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  1. Dear all who are reading this, I think we all know how stupid I am as to get myself banned on here for Xraying and disrespect. I understand that this ban appeal may be useless but I'll give it a go. IGN: CrunchyPlays First things first, I have nothing to say other than sorry for my previous actions. I can't do anything about my past but I can certainly change my future. Diversity gave me dreams of becoming someone and not just a "player" out of no where. If I were to come back on I don't think I should be allowed to just be respected since I disrespected others. I underst
  2. Sorry humble sir, Lucifer, I respect you lord.
  3. Luficier, I would like to admit to hacking. I shall not mess around no more. Kazani and I were hacking as we had nothing else to do, This was true, however at the end of the trip I turned off my hacks. However, I know this does not matter. Thank you for doing your job, well done on catching the hackers !
  4. TwoDog, thankyou for providing this screenshot. I would like to add that I did not Quote: "Strip-mine" this way, If I had, please provide proof that it was me, not Kazani that has done this. Respond asap. CrunchyPlays - The "X-Rayer" - Crunchied
  5. Ace, I didn't admit to have seen the bait. I was laughing at Kazani and his hacks. I had not known that he was hacking. As well as that. I had not xrayed. So if i may. please can I ask for some proof.
  6. Hello there, I would like to write an appeal regarding that I have been temporarily banned from diversity for 5 days with the reason of "X-raying". My in game name is CrunchyPlays. I was banned for X-Raying although this is not true. One of my friends known as Kazani was banned for the reason of X-Raying. I have not followed his steps, however even with not using hacks I was banned for the same reason. I should be unbanned as I think this is an unfair ban as I have not used X-Ray and I believe that this is a false ban. Even though I say this I do not know if it is true. Please r
  7. Thankyou so much The King, I shall now play on here forever <3 thanks man.
  8. As you said, it has been 2 years from when I got banned so you would think that I have grown and matured (Good matured like a wine, not bad like old cheese)
  9. Now, if something pisses me off I will ignore it or will log off and just rage in real life not in game. If I get unbanned I would be friendly to the server. What im saying is that back then I had temper issues but I have grown and will not rage and something like a pickaxe that got accidently thrown in lava.
  10. Hello there, my name is CrunchyPlays and I have been banned from the Diversity SMP server. I have been permanently banned from the server. I think I should be unbanned because I was banned for disrespecting players a couple of years ago. Since then I have grown more mature with my language and behaviour towards others. I would like to be unbanned so that I can play on my favourite vanilla server again. I love playing on SMP servers because they expand your knowledge on mincraft. I will not behave like this if I get unbanned and shall respect the rules. Thankyou for your time. CrunchyPlay
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