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  1. Hello, so basically I wanted to tell everyone of this server that I am sorry for a few things..

    First of all, being rude; I realize that I am/I was often rude to people and I am really sorry!

    Secondly, being a noob; I know it can be frustrating when someone asks really dumb questions that they should have known by now but you guys are very helpful and I really do appreciate it.. 

    And thirdly, getting banned in the past; it has been lying on my heart the way I handled the ban and I would like to think I have matured a bit more since then, I am sorry that you had to ban me for the reason you did, I should have known better..

    Even though this was a bit ago it still bothers me the way I handled the salutation that I shouldn't have even been in.

    I really do appreciate the things the staff do to keep the server safe. 

     I want to keep this Diversity journey  without any more bans; I realize that it will forever be on my record but I can hopefully make sure it won't happen again..

    I also want to make some changes for myself and everyone that plays on the Diversity server.. "What changes?" you may ask, well I want to stop being provocative in chat//in my builds, I want to be nicer to players, and just enjoy my time..

    I really do enjoy the server and if anyone needs help I will always try my best..

    I hope you enjoy seeing my chats in the future; much love.. 



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