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  1. Diversity is my favorite server..

    Why? Because they take their time to check in on players, if someone has a problem they go out of their way to help them..

    I remember when I first started there was this player and I made a base next to him (not knowing anyone lived there..)
    He wanted to make a path between our bases so I needed to trust him..
    Me being an innocent player trusting everyone I did so, He built half of the bridge and he said he'd do the rest tomorrow..
    I left him trusted and he stole from me, (wither heads and a few other items..)
    I remember telling one of the admins (not sure which one..) and they gave me back my items..
    This isint relevent but he ended up getting banned (I don't remember why though..)

    I recently started playing on another server just to kind of get out of my comfort zone and I stummbled upon a youtuber who owns a server, he's famous for trolling hackers
    on his server, I thought it would be safe because it looked like they were doing their work.

    I recently got x-rayed (there was a hole coming from the top of my roof into my base..)

    I reported it and they said "You need video proof of the person x-raying, denied."

    You could at least look at the videos I took just in case I did get raided, how am I supposed to get a video of someone x-raying my base?

    They don't take time to help players, they don't ask you if you need help and when you ask something in chat they pretty much ignore you.

    I can't tell you how many times I was an idiot and died in the wild on Diversity and a staff member helped me get my stuff..

    I love how active Zore and Turbo is, I always see Turbo on discord making an effort to talk to Diversity players, Zore always teleports to players to check up on them..

    (Those are the only people I see on at the time I'm on but I know other helpers and admins do to..)

    You guys make an effort, you guys make Diversity fun to play on, you make it safe.

    Thank you!

    I love you guys very much, keep it up!!


    1. TPS_Platinum


      You talking about Performium? I'm not a fan of that server. The people there keep to themselves too much.

    2. KatieBug555


      I'm talking about Skycade I've never actually heard of Performium :o 

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