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  1. Ryryz

    Are you part of the community?

  2. Ryryz

    Are you part of the community?

    If still questioning you could be bi- curious but I'm so glad that there are supporters
  3. Are you part of the beautiful diverse community of LGBT? Even as just a heterosexual Allience? I'm personally proud to express my pride. Bisexual; and proud! We are one big family and I love it here! So please, don't be afraid. This is a safe place. Always remember. Love is love.
  4. Well... I have no Idea If I can continue supporting the server... or even be active on the server, Sorry for the inconvenience. 

    1. Turbotailz


      May I ask why?

    2. Ryryz


      My mother got fired from her job, and we're moving a few states away and need to sell things.

  5. Ryryz

    RyRyZ B-day

    It's my birthday lol
  6. Ryryz

    The Official Diversity YouTube

    It's a nice idea, I hope I could help and contribute. After all, We could have a team of artists illustrate thumbnails for the videos, and animation ad's etc, which I could manage both teams. I have a few MC Animator friends.
  7. If I make a Minecraft render for my profile picture, am I going to get hated on, in forums?

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    2. Turbotailz


      We are not bullies, and if anyone bullies you because of a small thing like a profile picture then they are a terrible person and deserve to be banned.

    3. Ryryz


      Damn turbo, You have a very kind heart and I really respect you and appreciate that.

    4. Mutley

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