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  1. poetry thread

    I don't know much about poetry, but I googled "Narwhal Poems" and I found this. It's a mono-rhyme sonnet, whatever that is. Here ya go. Pods of narwhal navigate Arctic seas; while others are locked out they hold the keys. Swimming icy waters quick as you please, they find icebergs nothing more than a tease. Naturally nimble they glide and squeeze, riding invisible currents with ease. They seem to fly as if on a trapeze, skimming through the waves like birds ride a breeze. They have never seen a forest of trees, yet gather together like fallen leaves. And although the pack ice buckles and heaves, they hunt along cracks where water don't freeze. Awed by their grandeur I'm brought to my knees, for I've not seen creatures stranger than these.
  2. If you were to be 1 day as another person, who would it be?

    Wait, that said October 31 2016???? Uh. Sorry guys for the necroposts. Is there a way to delete a comment? Can a staff maybe just remove this? I saw it was brought back up to the top of the fead (lol jazz); I didn't check the date it was originally made; I thought it was hilarious - and yeah...
  3. If you were to be 1 day as another person, who would it be?

    Hmmmm, I could be... Dan - so I could make a great joke without ruining it by a typo. Or Snowballer94 - to have had more stacks of diamond blocks than I have had diamonds. (not kidding) edit: now go ahead and scroll down to read me apologizing for this necropost.
  4. heyo

    Hi there, welcome to Diversity!
  5. MCPE?

    Highly unlikely, but a cool idea I guess. Frankly, I don't even think the 5 year olds that play on PE would be interested in a server where the focus isn't on mining in a straight line or killing each other. Maybe that's harsh; I realize there are a few older, innovative players on PE, but they are so outweighed by the players who are perfectly content to... punch trees and breed pigs and stuff. I wouldn't mind this suggestion being accepted at all. It's a great idea - I just don't see it happening.
  6. A minecraft cinematic video to help new players :)

    I'm happy to see you helping out the new players. SMP, while being, in my opinion, the best gamemode of all, isn't really that popular. I've seen people just leave within 30 minutes of their first login because they have no idea what SMP even is. Assuming you you like making these videos, and assuming you want to make more of them, it would be awesome to see some tutorials explaining what SMP is all about. "I probably over edited it" (I would have quoted you properly but it's so annoying to highlight stuff on an iPad, I'm so lazy) Well, maybe a little bit... But still a great video. PS: Wow, that intro with me placing ice had to be shot at least half a year ago!
  7. What is your most precious belonging?

    My family :v PS: wow 5 dragon eggs. Impressive.
  8. Warp Locations

    So, as most of you forum users probably know, I recently became the proud owner of one of Diversity's featured builds in the hub. (Thanks again staff ) Anyway, I was looking at the other warps, and I noticed that there are no longer any spaces for future warps in the places section. I'd be shocked if the staff hasn't already realized this, and I'm sure they'll come out with a great solution, but I wanted to give my 2 cents worth of input on the issue. I think that we should swap the town warps with the place warps. There are 29 more available spots in the towns section. That's more empty plots than towns. If we simply moved all the town warps to the places section and vice versa, along with switching the big white signs, we would have an appropriate amount of space for both categories. (5 more plots for towns, and 24 more plots for places) "But Narwhal! Wait! Isn't this still kind of unfair to the towns? I mean, this is only a very temporary fix before the towns will run out of room!" Well, considerate Diversity member, I'm glad you asked! Yes, it is a temporary fix. Eventually, we will have to find a more permanent, complicated, annoying solution. This just procrastinates that as long as possible. Towns tend to come about a lot slower than places anyway. Also, there are some towns whose warps don't even work. You can't even tp to them. And, some towns are completely absent of members! These dead towns could be removed to make room for more new towns. "Narwhal! You're digging yourself into a hole! isn't it unfair that your build gets to be permanent, but their builds get removed?" Excellent question. How about this: the dead towns just get transferred from the towns section to the newly expanded places section. This way, players can still admire those historical towns out there. Anyway, I hope this was helpful staff. Thanks. ~Narwhal
  9. SS Ship of DOOM

    Thanks so much. I will get the warp set up as soon as possible.
  10. Song Suggestion For Server Hub

    Good point. I am an American myself and was not offended, and now that I understand the context, I actually quite agree with the message. Anyway, before I get banned for talking politics, the tune of the song is quite nice and catchy, so I wouldn't mind seeing this suggestion accepted at all. Good luck.
  11. Update: Server is back online

    I just got on Minechat and people were talking. I think it's safe to get back on now.
  12. Song Suggestion For Server Hub

    Ummm... I listened to the song, but I'm confused. Are you suggesting this music should be playing in the /warp hub on smp or /server hub? Plus, won't this song offend some of the US players? The guy did seem do have a pretty strong opinion on the country.
  13. SS Ship of DOOM

    Yes. Glad you like it!
  14. SS Ship of DOOM

    Well, I would never trust anyone to my base unless I was sure they're ok. There was only one instance where I trusted some one I've never met before, and that was only for a short time when I was there to make sure he didn't burn the place down or something. If it makes you feel better, I will delete and remake the claim just to 100% guarantee that no one has access. (I will be trusting Snow however; I've hired her to do some digging under the build for additional stuff.) And of course, I won't have to worry about subclaims because this isn't a town.
  15. SS Ship of DOOM

    Like what though? If you tell me some examples, I will see if I can modify the volcano lair to prevent them from ever happening.