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  1. I understand. I apologize on the notion of me poking you guys about the appeal so much, I'm an impatient person, it's something I dislike about myself but I find it hard to get rid of that trait. I don't personally see how impatience defines my other traits, but that was for you guys to decide not me. I respect your decision, thanks to all of the staff for at least taking the time to consider.
  2. It's like when you bump a thread that is old. This thread is from July, and he replied yesterday.
  3. Is it supposed to resemble a death star?
  4. Okay. Thank you for telling me, and sorry for being so impatient.
  5. Oh, sorry. Just seemed like it worked for other people.
  6. I see. Thank you for informing me.
  7. Is the appeal going anywhere..? It's been about 6 days since the appeal began, and I'm a bit anxious.
  8. Could I possibly get an update on where the appeal is going? If not that's fine, I'm not trying to bother or disrupt you guys.
  9. Pugoh

    Favourite Thing

    Nice question! 1. My dog. (A pug of course). Although I hate to say I own him, as I like to treat him like a fellow friend and human, but realistically I have complete control over his life so I do technically "own" him. He's comforted me through a lot especially with my medical issues, and I couldn't ask for a better best friend. 2. I'd want a better PC/ setup. Currently, I'm running off of a laptop that just barely makes it by on most games with 30-40 FPS. However, most of the really good games that I of course have to have a very big desire to play, I can't run unless I want to destroy my computer watching it melt from overheating.
  10. I'm absolutely fine with playing with supporters and identifiers of the things I oppose, and I've also taken this into count when I evaluated myself. The best way I would take this approach is avoid talking about those subjects at all as all that will happen is conflict. This would in the end maintain the peaceful environment on Diversity, something that I now regret every disrupting, and something I don't want to disrupt. Also, I am truly against the purposeful antagonistic actions for the sake of entertainment that I performed prior to my ban. It was ignorant and annoying and I regret doing it. So, no. I do not appreciate my former actions and if unbanned won't be doing them again.
  11. Hello. I'm appealing my ban for a second time. 1) What's your in-game name? Pugoh. 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitysmp.com. My official reason is However, for more clarification and my judgement, I was banned for essentially being a "smartass" and practically constantly trying to start arguments, controversy, and in general disrupt the peaceful environment. 3) Why should you be unbanned? First of all, I'd like to bring this quote out from my first/previous ban appeal which was denied. After somewhat two months of searching for another server that shares the same qualities and environment that Diversity does, as even though my actions were immature, childish, and many other adjectives I'd rather spare you the time of reading, I did enjoy my actual experience of the server. I took this phrase to heart. I realized that I took a very wrong approach on making a ban appeal, and in general took a wrong approach when it came to my behavior in general. After several months of self-evaluation, I came to the decision to change and have been a much different person since when I last played on Diversity. Lucifer saying this, especially the "Why you'd come here to appeal your ban with your mindset" helped me lots to realize that the ban appeal is used for coming back AFTER someone has changed and is able to reclaim themselves. I was not even close to that point when I appealed at that time. I am now. On a side note, It's been roughly 3-4 months since my ban, which is quite some time for someone to evaluate themselves and change. Which is exactly what I did. Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully consider. Have a good day.
  12. Hi, I'm Pugoh. I might be remembered, might not. Just wanted to say hi. How have you been?
  13. First of all Mouse, it'd be much better if you showed Mymlala's chat as well. If you did you'd see she brought up LGBT and said "it's funny a server that claims to be open to all sexualities, genders, ethnicites, etc has a playerbase so against feminism which lesbians have aligned themselves with many times in the past" In which I responded that just because I disagree with feminism, doesn't mean I hate LGBT people or lesbians. Also, I did not blatantly just throw out there "I hate feminism." There were mentions to social issues and I mentioned feminism and what my view on it is. Also, not sure if you know this but not ALL women are feminists. I never even got close to implying all lesbians are feminists. If anything it was Mymlala that was. Actually, a large portion aren't feminists. So no, why would I know or even think that every single female on the server will be offended by view on feminism? I also think they should listen to what I'm saying before being offended, such as rethinking their logic of feminism as in listening to facts I could speak of. After she began yelling in chat with caps and definitely getting quite mad just because I had a disagreeing view that even contained some things I could prove as fact, I did call her triggered a few times. That is exactly what she was, and I called it out. About my story. If people are ignoring me, so be it. If they have ignored me then what is the point in stopping since the people who didn't want to see it don't have to anymore, meanwhile the people who listened like Rnld didn't have to ignore me and could keep listening. Also, I did leave lots of room in between my messages so it wasn't spamming and even then no one attempted any conversations during my story. Now about the recent incident you showed about the kidnapping. Not a single thing I said was racist. Not one thing. I'd love to be pointed to something I said that was racist. You can't find it because it doesn't exist. Nothing is racist in those chat logs, I simply pointed out that if the races were swapped there would be rioting, LOADS more media coverage(there was barely any on this story), and much more action and a highly more intense opinion from almost everyone on that event. I can prove this by directing you to when black people would be killed by police officers. Riots, media coverage on a single story for weeks, Black Lives Matter EVERYWHERE. This white guy is horribly tortured(which could be argued as worse than death), called racial slurs, etc and the best media coverage this gets is the conference where they were doubting if this was a hate crime! It obviously was! So like I said, given the fact nothing I said was racist even though you said it was, that was a civil conversation. Like I also pointed out, I didn't even start that civil conversation and I was the warned one, not the one who initiated and even argued with staff over my warning. P.S. "MRA Propaganda" 1. Nothing I said was propaganda, you also have no proof that it is either. 2. MRA is a serious movement dedicated to the men issues in our society and world. So trying to generalize the entire group for propaganda is quite unethical.
  14. First of all, I did indeed express my opinion on feminism and some other things you listed but not once have I ever mentioned the LGBT community once. I also doubt someone have an opposing opinion and expressing it was ever talked to, (Myrmlal or whatever her name was). SHE was the one who brought up LGBT and I said nothing to her about it when she did. Also, someone could've informed me my story about a server was annoying them. All I was told by people was they were ignoring me. Not that I was breaking rules or anyone disliked it, just they would be ignoring me to not see it. Also, most of the time I'm not even the one who brought up the conversation, I would simply contribute in a civil manner and still I'd be the ONLY one told to knock it off. Also, you saying the server is okay with some political discussions as long as they are civil is a blatant lie. Mysterious and I were talking about a recent event that happened and I(only me for some reason even though he initiated the conversation) was told to stop and that I was offending people, even though nobody said anything at all.
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