and that you lied to us. As a final point, the staff member handling your appeal posted the following: I'll let you respond in this thread, but keep in mind that no staff are vouching for you. Your argument that "we shouldn't be heavy on this ban because it happened a long time ago and you have matured" is not a valid one because you lied to our faces about this very thing. We were rightfully heavy in this ban, and our opinion hasn't changed, even after a year-and-a-half. In light of your toxic behavior, your lies about your maturity, and our staff decision to deny all future ban appeals, why should we forgive you?
  5. IGN: Kuritas_ Discord: Kuritas#3285
  6. I really like this monument; thanks for all the work you put in! I also think it would serve well in a public location, like the warp hub.
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