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  1. Hey all! There have been talks of a Diversity Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament on smp that will be taking place at 4pm ESTon Sunday march 3rd. There will be a 1db entry fee and this includes multiple matches Including a 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 and possibly a crew match if we have enough players! The Entry fee goes towards the first, second and third place rewards, which at this Time are TBA. If you are interested in having fun and crushing the competition to see who the best player on Diversity is, Either /mail me on the server, DM me on discord or leave your Friend code in the comments of this post! -mario1874/Plant
  2. Would a Staff member please just leave a note to let me know that they have seen my ban appeal. Thanks
  3. 1. My in-game name is mario1874 2. I was presumed to have x-ray 3. I should be un-banned because I was Presumed, I was banned by 412 whilst i was in the middle of a mining session. I can completely understand why he/she (I don't recall) could think i was x-raying, I mine in completely random patterns and when i find minerals i mine 'em all. And I understand why 412 did that, I was presumed guilty, and it could seem that I was lying ( I wasn't though) to protect myself, what 412 did was very professional and was just following protocol db (those are thumbs up BTW) I would just like to thank whomever is reading this for their time , I am an honest player who has no need to hack, it is unfair to other players. If you chose to not lift my ban I completely understand!
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