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  1. As I understand it, as Lucifer said in her first post, the ban would last "from [when the thread began] until this madness and the inevitable uproar afterward is over," which is a very subjective end time. I think that until the admins deem it's an appropriate time, it'll remain banned.
  2. I suppose it's not a tremendous amount of work to maintain the golf course at first glance (occasionally having to refill bow/arrow and golf handbook chests, as well as answering requests to join the golf "town"). But there's a few things that I had neglected to fix for a while now, such as the fact that I don't have enough glass to fill in the remaining watchtower I forgot to put glass on, which could take some time. But even then, if this were to get a warp, I would still have to decorate the spawn and consult with staff and do all sorts of stuff to get it all set in stone, which I couldn't
  3. To whom it may concern - So it's been a while since I last had an update, but I'd like to rescind this warp request. My interest in Minecraft has heavily dissipated ever since the start of college, and as such I won't be around as much (if at all) to upkeep it the way I envisioned I would. I just wanted to inform you now so that no additional time could be wasted looking into a warp request made by an inactive user. To those who have looked into my request, thank you so much for the time you invested into it, and sorry that this is what it boiled down to. Thanks for un
  4. WELL I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW... I built my own boat with only five wooden planks. And get this: it's fully functional, too!
  5. I have an electricity lab to do next week in class. I'm CURRENTly very AMPed up for it. I can't RESIST.
  6. Hi Jazz, I like jazz as well. 1. Is there any specific style of jazz you like to listen to? 2. What are your favorite jazz pieces? 3. Have you ever played in a jazz band, and if so, on which instrument? It's always nice meeting a fellow jazz fan, so I give you a warm welcome.
  7. Possible safety hazard: Storing rocket fuel inside wooden chest.
  8. Yeah man this thread must be your worst...
  9. Same - I wonder if we'll get killed by the same missile?
  10. Bugs that bite people really tick me off.
  11. My area was pretty sweet as well. Not quite a total solar eclipse but the sun was 90.6% covered. No pictures though - was too in-awe to take pictures. EDIT: It also got significantly darker out, which in my opinion was as cool as the eclipse itself.
  12. Remember to have proper eye protection while viewing the eclipse!!!

  13. Your names look good in yellow
  14. That sounds like one of those gross-flavored jelly beans Jelly Belly would make.
  15. 2017-08-05_17_32_02.png.453d336313921e6c46ea372c1fb717e5.png

    Diversity Digging Team represents strong: 32 by 32 hole down to bedrock dug in a mere 17 minutes and 20 seconds!

    List of diggers:

    • freddyeddy2000 (Proud owner of a newly dug hole!)
    • AdventureNarwhal
    • AhoyM8y
    • Bakka_lord
    • BecLabradoodle
    • Catto_1
    • DumbAsh
    • HiroClaw
    • nickothebuilder
    • SnowBaller94
    • thebomb033

    "Everything is cool when you're part of a team!" -Lego Movie

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