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  1. Who on earth are you? Also want a hug?
  2. Good luck to everyone applying! It's your time to shine! Enjoy your day folks!
  3. I'm such a terrible person for continuing this thread. One day there are 4 men sitting at a pier by the sea, an Englishman, French, Spaniard, and a German. Out of nowhere, a dolphin wanted attention and saw the 4 men, he kindly spoke in their languages: Can you see me? (wtf a talking dolphin) The four men replied: The Englishman said: Yes The French said: Oui The Spaniard said: Si and the German said: Ja
  4. I'm now addicted to the Hokey Pokey, so I turned myself around... that's what it's all about! <o/
  5. Speaking of Knight... I need to sleep now. It's late. Good Knight folks!
  6. Are you Russian (because they Stalin :P) because your name sort of feels like you're Russian. What made you interested in Jazz? Heh... Want a hug?
  7. America: From now on we shall spell colour as color! British: Why? America: Because we want to get rid of 'u'
  8. *gets results* Well... Looks like I'm never going to marry anyone forever. (result was jealous ex-wife)
  9. I submitted 10 puns into a contest hoping I would win. But no pun in ten did. Life is a beautiful thing after all...
  10. Ugh these russian dolls... they're so full of themselves I farted on an elevator, it was wrong on so many levels. A good pun is its own reword...
  11. shout out to the people wondering what the opposite of in is I need an adult (also wtf I've reached 800 content)
  12. something something... Clubs. Suspicious...
  13. So how was your sleep? I had a KNIGHTmare *gets blown by a creeper* Had a BLAST didn't you? Why is Bec not sleeping? BECuz why not? How did you on the test, Ace? I ACED it! What did one door say to the other door? You're so aDOORable. Why is bearglop not friends with katie? She couldn't BEAR him being annoying. Where's Chaise? Chaising me One Liners: I didn't order this steak, this must me a misteak, sir! BONUS: Never knew that my puns were very DANdy.
  14. Dan here, I'm just gonna ask one silly question... Want a hug?
  15. This is very lovely! Well done folks!
  16. I'm Dan. No introductions from me needed because you will regret it. Why did you join Diversity? How long have you been playing MC? What's with the name JinxWild? Oh yeah, do you want a hug?
  17. how old are you? how long have you been playing MC? Do you wish to become a narwhal? Do you want a hug?
  18. As you may have noticed, I'm the guy that makes chat go crazy so I shall ask da questions and don't deny the hug because I heard that an angry mob comes if you do. Also hi. Why the IGN xSir? How long have you been playing MC? Do you want a hug from the guy that everyone tells not to get a hug from? :3
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