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  1. Also to please make sure you read our rules and proper use of the forum. Please read for the actual format in making an Ban appeal. And to make a post in the "Ban Appeals" you must press "Start New Topic" to make your appeal. I moved your appeal from where you placed it to its self since it was placed incorrectly.
  2. Hello, you have been temp-ban for 3 days by one of our Moderators. If the moderator talked to you, you should know that you were temp ban for speed hacks, even though it -- you were still hacking, which gives your advantage over every other players. Thank you for removing the hacks BUT you will still need to wait 3 days for you to come back and play in our server! See You soon!
  3. Looks pretty cool! Also love your shaders! Keep on building! Ps: I moved your post from; Vanilla > Creative!
  4. Hello IceWizardd! We have a format that people need to use! Here is the link to it, please read!
  5. Hani


    Hi Gabrielle! Welcome to Diversity, we hope you enjoy the server, if you need anything the staff team and I are here to help! I would totally love to check out your builds!
  6. Just sharing a little bit of my life with you guys!

    Its November 27, and I am currently LOLing  at this amazing work of art meme!

    Have a great week!


  7. Hello, Thanks you using the actual format that our Ban Appeals require! Very clear! I see that you were ban for "Anti-Afk", you did stated that "I was only holding my space bar down to keep jumping". That is anti-afking, you were not playing the game and just gaining ar time. AR time is very important on our server, it levels you up and open up new stuff. I will be clear here, that you will not be unban, and this is not a perma-ban. We will see you in 3 days! Thanks for your time!
  8. Ugh! Sorry for my inactivity! 

    My comp is ded! But i ♡ you guys! 



    1. Green Fred
    2. Hani


      Yeah, my computer is all fine know! Thanks for your concern @Green Fred


  9. Hello! So I have unban'd you and removed the stolen items. When you decide to log in you'll be in jail, Just a simple talk; Reminding you about your promise. Then you be let free and live a happy life! -Hani
  10. Hi! I was the Mod who you asked to be Permaban. I gave you several opportunities to take back what you said, but you still wanted me to permaban you. And if I remember correctly you said, "Fuck you, why are you being so detailed" . If you want a "Second" chance I will give it to you! BUT only if you promise to NEVER steal again, NEVER be rude to staff, NEVER give up in the situation you put yourself in, and this will be the LAST chance I will give you. -Hani
  11. Okok!

    I eat cereal with a fork, is that weird? 


    Ps. I dont trust spoons. Idk why! 

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    2. Hani


      i slurp it



    3. Impling


      I don't trust Forks. All pointy on the end. I always poke my self when i take them out of the dish drainer.

    4. Panther


      I eat everything with spoon, only noodles and pasta with forks,

      while my bro uses fork for everything and chopsticks for noodles and pasta

  12. Sorry to hear about that!! But my mind has not changed, if I would see this as a warning then our staff would have to give "warnings" to other people that did the exact same thing you did. We have tempban people that have used a anti-afking pool for 5 minutes, they too received a 3 day ban. So again I am sorry about your schedule but what you did was wrong and I hope you understand mine/our decision. -With Love, Hani
  13. Hi! I was the Mod that /Tempban you. Our rules clearly states, "Levelling on the SMP server is based on time played. Attempts to get around this by building anti-afk pools or devices are strictly forbidden. This includes afk fishing farms that prevent you from going AFK." - http://www.diversitysmp.com You and everyone agree to abide with all the rules. I understand you are sorry but I will leave you with the 3 Day Tempban. Hope after your 3days end will see you again! -With love Hani
  14. Hani


    OMGG soo cuteeee!!
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