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  1. Another Brit!! Glad to have you here and don't worry we don't tolerate homophobia or transphobia, I'm sure everyone will welcome you warmly
  2. Bec

    Kit Suggestions?

    i think kits are very useful and you should definitely keep them, but maybe change a few little things, like so: first off there are some kits like musician that i personally, and i wouldn’t be suprised if people agree, is pretty useless and not really needed because you just end up with having many music discs that you can’t stack in a chest somewhere. however that being said, there are some very useful kits like cookie lord and builder (i’m not too much of a builder myself but i know there are many that like it) and they shouldn’t be changed too much. also i th
  3. Bec

    New Mods?!

    OMFG YASSSSSSSS Congratz Lou and Steely!! You're both amazing lovely people!I'm sure you'll be great mods!! <3<3<3<3
  4. Honestly I personally wouldn't play on anarchy server and Idk how many people would, maybe if there was a decent amount of players that would like this. But as others have said you can just play on other servers because it really doesn't seem like many people are up for the idea. If it's a separate chat you might as well play on a different server anyway.
  5. Bec

    Bec's AMA

  6. Hiii! My name is BecLabradoodle but you can call me Bec, ask me ANYTHINGG!!!
  7. Bec

    Ew, Dan.


  8. YEEEEETTT Amazinggg (I definetly didn't help create this...)
  9. Bec

    Modded SMP?

  10. Bec

    Modded SMP?

    I'm confuzzled, will SMP be modded or will it be another server like skyblock, vanilla, etc. just called Modded? If it's on the main SMP server I wouldn't like it, but maybe if it was on a separate server maybe I'd play it sometimes and see what people have built/ done etc. it seems like a cool idea though
  11. Lol, Lou and Knight are in there to but thanks for the update and I'm so happy to be in the news crew! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVERSITY (Weird saying that coz it's my birthday to lol) Ik I haven't been on for the amount of time as others, coz they've been on for a very long time :P but I joined before the 2nd birthday Can't believe it's the 3rd already!!! <3
  12. Bec

    Birthday Cake Race

    I'll definitely be there!
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