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  1. This looks awesome
  2. Knight have you not gotten yours yet? Cuz the outline for how to play says you should have
  3. You seem like a really cool guy. ‘Sucks to hear your own server’s being discontinued, but I think Diversity will suit you and your friends really well. You’ll have to introduce them to me
  4. So I heard that eventually Diversity will have loaded so many chunks that we won’t be able to run it at the same price. How soon will that happen? How much will the monthly donation goal up when it does?
  5. Ok first of all, I love this idea. One thing I would like to point out is that a city can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, but I'm pretty sure all you guys are talking a "modern city" type thing with like, cars and stuff. (words like "roads" in Benlin's comment, or "Main Street" in Mike's give me that impression at least) If anyone has any other different types of cities they want to propose, they should probably speak up now. Oke so me and Snow talked and we figured that the best location we could find was this island right here: The island isn't too big. It's not too small. and the terrain is actually quite nice, if you can imagine grass instead of ugly mycelium. Anyway this is why I said we have to decide now if we're going to do modern or not: While the terrain will look quite cool if we give it a grass makeover, depending on the type of modern city we do, we will definitely have to level it, and that's just no fun, nor is it a great way to start a community project. The claim is about 400x400 to give you some context. Be sure to let us know if you think we should flatten it or not Edit: or we could partially level it and only remove all the hills. That's probably where I put my vote, personally - but it's not just for me to decide so be sure to comment if you want to be a part of it!
  6. My ign is AdventureNarwhal DM me all the info at AdventureNarwhal#5589 Thanks for hosting this event
  7. Wait, does this mean the Resort is also the Halloween event? Awesome!
  8. Nice. What instrument do you play?
  9. You might be able to fit it behind the supporter's lounge, depending on if whoever planted those dark oak and birch saplings will be offended if they're moved. Also, maybe to make the warp more interactive, could you add a hopper where visiting players could drop a block with their name, and then a book with their message for the sign? You would have to provide books, and check the collection chest regularly, but if you kept it up for a while, who knows? Maybe we could hit 1000 (you have almost 150 already) I personally really hope this does get accepted, even if it doesn't get its own warp.
  10. Nice, I’ve seen you around Diversity before but we’ve never really talked. I hope you like it here
  11. I’m good at doing trees/landscaping, and I can do the exteriors of modern buildings pretty well, but I’m not very good at interiors. Even still, I’ll tp to you sometime and do a few houses if you want.
  12. Haunted House/Maze of mirrors? Not sure how you would do mirrors in minecraft though
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