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  1. Diversity is my favorite server..

    Why? Because they take their time to check in on players, if someone has a problem they go out of their way to help them..

    I remember when I first started there was this player and I made a base next to him (not knowing anyone lived there..)
    He wanted to make a path between our bases so I needed to trust him..
    Me being an innocent player trusting everyone I did so, He built half of the bridge and he said he'd do the rest tomorrow..
    I left him trusted and he stole from me, (wither heads and a few other items..)
    I remember telling one of the admins (not sure which one..) and they gave me back my items..
    This isint relevent but he ended up getting banned (I don't remember why though..)

    I recently started playing on another server just to kind of get out of my comfort zone and I stummbled upon a youtuber who owns a server, he's famous for trolling hackers
    on his server, I thought it would be safe because it looked like they were doing their work.

    I recently got x-rayed (there was a hole coming from the top of my roof into my base..)

    I reported it and they said "You need video proof of the person x-raying, denied."

    You could at least look at the videos I took just in case I did get raided, how am I supposed to get a video of someone x-raying my base?

    They don't take time to help players, they don't ask you if you need help and when you ask something in chat they pretty much ignore you.

    I can't tell you how many times I was an idiot and died in the wild on Diversity and a staff member helped me get my stuff..

    I love how active Zore and Turbo is, I always see Turbo on discord making an effort to talk to Diversity players, Zore always teleports to players to check up on them..

    (Those are the only people I see on at the time I'm on but I know other helpers and admins do to..)

    You guys make an effort, you guys make Diversity fun to play on, you make it safe.

    Thank you!

    I love you guys very much, keep it up!!


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    2. Turbotailz


      This was really nice to read (apart from the Comic Sans), thanks Katie :) 

    3. KatieBug555


      Lol, I tried to change it but I couldn't find where to change the font at.. 

    4. Turbotailz


      A likely excuse...

      Actually it seems you can't change the font for status updates, odd.

  2. Yeah, @Turbotailz

    Comic sans is the best font in the entire world!

    Just add some color and some cool emotes and then you got yourself a poppin' anything!:confetti:

    Add it to  your essay's, study it and make it your hand writing, @ turbo with it! ;) 

    So many opportunities! 

    Loveee you Turboooo!! :ilu::rofl:


    1. Turbotailz


      I'm going to find out how to disable it on these forums.

    2. KatieBug555


      Come on!

      It's beautiful!

      Why would you wanna do that? :(

    3. TPS_Platinum


      I see nothing wrong.

  3. That one time I embarrassed myself.. 

    (I have done this many times) 2017-11-25_22_17_25.png.aa8accbae56caa064e2df14a9d16ff70.png

  4. Story time!

    I shall tell you a story trough screenshots.

    Screenie 1. I was fishing and a baby bunny came to visit (Probably because I was holding a carrot..) 

    Screenie 2. A cow wanted to join the party :D

    Screenie 3. I guess the bunny grew up,  he/she met a lover and had a baby! :ilu:

    The end! 




  5. I have not been on as much as I'd like to.. 

    I'm sick currently... <3 

  6. I asked this on discord before but I didn't see the replys but...


    If you could get any MHF head (Animal, mini blocks, etc...) which one would you want/use the most?

    1. AdventureNarwhal


      Fruit for custom trees

  7. Got a mouse for my laptop, I should be able to play a lot (Ha Turbo) longer now.. Starting to work on my new house.. (Exciting stuff I know..) 



    1. AdventureNarwhal


      Wait, all this time before you got your mouse... you played with a trackpad?! :worship:

    2. KatieBug555


      Before I played with my track pad I had a computer but it recently quit working..  I had the bright idea of using the mouse from that to the laptop my brother is letting me borrow.. xD

  8. Hello, so basically I wanted to tell everyone of this server that I am sorry for a few things..

    First of all, being rude; I realize that I am/I was often rude to people and I am really sorry!

    Secondly, being a noob; I know it can be frustrating when someone asks really dumb questions that they should have known by now but you guys are very helpful and I really do appreciate it.. 

    And thirdly, getting banned in the past; it has been lying on my heart the way I handled the ban and I would like to think I have matured a bit more since then, I am sorry that you had to ban me for the reason you did, I should have known better..

    Even though this was a bit ago it still bothers me the way I handled the salutation that I shouldn't have even been in.

    I really do appreciate the things the staff do to keep the server safe. 

     I want to keep this Diversity journey  without any more bans; I realize that it will forever be on my record but I can hopefully make sure it won't happen again..

    I also want to make some changes for myself and everyone that plays on the Diversity server.. "What changes?" you may ask, well I want to stop being provocative in chat//in my builds, I want to be nicer to players, and just enjoy my time..

    I really do enjoy the server and if anyone needs help I will always try my best..

    I hope you enjoy seeing my chats in the future; much love.. 



  9. Texture pack questions for anyone who knows about texture packs please help :luff::

    1. On the default texture pack in the Icon things which hearts are for what; like poison, withered, horse, ect..
    2.How do you change the colors? In the new minecraft update they made everything lighter but how does one do that?
    3.Last but not least how do I shade things like blocks?
    I use paint.net for all my editing if that changes anything, also I have made a texture pack in the past but I want to make a better one.

    1. Dan203


      OH GOD ITS YOU :freakout::casualty::wtf:

    2. KatieBug555


      Omg I think I have a fan boy

  10. What is the best food/painting texture pack? I really just want a texture pack with awesome food and paintings..



  11. Just noticed that I won a day, that's neat!

    Thank you guys, I dunno what it means but it's cool!   

    1. DarkMonolith


      It means you got the most likes on that day :)


  12. This is my texture packs font :D


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    2. Dan203


      I expected Comic Sans

    3. KatieBug555


      Turbo, I didin't say it was. I play other servers too!


      Dan, idk what font that is I was looking for comic sans ;-;

    4. KatieBug555
  13. What is the pixel size of the background on this site thingy..

    If ya know what I mean..


    1. Merga


      Don't exactly know what you mean but I suspect you're asking in regards to our art contest? If so, please ask on the contest forum thread as I'm sure a lot of other people will benefit from the answer. If not... Please clarify which part of the website's design you're curious about :) 

    2. Turbotailz


      @Merga I assume she means the profile header image that appears behind a user's display picture on their profile (mine is a photo of me with Elsa & Mundhi).

      @katiebug555 The dimensions for the image (on desktop) are 1270 x 265.

    3. KatieBug555


      @Turbotailz yes that is what I mean, thank you!


      @Merga Not what I was asking but thank you!! <3 

  14. Turbo look at this beautiful font, it even suits your name!


    Wow beautiful!!

    1. Turbotailz
    2. KatieBug555


      1st off, thank you! <3


      3rd off, maybe if I had more font options on the forum I wouldn't use Comic Sans MS but I mean, it's the best looking one.

  15. Comic Sans MS is my favorite font. :x

  16. What happened to the October update...?

    It's november now! :P 

    1. Dan203



    2. Mutley


      Nothing much exciting happened in October lol 

    3. Lucifer


      We do not speak of the October update.

  17. The non caps on my little handle is bugging me.

  18. I heard that life gets hard when you're older....

    1. Dan203




      And it depends on what you do.

  19. Clay is such a bish to get. :P

    1. Impling


      Regular clay? how much do you need? Hard clay? How much do you need?

  20. Happy Easter! 


    1. Merga


      Happy Easter!

  21. Thanks for the selfie KTG! 


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